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All of these are awesome The way they did the skateboard case is

All of these are awesome The way they did the skateboard case is


All of these are awesome!! The way they did the skateboard case is so

I love your art hon make me a work of art on a less then ordinary canvas like a blank skateboard deck :) yeah! Can we get these in penny boards

This was a neat design because of how you follow the gikkos face down to his

As was the case with all innovative transportation methods that have been unveiled in the last couple of years, electric skateboards also have a huge chance ...

These board are great because of how they have a verity of shapes within them

If you're reading this, there's a chance that you have a Thrasher shirt and/or a pair of Vans Old Skools and are hoping to get put onto the next “hot, ...

123 best Skateboards images on Pinterest | Skateboards, Skateboard decks and Skateboard

1987 NOS Santa Cruz Jeff Grosso Toybox Skateboard Deck Vintage Rare

Keep Calm Skateboard

This is a very visually interesting and abstract design. I like how there are curved lines everywhere appearing in motion. Also there are solid, ...

Supreme Kakashi Naruto Skateboard | Cozymoshi

How to Build Your Own Skateboard

Tony Hawk skateboard kit. I have this.

A Guy Mariano deck I owned by Blind

The most classic shape of all longboards this pintail is made to cruise. Our pintails. Skateboard ...

Table of Contents

At the end of the day, the publisher told me these were some of the gnarliest images he had ever put in a book. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Product Image · Playwheels 28'' Spider-Man Complete Skateboard

“What we did as pool skaters is – and this is gonna sound kinda crazy – is we'd case the house, like burglars. Looking at when people leave the house, ...



Do you like your skateboard? Are you a pro skater? Check out these awesome

WORST CASE SCENARIO! don't skate these.




Who are entry level electric skateboard best suited for?

My oldest son thinks skateboarding is “awesome”. I created this skateboard sling to help him get his skateboard to and from the skate park.

How Do I Fall Safely While Skateboarding?

All of these board are intense and energetic and i like that feeling it make me want to get up and run for awhile.


SOLO Skateboard Magazine (@soloskatemag) sur Instagram : "Pretty sure everybody knows why

How did you get into art? I wish there was a better answer to this one because I get it asked quite often. From a young age I just enjoyed drawing and ...

Saw this at a skateshop in Haight..Needless to say, would be awesome

Professor Hawk, the world's first skatentist. Physics may have made you ...


Picture of DIY Electric Skateboard

The Best Electric Skateboards You Can Buy Right Now (Updated for 2018) | Digital Trends

brother sister1

#Skateboarder Magazine Archives

Image titled Assemble a Skateboard Step 1

Here's what it looks like when you're riding it. I dig the bevelled bottom. For more info, click here

I think this board does a good job illustrating what I'd like to do. Skateboard ...

Image titled Stop a Skateboard Step 1

Amazon.com : Rockboard Descender Skateboard, Blue : Standard Skateboards : Sports & Outdoors

Look at this awesome skate deck designed for A Wilhelm Scream! Would you skate with

these board ideas were all rejected

click to enlarge Lj Twombly ollieing at Champlain College - COURTESY OF PETER CIRILLI

I remember the first time I saw this on my way to school, I told myself, "That is a really awesome cover."


#Skateboarder Magazine Archives

Part 1 of my review will focus exclusively on my first 100kms or so on the Raptor 2; its pros and cons, its reliability and its pending improvements. I will ...

Amazon.com : SkaterTrainer 2.0 the Rubber Skateboarding Accessory for Perfecting Your Ollie and Kick Flip-Learn, Practice and Land Tricks in No Time, ...

Make Skating Radical Again

It was a whole new exciting world that my school friends knew nothing about and frankly looked down upon when they did. Ultimately my taste in clothes, ...

Skateboarding has come in and out of popularity, but since the rise of street skating in the late '80s, one thing has remained consistent: the deck graphics ...


... about skateboarding from a different perspective. I am not sure why I was compelled to do this, I just to it. Some of this resonates with people, ...

Another damn awesome highlight over the past month was our collaboration with SK8 for GR8! We were approached by SK8 for GR8 to have 8 of the kids ...

forces acting on the skateboard during the ollie

PHOTO: Just one day after her birthday, Brighton Zeuner took home gold during the

"I did not expect this at all," Marwan said, adding

What piece are you most proud of? There's been a few milestones for me art-wise. I don't think I have any favourites per say, but I did really enjoy the ...

With just enough of an incline, we could get some speed while cruising down and hit all of these awesome ...

I think a big factor in the hate is the young kids riding around who don't know park etiquette and happen to get in everyones way.

How to hang a skateboard in 3 ways

So long as folk want their freedom to roll and roam along on campus, in parks and on the promenades many more will find them easy to ride also.

These Guys Can Hack An E-Skateboard

I attached the strips temporarily by tape so that I could try out different configurations. These two made the most sense:

Hoverboard Self Balancing Skateboard

What was the skate scene like in your hometown? The skate scene in my city really sucked. We didn't have many good skate parks back then.

BEST BOOSTED BOARD ACCESSORIES + How to Travel with Electric Skateboards

If I wasn't getting ridiculed by some idiot in my junior high school who actually thought white people smelled like 'wet dog', then I was getting chased by ...

Enlarge this image

JJ Husley did this awesome artwork. Our decision to launch Roll for Peace was based on the reality that peace begins with us – our skate community.

Amazon.com : SkaterTrainer 2.0 the Rubber Skateboarding Accessory for Perfecting Your Ollie and Kick Flip-Learn, Practice and Land Tricks in No Time, ...

Image titled Stop a Skateboard Step 12

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard · >>>

Germany, Schleswig Holstein, Teenage boy jumping with skateboard

Make Skating Radical Again

In case you guys missed it, skateboarding and surfing is being considered joining the Olympics! About time too. Someone want to buy us a ticket?

longboard girls crew, longboard, longboarding, skate, skateboarding, cool, rad,

If you're looking for the overall best shoes for skateboarding, you found them.

I think I'd only been on Element for a few weeks when that video came out. I'd gone on one trip and they'd all been filming for two years.

"Do not trust to hope. It has forsaken these lands." So said Eomer in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, but he may as well have been talking to fans ...

longboard girls crew, longboard, longboarding, skate, skateboarding, cool, rad,

They are three things that can hamper stability at high speeds. Enertion's custom made precision trucks should go some way to counteracting the limitations ...

Skateboarding SEIZURE! Lex Killian - Do Not Watch If You Have A Weak Stomach - YouTube


Foundation Skateboards ...

Picture of Electric Skateboard V2.0: Smartphone Controlled

On the rare chance that you aren't familiar with who Backfire or what Backfire Galaxy is, let me catch you up to speed.

POV Skate Tutorial #5: How to KICKFLIP

This is from 1995…and that bright yellow cover? That's from 1981. It's all skateboarding Jeremiah.

california removes electric skateboard ban 2015 monolith 2. Why you should buy this ...