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A PA CXR shows the presence of a welldefined and t

A PA CXR shows the presence of a welldefined and t


Aortic knuckle & Aortopulmonary window

The right paratracheal stripe is a normal finding on the frontal chest x-ray and

image0076. This digital chest radiograph shows ...

The Golden S-sign is seen on both PA chest radiographs and on CT scans. It is named because this sign resembles a reverse S shape, and is therefore ...

This is a PA chest image. The patient is post cardiac surgery. Note the

Pericardial effusion - water bottle sign: Front chest x-ray demonstrates marked enlargement of

A chest radiograph shows a fairly well-defined PN in the right mid zone associated

Lung tumour


steleRAD Radiology @steleRAD 47m47 minutes ago #Chest #xray of a #patient

Is the trachea central. If not the film may be rotated.

Pleural thickening in the context of mesothelioma 2

Chest X-ray shows diffuse, vague, ill-defined lung nodules associated with a right-sided pleural effusion (confirmed by ultrasound)

A detailed understanding of the structures that make up the normal contours of the heart and

omplete white-out of a hemithorax on the chest x-ray has a limited

Sarcoidosis - Chest x-ray demonstrates upper zone reticulonodular opacities with extensive mediastinal and hilar nodal enlargement. | Pinterest | Radiology

Chest X ray (PA view) showing in-homogeneous opacities in right upper lope

#Chest #xray shows a severe #lung #collapse (#pneumothorax) after

Chest xray shows 3 important signs: 1. large well-defined opacity arising from

Figure 40: CXR shows a well-defined, smooth, lower right paravertebral mass with close association with spinal canal (axial CT) in keeping with a benign ...

#Chest #xray shows a #collapsed #lung (#pneumothorax) after #


Figure 1: Pre-operative chest x-ray (PA view) showed large homogenous lobulated opacity with lucency within it in anterior mediastinum obscuring right ...

#Chest #xray shows a #bullet that never entered the #lung; it's

A, P-A CXR shows the presence of a well-defined and homogeneous opacity in

Specific anatomy of the PA chest x-ray.

#Chest #xray of a #patient #shot with #birdshot (#buckshot


A branchial cyst, lower down than usual; 93.

This PA CXR was taken to evaluate PICC line placement and the lungs for possible pneumothorax. The lung fields are also questioned because of chest ...

#Chest #xray shows severe #air #beneath the #skin (#subcutaneous

#Chest #xray shows a big #heart (#cardiomegaly) in a #

#Chest #Xray shows a #traumatic #lung #hernia with lung protruding beyond

... a chest x-ray; 48.

Sarcoidosis is a non-caseating granulomatous multi-system disease with a wide range of

Figure 7: A 78-year-old woman with fever underwent a chest X-ray that showed a large opacity localized in the retro-sternal space (a and b).

Unusual Mediastinal Dumbbell Tumor Mimicking an Aggressive Malignancy Kumar S, Satija B, Mittal MK, Thukral BB - J Clin Imaging Sci

This case shows the radiographic appearance of the cardiac silhouette in an echocardiographically proven Ebstein anomaly.

23 43 ...

PA and Lateral of a subtle right lower lobe cancer. Can you find it in

Are the clavicles equidistant from the vertebral bodies

Figure 1: CXR of a 27-year-old female (nonsmoker) showing a solitary well-defined nodule in the left upper zone (arrow). CT further characterizes the ...

Chest X-ray PA view-mass, right middle and upper lobe.

Chest radiograph in a patient with breast cancer s


Figure 2: A 55-year-old woman, with a history of total thyroidectomy for papillary thyroid carcinoma, underwent a routine chest X-ray (a and b) that ...

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A chest radiograph shows reticulonodular shadowing with bilateral apical lung fibrosis and high density nodules in


The lateral view similarly demonstrates a very subtle sign of consolidation. The thoracic vertebral bodies should show an evenly graduated darkening from ...

... a diffuse multicentric presentation are also common; 77.

Pulmonary hamartoma - Radiopaedia.org - A well defined lobulated soft tissue mass is seen

The technologist should consider that when serial radiographs of a patient are taken it is important that the radiologist can compare them for improvement ...

Figure 2 Air crescent sign: Chest X-ray showing well defined round radio-opacity in right lower zone with presence of a radiolucent rim at its superior ...

Chest radiograph in a patient with prostate cancer

... in the right costophrenic angle in a 65-year-old male presenting with shortness of breath. CT confi rms the presence of a well-defined homogenous right ...

Pulmonary hamartoma - Radiopaedia.org - A well defined lobulated soft tissue mass is seen occupying the anterior basal segment of left lower lobe a…

48. Azygoesophageal recess reflection , (a) PA chest radiograph shows ...

Image not available.

Figure 6: A 60-year-old woman underwent routine health screening examinations. Chest radiographs showed a well-defined, rounded mass occupying the left ...

Figure 1: An 81-year-old man with cough and dyspnea underwent chest radiographs which revealed a left upper lobe mass. The chest x-ray demonstrated a well ...

35-year-old woman with a fibrous tumour in the left major fissure. PA radiograph shows a poorly defined peripheral opacity (A, arrow) that simulates a lung ...

Upright PA chest radiograph in a patient with leukemia shows normal cardiothoracic (C/T) ratio and how it is measured. Incidentally noted is the tip of an ...

A ...

Kaushik Saha | MD, DTCD, FCCP | Burdwan Medical College, Barddhamān | Pulmonary Medicine Department | ResearchGate

Lateral view shows a nodule in the anterior clear space (B, arrow), hidden behind the right hilum in the PA view (A). CT confirms the nodule (insert, ...

Postero-anterior (PA) chest radiograph in

CXR and HRCT in three patients with sarcoidosis

Chest X-ray showing homogeneous opacity in left mid zone and right upper zone.

Image not available.

Chest radiograph obtained 6 months later in the pa

53-year-old woman, PA chest

Reticular pattern in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis on (a) CXR and (b) targeted

Back to Basics - 'Must Know' Classical Signs in Thoracic Radiology Kumaresh A, Kumar M, Dev B, Gorantla R, Venkata Sai P M, Thanasekaraan V - J Clin Imaging ...


Chest X-ray (PA view) showing a lytic lesion over

Chest X-ray ...


Chest X-ray (CXR) interpretation

When you discover a pneumothorax of this proportion make sure the emergency room physician or radiologist looks at the radiograph immediately.

... a technically adequate film; 25.

Image not available.

A chest radiograph shows calcification at both the lung apices associated with a right lower paratracheal

Open image in new window. Fig. 6. Chest radiograph PA view showing ...



This radiograph shows good inspiration expansion of the lung fields. The chest shows minimal rotation so that the heart and mediastinum silhouette is easily ...

-A characteristic ...

Figure 35: Thymoma: Axial CT shows a well-defined homogenous anterior mediastinal mass in a patient that presented with myasthenia gravis.

Chest X-ray Abnormalities ...

Figure 1: Chest x-ray showing radioopaque extrapulmonary mass along the right lower paratracheal region

Pulmonary artery; 11.

Figure 5: A 74-year-old woman presented with a 2-month history of episodic blood streaking of the sputum. Chest radiographs (a and b) showed a well-defined, ...

Silhouette Sign, LLL Pneumonia (PA CXR)

Interpreting Chest X-Rays 26CASE 13; 33.


A, P-A CXR shows enlargement of both paraspinous lines (arrowheads)