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Alfius De Bux The Black Worm t Tycho brahe and Tarot

Alfius De Bux The Black Worm t Tycho brahe and Tarot


Tycho Brahe, The revolving azimuth quadrant (1586)

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A key to physic, and the occult sciences : open.

Sundial, Sacred Geometry, Magic Circle, Germany, Spiritual, Exhibitions, Museums, Deutsch, Spirituality

Illuminated Manuscript Compendium of computistical texts Above: Diagram of the celestial climate zones; Below: Diagram of the terrestrial climate zones ...

1895 Calendrier Magique Lithographs

Eclipses luminarium (Cyprian Leowitz, 1555)

Source: anitanh

Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary b14 638-0 - Category:Images from Brockhaus and

chaosophia218: Athanasius Kircher - Combinations of the Nine Universal Symbols, “Ars Magna Sciendi

art astronomia

Drawing designs

Tycho Brahe

A Hedgehog

Eclipses luminarium (Cyprian Leowitz, 1555)

Fantastic... Image Record

february / pisces - Title: Passauer Calendar Shelf mark: 2° Ms. astron

alfiusdebux: Diagram of an eclipse of the sun, with the moon.

Compendio de cosmografía — Visor — Biblioteca Digital Mundial

Hemisphaerium Scenographicum Australe Coeli Stellati et Terrae

Franz Von Stuck Ceiling Painting ~ ♀ ♃ ♄ ♅ ♆ ♇ ☉ ☄ ☽ ◯ ☾ ⊕ ♁ ♂ ⚳ ☿ Franz von Stuck, ceiling in the music room of Villa Stuck, Munich, ...

Organic, woodcut, line-focused

Cyprian Leowitz, Eclipses luminarium, 1555. Augsburg, Germany. Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Tumblr

Bibliothèque nationale de France, Département des manuscrits, Français 2082, f. 4r (

nemfrog: “ Total solar eclipse of June Developed to show extension of the corona.


celestial diagramMatfré Ermengau, Breviari d'Amor, Catalonia 14th centuryBL, Yates Thompson 31

Midnight Illuminations • themagicfarawayttree: The Gnostic Hand

rhade-zapan: “Johfra Bosschart The Seven New Wives of the Old Pasha Follow

Tarot, Witch, Alchemy. Alfius De Bux

sidereus nuncius

Picturebook for Children, Bertuch 1801 | BILDGEIST

Louise Bourgeois, "Portrait of Jean-Louis" (1947–49),

Nicholas Flamel's tombstone. The Flamels are on the right.

'The Five of Books', coloured woodcut from Jost Amman's 'Charta ...

La Chat et La Lune ♡..♥ ♥ ~ too adorable not to pin

Bibliothèque nationale de France, Latin 1173, two initials from f. 52r. Horae

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Astrology of porn, because fuck taboo, that's why.

The Esoteric, Mysticism, Stars, Spirituality and the Lottery

David Harvey RSAnimate - subtitulado al español

Dutch master: The grotesque & twisted surrealism of Johfra Bosschart | Dangerous Minds

Tabula stellarum fixarum, ca. 1425 — Houghton Library

1 - Albrecht Dürer (Norimberga 1471 - 1528) Il Settimo Giorno della Creazione Xilografia

Mixed media

Giovanni Battista; Nazari Della tramutatione metallica sogni tre. Aggiontovi di nuovo la concordanza de

Микеланджело Искушения святого Антония. 1487—1489 47 × 35 см Художественный музей Кимбелла,


Lightwave - Tycho Brahé

Šawq al-mustahām fī maʿrifat rumūz al-aqlām, attribué à Abū Bakr ibn

Basel, Universitätsbibliothek, AN II 3: Livre des matricules du rectorat de l'

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Rotulum hieroglyphicum G. Riplaei Equitis Aurati

Midnight Illuminations • themagicfarawayttree: The Gnostic Hand | breviary | Pinterest | Religion, Rennes and Alchemy

The least boring scientist in history? That would be Tycho Brahe, a seriously scandalous

Ninth Wave Designs

Criterion Dynascope

Gerd Arntz (1900-1988) and Isotype

nature boy | STILL (mary jo hoffman)

The fool - Symbolon

Are Inflation And Dark Energy Connected?

Tycho Brahe certainly used the scientific method. He first asked questions about planetary motion and stars. Then he determined the precise motion of these ...

L'Hippopotame: Em preto e branco

How to know human nature: its inner states and .

The Beautiful, Forgotten Color Language Of 19th-Century Naturalists

Ernst Fuchs

1950 "THE MEANING OF RELATIVITY" by Albert Einstein Theory of Gravitation

Plate V. Meteor paths observed at the Lick Observatory. August 1894. Contributions from

The Man in the Moon, depicted with a bundle of sticks on his back like

Feather Duster Worms colonizing on a mooring line - Gulf of

Vaasen watermolen 1931 | by janwillemsen

The History of the Universe Compartmentalized in 1 Year (Infographic) | ScienceDump

Childhood, Infancy, Early Childhood

Midnight Illuminations • themagicfarawayttree: The Gnostic Hand | breviary | Pinterest | Religion, Rennes and Alchemy

Vaassen Cannenburg 1908 | by janwillemsen

The Abbey Studio: Fantastical alphabet by Giovannino de Grassi

Öğrenme Açlığınızı Gidermese de Tadımlık Bir Etki Bırakacak 22 Bilimsel Görüntü

Vulcanite bottle stoppers

Image result for devil medieval

Evgeniy Lagutenkov

SET of Constellation Stars Map Zodiac Print Vintage Image

from flordecorazon.tumblr.com

George Matthaus Seutter, Planisphaerium Coeleste c1730,

Peter Crüger's azimuthal quadrant, completed by Hevelius, 1644

The Einstein Theory of Relativity: A Trip to the Fourth Dimension

L'Âge du papier, dessin de Félix Valloton paru dans Le cri de Paris

Figs. 263 & 264. Head of the comet of 1861 observed by the.

Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Ms, 404 (the Rothschild Canticles),

ancient map of the universe

Ex Libris Dris udwig Schweinburg gravé par Alfred Cossmann - 1918

1878 Antique Planetary System Plate, the Sun and its Planets

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Listen to the Harmony of the Spheres


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Middelburg oostkerk 1914 | by janwillemsen

Venus - Our solar system as mythic symbols in Flowers of Abu Ma'shar,

Image result for The Moon

Antique Print Astronomical "Phases of the Moon" Vintage Natural History Moon Print - Elegant Gold Metallic

Photography by Sako Tchilingirian