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Akai Shuchi FBI He is so cool Detective Conan t

Akai Shuchi FBI He is so cool Detective Conan t


Akai ;)

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--Akai Shuichi-- · Fbi CiaSubaruPoliceSilver BulletCase ClosedMagic ...

The Akai family has three known members so far: Shuichi Akai, Masumi Sera, Shukichi Haneda (Not Yet Confirmed). Along with the three siblings, ...

Scar Shuichi

Shuichi Akai FBI agent, considered by Gin as his rival, and the "Silver Bullet"…

Shuuichi Akai

akai - Shuichi Akai Photo (15188446) - Fanpop #DetectiveConan

Shuichi's "After" Appearance (Episode 783)

Jodie Starling An FBI agent on an undercover assignment against the Black Organization, and Ran's English teacher at one point. She had been Shuichi Akai's ...

Akai Shuichi X Miyano Shiho by coolshiho ...


stay with me_GA by toastmesilly ...

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Broken Heart and Black Alarm Part 5 Episode 309 Shinichi Kudo, Conan Edogawa, Ran

"Fear of death is worse than death Itself" Akai Shuichi ^^ #detectiveconan

Shuichi Akai

Shuichi Akai


Meitantei Conan, Fan art, (top row) Korn, Vermouth (Sharon Vineyard

FBI Agent Shuichi Akai by CelestialRayna ...

Shuichi Akai

5 Geniuses of Detective Conan and Akai Shuichi by coolshiho ...

So we find out that Shuichi's father was not an FBI agent but was still involved with Haneda Koji's murder. The only other people who we know who were ...

From the popular anime series “Detective Conan” comes a Nendoroid of the skilled FBI agent Shuichi Akai! He comes with three face plates including a cool ...

Akai is an FBI agent and a major figure in the battle against the Black Organization. He once assumed the identity of Dai Moroboshi and infiltrated the ...

[edit] Bourbon's Mission (Manga: 954-957; Anime: 866-867). Akai shoots Scotch

3840x2400 Wallpaper detective conan, akai shuuichi, guy, hat, sky, cap,

All Ages / BL Doujinshi Case Closed Conan "I can not say I like it

Detective Conan

Rei and Ran are happy that Kogoro cracked the code in the Detectives' Nocturne Case.

Akemi Miyano hugging Akai Shuichi

Detective conan movie 20 Akai shuichi and Borbun in the movie it's so beautiful ✨✨

Conan: I have a feeling he already knows.

Bourbon & Akai/Subaru CRACK (Detective Conan) | TrashyCookie c( O.O )ɔ - YouTube

In this scene Akai is both disguised as Subaru and Moroboshi.

Detective Conan 18 masumi fbi conan

Se pelean para saber que comida le gustara a Conan?

Nendoroid Detective Conan Shuichi Akai

Haibara Ai, being held by Shuichi Akai, and watched over by her angel sister

Good Smile Case Closed Detective Conan: Shuichi Akai Nendoroid Action Figure

Akai, Akemi, Okiya Subaru, Haibara Ai

Detective Conan - The Scarlet Return - Shuichi Akai

After the above's conversation, Amuro asked the company to withdraw for now and apologized to Okiya for the misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Jodie asked Akai ...

Omg so cuuuute ❤ - Detective Conan

After speculating that Akai's mother (Mary) and Haibara's mother (Elena) are possible sisters, it got me thinking about Shuichi's time in the orginazation.

Shuichi's "Middle" Appearance (Episode 345)

FBI Life (Detective Conan Fanfic,and a bit Magic Kaito1412)

Subaru Okiya

detective conan wallpaper | Tumblr

Detective Conan Music - Akai Shuichi's Theme

So, it was Yukiko who's helping Akai on his Okiya disguise. Yukiko drops by every week to check on the disguise (that's tough).

isn't that right Okiya Subaru-San? No.. FBI investigator Akai ... Shuichi

stepped in, pointing out that sometimes a child's perspective can be the hint that unlocks the truth and, "Weren't there a number of cases that were solved ...

Vermouth removing her "Scar Akai" mask.

Gin and ...

It's YouTube. Uninterrupted.

thought they had encountered trouble when he noticed that no lights came on at Agasa's house after dark, and when he went over to inspect, the front door ...


Masumi Sera. From Detective Conan Wiki

Strategy Above The Depths

Detective Conan Akai VS furuya VS GIN AMV

Akai Shuichi


Detective Conan - AMV - NOC's Mission - Dynamite (Mai Kuraki)

Detective Conan - Movie 20 - Update This information is from text spoilers a.

After Conan and Akai solve the murder of Kunhisa Hiyama (Koji Haneda's Death: Manga 950) they receive an unintentional hint from Dr. Agasa that helps them ...

Shinichi Kudo Detective Conan

Shuichi asks Akemi why she didn't get away from him after knowing that he was just using her.

Akai 😍🔥 F.B.I genius ❤️

akai shiho - Google 검색. BuildingCase ClosedSherlockGoogle ...

AKAI as DAI MOROBOSHI RYE (infiltration of the black organization)

Jodie's "After" Appearance (Movie 18)


Akai shuichi. Anime CharactersMagic KaitoDetective Conan ...

Ai Haibara and Subaru Okiya aka Shuichi Akai Detective Conan Opening

[edit] Disappearing blood trails indicate Akai's body was switched out

AKAI as DAI MOROBOSHI RYE (infiltration of the black organization)

There's not much information on the Father of the Akai family but we can still speculate on some things. First thing I'd like to discuss is whether the ...

Shuichi Akai. DetectiveConanCase ...


Detective Conan: RUM

Conan,Amuro,Akai VS Black Organization

Tooru Amuro Shuichi Akai < < < This is beautifully done.

Edogawa Conan,Amuro Tooru & Akai Shuuichi

Shiho Miyano. From Detective Conan Wiki

Find this Pin and more on conan ran by noy_zz.

Akai Shuichi, FBI special agent ,the silver bullet by coolshiho ...

Scarlet Showdown · Fbi CiaSilver BulletCase ClosedMagic ...


View in High-Res

Gin, Vermouth, Akai, Bourbon, Sera · DetectiveKingdom HeartsCase ClosedMagic ...

Detective Conan PVC Figure - Nendoroid Akai Shuichi

Subaru Okiya and Shuichi Akai by CelestialRayna

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