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Artoria Gibbons sideshow performer Old Postcards t

Artoria Gibbons sideshow performer Old Postcards t


Artoria Gibbons, sideshow performer. Vintage ...

From a vintage postcard of Artoria Gibbons, the Tattooed Lady, circa 1920s.

Artoria Gibbons - Young and young at heart.

Artoria Gibbons. I have such admiration for tattooed women today, but for tattooed ladies


Vintage Tattooed Lady- Artoria Gibbon - Side Show Circus - Fine Art Print by Annex

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Newberry Digital Exhibitions | Bertie, Tattooed by Red Gibbons

Sideshow Performer

Artoria Gibbons was a tattoo attraction in circus and carnival sideshows. She was a tattooed

Artoria Gibbons, Sideshow World, Sideshow Performers from around the world.

Vintage Postcards old clown

New and used Teresina Fat Lady Freak Sideshow Carnival Attraction up for sale. Buy and sell Teresina Fat Lady Freak Sideshow Carnival Attraction on ...

The first female tattoo artist in the United States, 1907.

What more proof do you need to see how enduring and unchanging ARTORIA GIBBONS' tattoos really were? Though age may have changed her body---it didn't dim ...

Circus sideshow tattoo lady Ruth Sylva postcard c. 1910s.

I was expecting the usual about tattoos: the criminals, the freak shows, the Māori warriors, the virtuosity of contemporary tattoo artists.

Vintage CDV Lady Frizzy Hair Circus Sideshow Performer Vaudeville Freak Show

Vintage sideshow postcard

1910 Germany Circus Sideshow Tattoo Queen

Circus freak Colosso Fat Man original old 1910s postcard. Sideshow ...

10 Vintage Freak Show Photos - Gallery

Josephine Myrtle Corbin was an American woman, who was a sideshow performer born a dipygus.

Circus Freak Half Woman Torso Only Luna Park Original Old 1920s Postcard | eBay

Old time tattooed circus women.

ARTORIA GIBBONS, January Taken for Ringling Brother Barnum & Bailey Circus. They also had a banner painted from this photograph.

#Antique #Postcard Sideshow Strongman Sascha Coney Island NY Vintage by obscurio, $38.00

Gabrielle Rejane | RÉJANE-POREL, M. (Gabrielle REJU)_National


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1910 exploitative postcard for sideshow fat lady Theresina.

1910 French real picture postcard for a sideshow "Frog ...

Artoria Gibbons ou Anna Mae Burlingston

Vintage Tattoo - circus performer

33 photos vintage de l'âge d'or des tatouages


A lovely young witch

Barnum circus sideshow freak Famous Fat Lady by RetroMatchVintage

Vintage Venus: More Vintage Tattooed Circus & Sideshow Folk

Vintage postcards sold at auction - trusted postcard company running auctions for over 30 years.

Anna \"Artoria\" Gibbons, Hall and Christ Sideshow, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1976

The Tattooed Man vintage sideshow performer.

Circus Freak sideshow Conjoined twin Francesco Frank Lentini old 1910s postcard

vintage freak photos - Google Search

Sideshow performer Betty Broadbent became on of the youngest women to work professionally as a tattooed lady in America « « Ratta Tattoo


Circus sideshow freak Grady Stiles, also known as Lobster Boy. He was murdered by

Sascha and Delila , sideshow performers He was a "Strong man." (Artoria Gibbons the Tattooed Lady worked with him in the

Annie Jones

Photographs of theatrical performers. This photo is often said to be modern dance pioneer Loie Fuller.

Edith Burchett, sideshow tattooed lady from UK c. 1920

641 best vintage circus performer images on Pinterest | Circus circus, Vintage photos and Circus acts


Circus Freak MISS ROSINA Armless Legless woman Lady original old 1910s postcard

One of two ATCs i made for my partner for the Tattooed Lady ATC swap. This is Artoria Gibbons. She was a sideshow attraction for many years.

Vintage Photos From The Circus Freak Shows That Will Cause You Nightmares

The Sideshow and Freakshow Central with Sword Swallowers, Fire Breathers, Freaks, Sideshow Performers, and more.

Sideshow: Skeleton Man

Lina - charmeuse de serpents I love that she is wearing sensible shoes!

Mademoiselle Gabrielle the Half Lady

Vintage Ephemera: Photograph, bearded lady from P.


American sideshow fat girl Lucy Moor weighed in at an unbelievable 668 pounds. C.

Gabrielle the legless lady...vintage freak show circus fan photo

German photo of a tattooed circus performer from 1915 Source : The Vanishing Tattoo

oddity freak victorian Eisenmann giants tallest Shields Bros. sideshow

These unique characters were sideshow acts that travelled the country in a “ freak show.

A fantastic vintage postcard of the tattooed lady, Djita Salome aka Maud Arizona aka Suleika

"Most Tattooed Lady" on this Earth

Circus performers

Sideshow fat lady promotional card from 1900.

Mademoiselle Cleo, snake charmer and Paul T. Gilbert author and adventurer in 1921 at

Historical photos

Renowned sideshow attraction Giacomo and Giovanni Battista Tocci were Dicephalic conjoined twins born in Italy

19 Vintage Photos Of Sideshow Circus Performers

Little Clown Musicians Tinted Vintage Postcard


An older Schlitzie in a cheerful clown costume with the Sam Kortes sideshow performers (1960s)

Original French vintage hand tinted real photo postcard - Lady sitting on moon - Victorian Paper Ephemera

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Tattooed by the famous Red Gibbons in the Bertie was a major attraction of that era.

Elves and Enchantments: vintage circus

Earliest known photo of Athelia the pinhead. She was "obtained" by sideshow impresario

Circus performers

Meet the sideshow 'freaks' who became overnight sensations

Highlights from the Victorian circus freak show (posters) - Flashbak

Sideshow World, Sideshow Performers from around the world, Freak, Central,.

the-two-germanys: The Rajah with a Second Face!Postcard, United States of America.

Barnum circus sideshow freak, Famous Fat Lady, Hannah Battersby. Vintage CDV | Barnum circus and Sideshow

freak show03 Freak Show Photos from the Past

The well-known circus sideshow performer Josephine-Joseph, whose half male, half


Early 1900s circus postcard - boy strongman

Ray R. Myers, The Armless Musician pitch card showing him pouring a bottle of

Laloo Ramparsad and Parasitic Twin Circus Sideshow

Schlitzie Surtees - The Most Famous American Freak pics)

[cabinet card portrait of Millie Betra,”The Serpant Queen”, of the Ringling Bros.],cab card by Brown

1912 Anita the Living Doll - 21 Unbelievably Haunting Vintage Photos From The Circus