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22 things that we wouldn39t have if it weren39t for Scotland Irn bru and

22 things that we wouldn39t have if it weren39t for Scotland Irn bru and


Irn Bru will have more than 50% less sugar in its new recipe and fans

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Flagship brand: Barr¿s other brands, including Rubicon, Tizer and Strathmore Water

Producers A G Barr have announced that from January Irn Bru will have just 4.7g of

The campaign is being spearheaded by petitioner Ryan Allen who argues the drink is a '

One shopper was seen purchasing eight packs of Irn Bru from a Morrisons supermarket

The changes will mean Irn Bru is considerably less sugary than other popular soft drinks in

Scottish shopkeeper stockpiles 5,000 litres of pre-sugar tax Irn Bru | Daily Mail Online

Tony Badger, the owner of a British food shop in Canada called Brit Foods, has reportedly been told to stop selling Marmite and Irn Bru because they contain ...

Irn-Bru first sold as 'Ironbrew' by New York-based firm | Daily Mail Online

David Leishman who researched the history of the fizzy drink said it became 'Scottish through


Shopkeeper Jawad Javed, pictured, has stockpiled almost 5,000 litres of Irn Bru with the

Drop of the tweet stuff: Skye divebombs a glass of his beloved Irn-Bru

It has now emerged that Irn-Bru (pictured) isn't Scottish at

Gerard Butler gulps down an Irn Bru as he soaks up the sunshine in Los Angeles | Daily Mail Online


The 'Hands off our Irn Bru' petition (pictured) has received over 2,500

Such is the size of his Irn Bru purchase, it had to be delivered to

The shop offers unique creations such as an Irn Bru eclairs (pictured) and Cranachan

BRU Island. irnbru

Justin Bieber 'ate haggis, chips and Irn-Bru' in Glasgow on his Purpose tour | Daily Mail Online

Taste of success: Angie Craven, left, and Susan Fleming with their Irn-

Booming: Sales of Irn Bru outside Scotland have gone up by 16 per cent in


Love: Mia, a six month-old Bengal, can't help sniffing

Scots' favourite: A woman clutches a bottle of Irn-Bru as she waits

Ryan Allen (pictured) said: 'A world without Irn Bru would be a

One Twitter user jokingly compared stockpiling the drink because of a recipe change to when people

Classic advert: Irn Bru used a campaign in the 1980s with the famous tagline '

Scottish pride: The actor proudly held up his drink as he flashed a smile for

The 16-second clip begins with Erin holding an open bottle of

Och aye the Bru: Skye forgets his table manners, explaining his bright orange Irn

Another twitter user, Kyle Thornton, said that he needed 'one can for every

Have yet to locate decent Lorne (me and the boy are missing the irn bru most) is there any way you can help?? #DesperateMum pic.twitter.com/NyPizBtDIA

Winning formula: The pair now sell up to one ton a month of home-

25 Bakery Disasters That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Baking Skills

Irn-Bru bottle from 1947

A second Irn-Bru bottle

Scottish to the end: Hollywood actor Gerard Butler gulped down an Irn Bru after watching

Mr Javed runs the Day Today Express outside Falkirk which has been inundated with customers seeking

Owner: Charlene McDonald, 23, a nursing student from Kirkintlloch, East Dumbartonshire

The soft drink's sugar content is due to be halved

No, you're wrong, the rest of the world hasn't gotten bigger - this is what Pepsi bottles look like now (Image: Daily Mirror)

Modern Irn-Bru bottle


Taking a bite out of the nightlife: Justin Bieber was pictured tucking into a haggis

Irn-Bru bottle from 1901

Ginger Scotsman: Skye proudly displays his Irn-Bru beard

Irn-Bru first sold as 'Ironbrew' by New York-based firm | Daily Mail Online

Transatlantic: It's said that the singer plans to divide his time between his home in

Oban Chocolate Co. based in Corran Esplanade in the Scottish west coast town made the

Not long ago, I blogged about the upcoming Crieff Arts Festival 2015, which takes place on 22nd and 23rd August. The Festival will include art exhibitions, ...

Up to £26million raised from the sugar tax on soft drinks will be spent on

Erin: 'I'm a fan of Irn Bru but my dad likes it



The Office for Budget Responsibility said the levy could increase a litre of fizzy drink by

After that fails, she even reaches over with both paws outstretched

Testing tastebuds: Wine and food critic Jilly Goolden puts 15 of the most bizarre new

£26million sugar tax will be spent on expanding breakfast clubs | Daily Mail Online

Coca-Cola is to sell smaller bottles at higher prices | Daily Mail Online

Foodie Quine - Chocolate Haggis aka Shortbread and Whisky Fridge Cake - Perfect for Burns Night. Linking up to We Should ...

AG Barr axes 30p refunds for returned Irn-Bru glass bottles | Daily Mail Online

Aidan Smith

He scrubs up well: The actor was dapper in a suit at the Hollywood Film


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Tom Rosa, propietario de Cake And Art

When I'm asked to describe my style of cooking I always struggle as it's a bit of a mish mash of everything. However if there is a particular area of ...

This one will mess with your mind - it looks savoury but is infact sweet. I took inspiration from the Italian concept of Chocolate Salami but by switching ...

Mr Javed said he has had customers arriving from Fife, Glasgow and Edinburgh

McGoogan said the Scots have left their fingerprints all over Canada

Life of luxury: The sprawling flat even offers a private lift between the three floors

Out of place: The Canadian musician blended into the surroundings, for those who didn

Arbroath Smokies are a type of haddock that are smoked over a fire in a special

Scottish Event Campus

(My bet: took the Thalys, missed its stop.) Jacques can't be bothered coming to Brussels to retrieve. More as we get it.pic.twitter.com/FGo9MqG0BF

Not feeling the nip? Last week the singer ruffled feathers when he made himself right

Angie and Susan's produce is sold in farmers' markets and delis all over Scotland,

Copy link to paste in your message. 'I feel that this change will ...

Bit of fizz: Prosecco flavour crisps have an aggressively sweet chemical taste - even worse

Dressed down star: Gerard was clad in jeans and a grey top with a pair

This Tesco meal deal change has sparked major outrage across the UK

Growing enterprise: The pair are now looking for bigger premises as their confectionery empire expands

Instead, their Ribena drinks now contain under 5g of sugar per 100ml bottle and have

hogmanay-oblong-photos hogmanay-message-rhs

Former SNP leader Alex Salmond, who has said that the Scottish lion has roared after

Coca-Cola will sell smaller bottles at higher prices rather than alter famous recipe in response to the sugar tax

Alex's princess cake was a big hit

Haggis is a dish traditionally associated with Scotland. It is made from the heart,

Burns Night: a time to eat, drink and be poetically merry | London Evening Standard

This UKIP Scotland stall, stuffed with Irn-Bru and Tunnock's tea cakes.

Electric Irn-Bru Acid Test