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Goatman The Shocking Legend Of The Pope Lick Monster t

Goatman The Shocking Legend Of The Pope Lick Monster t


List of 10 creatures, including the Pope Lick monster of Kentucky and the Goatman of

The Story Of: The Pope Lick Monster

The Story Of: The Pope Lick Monster

The Pope Lick Monster

The Pope Lick train trestle in Lousiville, Kentucky, home of the Pope Lick monster

The Creature Supposedly Escaped And Killed Its Captors

He's Part Human, Part Sheep, Part Goat, All Weird. So what exactly is a Pope Lick monster ...

The Pope Lick Trestle rises over Pope Lick Creek outside Louisville, Ky. Legend has

The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster

Creek at the base of the Pope Lick tressel

Trestle At Pope Lick Creek Pope Lick Trestle, is the stomping grounds or the reputed

The Terrible Story of Pope Lick Monster

Illustration by Jerome Neukirch. “

Pope Lick Monster Legend Claims Another Victim

A sobering memorial to Jack Charles Bahm II remains on a support to the Pope Lick train trestle. Bahm was killed by a train while trying to cross the ...

Artist's rendition of Goat Man by viergacht

Goatman Of Pope Lick, Kentucky

He Hypnotizes His Victims is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Pope

The Pope Lick Monster GOATMAN

Goat Man of Kentucky | Pope Lick Monster

Pope Lick Monster Caught On Camera / Jersey Devil Sighting / Kentucky Goat Man NEW 2016

Demon Goat Man of the Pope Lick Trestle - Louisville, KY - Haunted Travels

Bain and her boyfriend ventured onto the Pope Lick trestle (pictured) in east Louisville

Pope Lick Monster Hunt Turns Deadly

Pope Lick Monster

Goat Man of Kentucky tempts adventurers into dangerous situation – Doubtful News

"Pope Lick Monster"; Kentucky Bigfoot: The Goat Man,

GOATMAN hybrid - Pope Lick Kentucky MONSTER - Modern Satyr SIGHTINGS, Cryptics, NEPHILIM

Pope Lick Monster & Goatman: Safety When Investigating

The Pope Lick Monster got his name from the Pope Lick Creek, where he supposedly

Pope Lick Lives On

A cropped version of the artwork "The Pope Lick Monster" that I found on a website related to cryptozoology.

LPLM DVD front ...

Local Legends - The Goatman by SunnyClockwork | Goatman | Pinterest | deviantART, Artwork and Artist

A stupid dare - the Pope Lick train trestle. (facebook)

Local Legends - The Goatman by SunnyClockwork | Goatman | Pinterest | deviantART, Artwork and Artist

I saw the two thunderbirds in Springfield IL the day before Marlon Lowe was attacked,

237 best Mostly Ghostly images on Pinterest | Haunted places, Haunted houses and Ghost stories

The Pope Lick Goatman is a cryptid that lives in the Pope Lick Creek, where

Danger Run

THE POPE LICK MONSTER, September 29, 2011

Goatman: Woman dies while searching for half-goat-half-man Pope Lick


Paranormal Junkie takes a look at some strange sightings of the Pigman.

TL;DR: the goatman haunts these trestles & he be eating people yall

... similar angle as UPROXX and UNILAD, the Goat Man itself isn't the story, the "internet frenzy" is. Laughably the Metro submits this image into evidence:

Source: Hog Island Press Photo: Hog Island Press


635978798007823415-05-02-16-PopeLick-12.JPG Buy Photo. The Pope Lick ...

The Goatman - A Campfire Tale | The Fortean Slip

The creature as one might think has more names then just The Pope Lick Monster.


View from the ground of the Pope Lick tressel looming overhead

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, I do recommend reading it yourself, but I will attempt to summarise. It tells the story of an ill-fated camping ...

The Pope Lick Monster is more then often described a being very tall, a well

But the Goatman is not limited to Maryland. Again in the Fifties, another longstanding local legend was born, this time in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

GOATMAN Official Trailer

The Lake Worth Monster is part #bigfoot, part goatman, and part lake monster. So watch out when you're swimming in #Texas because they do it all!

Where there's a will, there's a wishy-washy sighting of some mythological creature in

Goatman - The Shocking Legend Of The Pope Lick Monster | The Fortean Slip | Blog Articles | Pinterest

The Legends Tells Of A Literal Circus Of Horrors. The most popular origin legend of the Goatman AKA Pope Lick Monster ...

Black Orchard/Legend at Pope Lick - Multiple Locations: General Admission for Two or

The Pope Lick Monster Is No Mere Urban Legend - He Has An Actual Body Count | Monsters, Urban and Count

Roquel Bain, 26, of Dayton, Ohio, died after being struck by a

Goatman Flesh or Folklore

Goatman by ponyhome on DeviantArt

Roquel Bain killed by train while on hunt for 'the goatman' in Louisville | Metro News

Brian Manley of Insect Policy talks about his terrifying experience searching for The Goatman!

... 2016, the Louisville Metro Police Department's Eighth Division responded to a report of a pedestrian struck in the 3100 block of South Pope Lick Road, ...

Wisconsin's Wildest Urban Legends Panel at the Milwaukee Paranormal Conference

A Foreboding Omen

Legends of Kentucky: The Pope Lick Goatman

Photos from Review Trip:

Bigfoot Sasquatch, Cryptozoology, Paranormal, Monsters, Southern, The Beast

Photos from Review Trip:

The Goatman Blues: The Legend of Pope Lick Then And Now - LouisvilleHalloween.com

Summoned by Aleistar Crowley

Today, out of curiosity, I returned to the same Google Images result and clicked on the "View More" tab for related images. As I scrolled down, ...

The Real Goatman And His Kin

Born of Unnatural Relations Between Man and Goat

A Native American Skin-Walker

"Pope Lick Monster". The Encyclopedia

The Pope Lick Monster is a legendary part man, part goat, and part sheep creature. Several urban legends have been told about the creature's origins and the ...

Reincarnated Farmer Who Prayed for Power

Jefferson Co (Kentucky): LOUISVILLE, POPE LICK

Illustration by Daniella Urdinlaiz.


... Monster of Pope Lick! The Phantom of The Ville

Maryland Goatman - Commentary