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AZ court sides against students public schools in privatization case

AZ court sides against students public schools in privatization case


AZ court ruling sides against students, public schools in privatization case

Kati Kelley and Hallie Bess give their portions of a presentation on the West Virginia Pumpkin. Weekly Privatization Report

AZ Gov. Ducey and Betsy DeVos share a commitment to destroying public schools

AZ expands private vouchers program, robs public schools of millions

In the end, both sides ...

Arne Duncan visits a high school in San Francisco, a city where all high schools now offer ethnic studies courses. U.S. Department of Education / Flickr

Are the the Half Million Dollars that the WA Charter Schools PAC is giving to Legislators Bribes or Just Campaign Contributions?

Accessibility and Privatization: The Quebec Student Movement

May 17 marks the 60th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v. Board

State Sen. Larry Taylor (left) with Chairman Justice Scott Brister (right)

Gubernatorial candidates in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Arizona have solid plans for improving tax fairness in order to invest in public schools.

121204-F-NQ744-001. Weekly Privatization Report

New Report confirms fears about the possibility of Grand Rapids privatizing its water system

How the School Privatization Agenda Turns Public School Parents into Feeling Like They Are Criminals



The Supreme Court forbids schools from having students recite a government-sponsored non-denominational “Regents” prayer. (Engel v. Vitale)

Among the other cases attached to Brown v. Board of Education was Dorothy Davis,

Pondering Chartering: Importance of Public/Private Distinctions

In my previous articles, I have opposed several of the scams billionaires use to privatize our public schools. These scams include the fake Common Core ...

Weekly Privatization Report 1-22-2018

Profiting from Public Dollars: How ALEC and Its Members Promote Privatization of Government Services and. PublicSchoolsColleges

AZ court sides against students, public schools in privatization case http://ow.ly/pSXyG. See more. Black Educator: The Privatization Pandemic

When Privatization Means Segregation: Setting the Record Straight on School Vouchers

Betsy DeVos just continues to pull resources out of that environment and give them to private schools.”

Teachers and public schools could feel the pain if the U.S. Supreme Court sides against public

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Barack and Michelle Obama walk through the school yard at Sidwell Friends to attend an event for their daughter, Sasha, in 2011. Jim Young / Reuters

University of Baltimore students stand against DeVos commencement speech, privatization agenda


Arguably the most critical school desegregation battle in American history took place in 1957, three

I had a great meeting with Chairman Robert Valencia and members of the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Council, spoke to the Institute of Transportation Engineers ...

Judge orders City Hall to pay $60 million in garage-privatization case

Although she tried to evade their questions, it was clear that she has no interest in ensuring meaningful oversight of schools or barring discrimination in ...

Children in school uniform at a North Carolina public school

Matt Chase


Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia

Rather than diverting funds for private schools, we should be funding the public school system, which educates all students.

More Baloney in Support of DeVos

Trump DeVos Rubio in Florida

Members of the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees union, or AFSCME, listen to a council executive speak about conditions at state ...

Jodi Duron speaks at the Coalition for Public Schools Press Conference

People in sweatshirts and jackets grab at an American flag.

"She deserves outrage, but because of her lack of morality, not her political. "

MARCH - 2018

It's Time for Christians to Stand Up for Public Schools

What will Betsy DeVos' focus on school choice mean for public education? | PBS NewsHour

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Federal data showed more students were graduating from high school than ever before and that all age groups had higher average ...

... a majority of students showed academic growth over the last school year, even though the same board proposed new accountability rules for public schools ...

Students outside the court. (Photo by Bryan Parras @highTechAztec)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo giving a speech at a lectern

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The new construction had to be approved by all of the parties involved in Jefferson County's desegregation case. Everyone agreed, under the assumption that ...

Darren Braun

Charter schools are public schools.


Uri Treisman talk slides NCTM Iris Carl Talk 4-19-13_Page_17

[Photo: Activists march outside of the U.S. Supreme Court with signs that say

Leah Millis / Reuters


Kirkkojarvi School. “

Privatization of Water. A Violation of Human Rights? | Publish your master's thesis, bachelor's thesis, essay or term paper

iStockphoto.com iStockphoto.com

In Arbitration, a 'Privatization of the Justice System' - The New York Times

Coalition for Public Schools- News and Resources

No matter how much money the Waltons, the DeVoses or anyone else spends in support of vouchers, the educational outcomes from those programs aren't going to ...

Despite what DeVos wants you to believe, research shows public schools outperform private schools

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140214-F-MA427-005. Weekly Privatization Report

Save Our Schools Arizona volunteers stand outside of the Arizona School for the Arts to show

Private School Vs Public School

On Educational Costs: Fixed, Quasi-Fixed and Variable Costs

Journalist María Camila Montañez, who writes this post-trial piece below, importantly notes that Judge Tashima will rule on this trial in a matter of weeks.

Brad Higham/Flickr

Supporters of charter schools (Getty Images/Drew Angerer)

A teacher's desk is covered with papers in a classroom with a chalkboard and crucifix.

Experts Share Their Outlooks on K-12 Education in an Era of Broken Schools - The Atlantic

Students leave Coach Reyna's classroom after a discussion with Senator José Menéndez. Photo by Scott

Weekly Privatization Report 11-27-2017

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Uncertainty looms over future of JEA privatization talks

Save Our Schools Arizona depends on volunteers like Tom Giller.

SBC's Anti-Public School Crusade is Off Course

Anti-charter school activists in Massachusetts celebrate the overwhelming defeat of Question 2, a

Pastors in Texas; Privatization at Purdue; Charters in Pennsylvania, Arizona, New York, California, and Utah; Push-Back in Iowa

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Why corporation want our schools. An infographic

Why Privatizing Public Schools Threatens Education