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Fibre 101 Viscose ABCH S L O W F A S H I O N t

Fibre 101 Viscose ABCH S L O W F A S H I O N t



Ethical Fashion 101: How to make eco-friendly fabric choices when shopping for clothes

Stella McCartney: Change Agent

ZADY is a lifestyle destination for conscious consumers. We carry a curated collection of clothing, accessories and home items for women and men.

How Sustainable Brands Are Turning Their Backs on Fast Fashion Trend - ABC News The Clothing Industry's Environmental Imact

Modern Fibres | Descrption

Textile Primer: Natural Fibres | thenotepasser.com

Explore Slow Fashion, Fast Fashion, and more!

A handy cheat sheet for matching your dressmaking patterns to the right fabric! Achieving the


Kids' Fashion: How To Make Better, Greener Fashion Choices

wool fiber under microscope - Google Search

Lyocell is an Austrian invention that is derived from timber-cellulose, made from local

Types of fibre

Ethical fashion

Stella McCartney: Change Agent

Textile Primer: Manufactured Non-biodegradable Fibres — The Note Passer

Ethial Fashion Report Card 2017 Baptist World Aid Australia

Natural fiber from a plant…

Extended essay ib ethics The extended essay is an independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a paper. One component of the International ...

Fabric construction.

In cotton vs. viscose rayon, we compare natural and man-made fibers with the goal of helping educate consumers on making the choice right for their needs.

Fast Fashion isn't free. Someone somewhere is paying." Lucy Siegle

The Cotton of the Future: Clothing Companies Are on the Hunt for an Eco-Friendly Cotton Substitute

A collection of informative infographics exploring fashion topics like textile waste, textile fibers, fair trade, and the history of the bikini.

Credits: Zady - Infographic about the Environmental and Human Costs associated with Manufacturing

How do plastic bottles become a little black dress? Find out!


5 Ways to build a more ethical closet (no matter your budget)

Eucalyptus fiber by any other name

catching up with slow fashion: safia minney's ethical fashion revolution

The Top 5 Ethical Fashion Resources

Organic Cotton Infographic

Climate Change, Action, Slow Fashion, Group Action

The Importance of Organic Cotton #infographic #Cotton #OrganicCotton #Fabrics

Textile Primer: Natural Fibres

sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, ethical, slow fashion, sweatshop-free, quotes

7 ethical designer brands showcasing in Fashion Week. ethical fashion | nyfw | lfw |

iTextiles 3.0 - Fibers - Classification

Textile Primer: Natural Fibres

Washing polyester sheds microfibers in our waterways. 1 in 4 fish tested had consumed these plastics.

Common misconceptions about sustainable fashion

Textile Primer: Natural Fibres

одежда ананас

Slow Fashion, Ethical Fashion, Statistics, Sustainable Fashion

How To Shop Consciously For Fashion | Fashion 101, Ethical fashion and Choices

wool fiber under microscope - Google Search

burn test

Textile Primer: Natural Fibres

Slow Fashion for Climate Change

Properties of fibers

Lycra | Description

Good fabric

Slow Fashion

Fashion Revolution

Fair Trade Towns » The Impact of a Fair Trade Campaign! Such a great infographic

how to recycle old clothing and not hurt the planet

Production of Hemp

We Need a Fashion Revolution

A Touch of Lace: Twill Weave Talk

Capsule wardrobe

What are the problems with fast fashion and what are our alternatives? Find out why

Fashion revolution day is April how will you particpate? Here's how you can join in on the fun, even if you don't live in a big city!

Wear the Change: Free Online Education to Help You Build a Sustainable Future | True cost, Zero waste and Ethical fashion

How to Care for Every Fabric In Your Closet [by Alight -- via #

Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion

Sewing your own vs throwaway fashion - Scruffy Badger Time

Faire Mode finden - mit dem Fair Fashion Guide von FEMNET e.V

regenerated-fibres.jpg (262×192)

Bamboo textiles are a great alternative natural fiber to cotton that is both versatile and echo friendly. Bamboo textiles have the abi.

the benefits of bamboo fabric

I pinned this pin as it addresses common misconceptions people make about the ethical fashion industry

Common Types of Fiber Animals, from #yarnschool by Over the Rainbow Yarn.

Fibre Types | Natural, Synthetic & Regenerated

Life Cycle Stages & Areas of Impact for Textile Production!

Fashion Revolution - www.fashionrevolution.org

It isn't enough just looking for quality in the products we buy, we

Wear the Change: Free Online Education to Help You Build a Sustainable Future | True cost, Zero waste and Ethical fashion

Sewing Tools

As a vegan, I especially advocate for sustainable animal products. While I don't see the industry going completely ...

Here's the REAL difference between a $20 pair of jeans and a $200 pair of jeans

h&m sustainable fashion - Google Search | The Textile Industry | Pinterest | Sustainability

How to Save Money While Sewing - Heather Handmade A Sewing Blog

Guide to Sustainable Textiles

Clothing Recycling Visit http://www.savannarags.org.uk/clothing

Fast Fashion: an excessively expendable evil

fast fashion isnt free

Zady Launches 'The New Standard' And Shows Damaging Effects Of The Fashion Industry

8 Different Types of Sustainable Fabrics

An industrial carding machine which brushes fibres

Clotho on

Join in on Fashion Revolution Day - April 24th, 2016 and ask a brand "

garment factory jobs aren't bad, these women are heroes not charity projects.

Textile Primer: Manufactured Biodegradable Fibres

#EthicalFashion101 | Ethical Fashion | Pinterest | Ethical fashion, Sustainable fashion and Slow fashion

[Publicité] Ads that we like – The Label Don't Tell the Whole Story – Canadian Fair Trade Network – Canada

The World of Sustainable Design: Slow Down Fast Fashion #Infographic #Fashion