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Circle pad Pro Nintendo 3DS Gaming t Gaming

Circle pad Pro Nintendo 3DS Gaming t Gaming


Circle Pad Pro XL Unboxing & Impressions - Affordable Alternative to New 3DS? - YouTube

Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro photos

In ...

After a shaky start, Nintendo is doing all it can to turn its 3DS into a success. The Kyoto-based company has reduced the price of the system and improved ...

nintendo explains why the 3ds xl doesnt have a second analog stick

First look at the Nintendo 3DS XL's Circle Pad Pro peripheral. As many others predicted

Circle Pad Pro Functionality Adds to “New” Nintendo 3DS

... Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro Unleashes Next Month In Japan. The ...

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Circle Pad Pro XL Photos

best Nintendo 3DS Games

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Nintendo Circle Pad Pro for Nintendo 3DS XL

3ds-xl-circle-pad-pro. Nintendo ...

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Nintendo is finally adding a second analog stick to its handhelds as part of a major refresh to the 3DS line. The company already sells the Circle Pad Pro ...

Playing Resident Evil: Revelations, specifically, with the Circle Pad Pro, took some getting used to. This was a bit of surprise, as I figured I'd be more ...

Nyko's Power Grip Pro, the first third-party 3DS Circle Pad Pro accessory.

3DS GameCube controller mod with Circle Pad Pro

Amazon.com: Circle Pad Pro - Nintendo 3DS LL Accessory (3DS LL Console Not Included) Japan Inport: Video Games

Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS has a solid control scheme, but there was some gnashing of teeth when it emerged that it won't support the Circle Pad Pro ...



3DS XL(USA) - Black - w/ Circle Pad Pro, Link carrying

3DS XL Circle Pad Pro Better Then Expected

If I'm being completely honest, Nintendo's Circle Pad Pro for it's Nintendo 3DS handheld is pretty ugly, especially when it's clashing with the blue of my ...

All of the inputs from the Circle Pad Pro are built into New 3DS XL

... don't know exactly how comfortable this is going to be. We'll let you know when Nintendo announce a price and release date for the optional peripheral, ...

Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro photos

The new C-stick on the New Nintendo 3DS XL can be used on games

Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro.

3ds xl circle pad pro

Nintendo Circle Pad Pro XL


Nintendo has once again made an add-on second Circle Pad for the 3DS. And, you know what, it's not half bad. Actually, it seems like the Circle Pad Pro for ...

Extra large, please. Although it was previously thought that the Circle Pad Pro ...

Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro

DNP Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro review just like the original, but bigger

Nintendo Slide Pad/Circle Pad Pro. Photo © Jason Hidalgo

A Japanese player mods the 3DS Circle Pad Pro in order to use a PS1 controller instead. Shows how it works with Monster Hunter 3G.

Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro + Zelda Black 3DS + Blue 3DS + Quick Demo With Resident Evil

[3DS]3DS LLに拡張スライドパッドを無理矢理付けるとそのまま認識するらしい [□□速報@保管庫(Alt)□□]

3DS XL Circle Pad Pro only £5.86 at ShopTo, if you need one


3DS XL Circle Pad Pro + Mugen Battery Mod

We all thought the original was large.

Nintendo 3DS XL lot w/ 3 games (Zelda) 16GB mem card case &

The list of Circle Pad Pro compatible games remains surprisingly thin on the ground, but the fact that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate supports the peripheral ...

The 3DS XL isn't a small device to begin with, but docking it in the Circle Pad Pro will destroy any illusions you had about being able to stuff it in your ...

3DS xl Circle Pad Pro Unboxing Review

Nintendo 3ds with tons of games and circle pad pro

Below are some pictures I snapped of my Circle Pad Pro. Notice how the Aqua Blue 3DS blends perfectly with the black, adding to the aesthetic appeal and ...

File:Monster Hunter Tri G Circle Pad Pro Bundle.jpg

Circle Pad Pro - Nintendo 3DS LL Accessory Expansion Extension Slide Attachment [WORLDWIDE COMPATIBLE]

Circle Pad Doom1



Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro

3DS Circle Pad Pro Impressions

Nintendo Making a Circle Pad Pro for 3DS XL

Play: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate with Circle Pad Pro (LR Lagombi Hunt) - YouTube

UNBOXING :: Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro .... and a very blonde moment by me - Fail!!!

Circle Pad Doom ONE

Up Close with Circle Pad Pro for the 3DS XL ...

original (1).jpg

Circle Pad Pro XL- Hands On gaming

3DS XL Will Get Its Own Circle Pad Pro

Nyko Does What Nintendon't, 3DS Circle Pad With Battery Pack

I'll wait for Nyko to make a Power Grip Pro for the 3DS XL, thanks.

This omission was made all the more puzzling by the fact that Nintendo had already released the Circle Pad Pro for the original 3DS ...

You never know, it's a look that might grow on you

old vs new. Older regular sized 3DS with Circle Pad Pro on the ...

Smosh Games on Twitter: ""New 3DS" basically adds Circle Pad Pro shoulder buttons and tiny right control circle pad.


Circle Pad Pro

1 ...

Nintendo 3DS XL Bundle - Circle Pad Pro, Games: Pokemon Sun and Ruby,

3DS XL Circle Pad Pro now available at the Nintendo Online Store!

However, those with the original 3DS systems won't entirely miss out on this functionality. If you have a Circle Pad Pro ...

In theory, Nintendo's ...

The 3D capability of the Nintendo 3DS always felt like a gimmick to me. It looked neat, sure, but it also required me to align my head just so to maintain ...

Then don't do this. Go buy a Circle Pad Pro. Normally I'm all for hardware hacks, as it's something of a hobby of mine. But come on… instead of adding a PSP ...

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Video: The Pokémon Tretta Lab Add-On Makes the Circle Pad Pro XL Look Streamlined - Nintendo Life

3DS XL - Controller - Circle Pad Pro - Japanese Version