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B1A4 CNU Kpop Biases t

B1A4 CNU Kpop Biases t


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Who is you'r bias in Mine is CNU, omg hes so cute and a little bit shy. I want to meet him someday.

B1A4 gongchan


b1a4, cnu

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CNU. Ryan's KpopB1a4 ...

Happy birthday to B1A1's CNU Birthday: June 16, 1991 American age: 25 International

CNU (B1A4) - Céci Magazine November Issue '16


B1A4 Members & Profiles

B1A4 Gongchan


128 Likes, 2 Comments - 신우랑 영원히 함께 MyBeautifulLie♡ (@fallforcnu) on

Happy Birthday To B1A4 CNU!


Koreandispatch's Instagram Update #b1a4 # Jinyoung

Gongchan & Jinyoung- B1A4. They look like real siblings X3

CNU. This is the boy I'm talking about. (see pin ''I just wanted to know the long haired one's name.''). | Kpop | Pinterest | Boys, The boy and The long

is this Sandeul?! don't ruin my bias list please #b1a4 #


b1a4's CnU

Gongchan for Smart Uniform · Kpop FashionB1a4

CNU, my bias~ :) Happily sleeping~ HAHA

He's so adorable

B1A4's Baro apologizes for 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator' controversy

My bias Gongchan, people say he's too manly and old and formal to do aegyo, well I say you are all wrong. His aegyo is perfect

CNU is ruining my bias list!!!

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CNU #B1A4 #Kpop

[enter-talk] LET'S TALK ABOUT B1A4 C.NU ~ PANN좋아!

cnu / baro / gongchan / Such cuties/fashion/kpop

B1A4 JinYoung, CNU

Cnu B1A4 favorite!!! Hollywood

B1A4 CNU, GongChan. again, i don't know why they're


CNU. B1a4KpopSew

CNU (B1A4)

Image. CNU from B1A4 ...

B1A4 - Gongchan Speedpaint by ychen183 ...

Baro | 바로 | Cha Sun Woo | 차선우 | B1A4 | 5/9

B1A4 - CNU

B1A4's CNU To Have Knee Surgery!


[FANTAKEN] 111002 Synnara Record Fansign (CNU Biased) Part 5 [8P]

CNU. K PopB1a4Korean ...

Highlight one: JinYoung, pretty as always. Pretty as he may be, he's slipping down my bias list.


B1A4 -jin young - Allure Magazine February Issue '14. B1a4 JinyoungJin Young Korean ...

Second-time Major Addiction Towards K-Pop (B1A4)

Gongchan's Twitter Update [140717]: #b1a4 #soloday


CNU, Jin Young, and Sandeul - Ceci Magazine July Issue 13. B1a4JinyoungKorean ...

B1A4 maknae Gongchan



B1A4 - CNU

Stage Name: CNU

I am a big B1A4 fan and CNU is my bias so I was really excited to see this clip come out in their One Fine Day series.

b1a4 cnu 2015 - Google Search

B1A4BanaPH on Twitter: "As always ❤❤ #B1A4 #Cnu #ROLLIN' https://t.co/sxqZbAJstU… "



B1a4 gongchan jinyoung and baro bias

Sandeul ...

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CNU ktariaircjfueyqudituwudueck ❤❤

Baro ...

Sandeul~ #sandeul #b1a4


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170103 - Naver TV연예 {#b1a4 #jinyoung #cnu #sandeul #baro

Hope ya'll don't mind the B1A4 post. I'm so

B1A4's CNU // The Star // August 2013

Smart Uniform - GongChan · Art ReferenceB1a4Kpop

While performances may have occasions where male idols go shirtless, we also can't resist their cuteness overload - their aegyo!

B1A4_Cnu. B1a4Kpop

“CNU is a health enthusiast. He's an impressive member with talent in both singing and rapping. CNU's masculine and a bit on the quiet side, ...

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Gongchan for Hats On

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tumblr_myd0c5IFGA1qjpa8fo1_1280.jpg. 243D9D3752B9EEF0061E59

I miss CNU's old teeth! They weren't broken, they didn't

B1A4 member Gongchan is the most HANDSOME yet UNDERRATED K-pop artist - Koreaboo