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I39m A Blast volcano blast puns punny cute lava i lava you

I39m A Blast volcano blast puns punny cute lava i lava you


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ALL YOU NEED IS LAVA.... dadadadada


Brad captures the awesome beauty of Hawaiian volcanoes with his pictures of Kilauea volcano, volcano photos of lava flows, ...

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... ain't no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you babe. Show your love of cats and mountain exploration with this cute cat pun ...

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“Currently on some weird lava lamp pun streak. It's not ending anytime soon either

I Lava You volcano birthday/anniversary/wedding card - cute felt geology gift with

Name the volcano ...

On the verge of a catastrophe? Yellowstone National Park's caldera has erupted three times in

Bali: Mount Agung volcano monitored after second eruption | World news | The Guardian

So in that spirit, we present a whole host of ideas below as your Father's Day pun stop shop!

Experts have reconstructed a mass eruption in The Deccan Traps in India, which is thought

You might not have much fun watching – it only seems to update once a day. There's also another one at the same place for Santiaguito

Mount Etna spews lava during an eruption on April 11, 2017.

10 Facts About The 1815 Eruption of Mount Tambora

Tourists were stunned when a red hot stream of 1000c lava suddenly crashed through the side

Bali's Mount Agung (pictured) volcano is set to erupt within hours, with one

Sakurajima just let loose its biggest blast in a long time; 14,000ft according to Tokyo VAAC:

Lava and incandescent material after a pyroclastic flow. Getty Images.

It's recently begin to flow from the lava tube as a 'single large spout,

Spewing lava and fire, this scene looks for all the world like the hellish vision

Photo of Hawaiian Lava Boat - Pahoa, HI, United States

Pun Therapy

Breath-taking: The sky surrounding Mt Etna was lit up a beautiful red after

I can NOT handle this 😂😂😂

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Some say it had been there for centuries. *not expert* Water had nothing to do with its in later stages. All dried out. Add water and you get BLACK ash. not ...

FOUR of Iceland's volcanos are on the brink of erupting | Daily Mail Online

If you can't measure it, and expect it to be negligible, the tendency is to forget about it. But men are men; the best sometimes forget, Shakespeare wrote.

Photo of Hawaiian Lava Boat - Pahoa, HI, United States

Santa María Volcano is an active volcano in the western highlands of Guatemala


Photo of Hawaiian Lava Boat - Pahoa, HI, United States

The stunning footage was shot on January 10 - ten days after the initial collapse of

Photo of Hawaiian Lava Boat - Pahoa, HI, United States


Researchers predicted that another eruption on southern island of Kyushu would bury 7million underneath lava flows

Mount Etna eruptions captured in dramatic video in Sicily Italy | Daily Mail Online


But when a volcano blows its top anywhere in Alaska, Game McGimsey can't wait to study the lava-and-ash-spewing monster.


Friday Flotsam: Eyjafjallajökull, Chilean volcanoes and the Syfy “super eruption” – Eruptions

Erik Storm captures Kilauea volcano in Hawaii on GoPro | Daily Mail Online

Mother natures' frightening beauty . Big Island Hawaii does its best to warm up the Pacific Ocean

Pun hit wonders

Photo of Hawaiian Lava Boat - Pahoa, HI, United States. Amazing.

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Big Island Travel Guide

(It's hard to see at this scale, but there's a car out there in the distance.)

Bromo (Indonesia) is looking pretty this morning:

Eyjafjallaj̦kull flight cancellations: How the right decision is being made to look wrong РEruptions

Not going to lie, I would shit myself

Photo of Hawaiian Lava Boat - Pahoa, HI, United States. They did not

Day 2 of our Valentine's Day puns and things are really “heating” up. I don't mean to “int-erupt” your day, but you should know how much I “lava” ...

Volcanoes and the sea

I'm aware that the way that the staircase touches the line in a few points may well be a coincidence. Maybe tomorrow we get a big M5+ that throws everything ...


Curse of the Faceless Man (1958) - Curse of the Faceless Man (1958) - User Reviews - IMDb

Digital Elevation Map of Mount St. Helens, the archetypal flank collapse and lateral blast


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Mayon Volcano 2009 eruption

... If you take a look at the full-size photo, you can clearly see a dragon head and neck rising from the mid slope below the lavafall.

Olga Moss totally nailed “heart throb” with this adorable Valentine that features the Beary Big Heart stamp set.

Oddly Shaped Lava Formations Look Like a Mass of Twisted Bodies | My Modern Met | Bloglovin'

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... the Indian Ocean exploded like a potato in a microwave, except with less delicious Idaho goodness and with more tsunamis. The blast was so powerful that ...

Can't stop, more pop!

I don't mean to “int-erupt” your day, but you should know how much I “lava” this silliness, so much so, that I could just “burst!”

Giant eruption of Mount Sinabung volcano in Indonesia today.

“WSU researchers sampled sulfur dioxide trapped in rock near lava vents to gauge how much gas was put in the air by massive basalt flows 16.5 million years ...

So from the above informative Earthquake event chart of the 2010 Eruption of Merapi Volcano, Java …

Berastagi, Sumatra, Indonesia . ................................................ . Hello I'm back, and I'm back with a blast.... excuse the pun 😉 Sorry I ...

Wholesome volcano ...

More information on volcanic ash is provided by USGS:

Pico do Fogo

The ” Volcanic Earthquake & Eruption Predictor” models concept is to have a # Quakes & achieve a “zero value” on the brown-yellow bar i.e. “an equilibrium ...

Before and after images

Projected lahar flow map

Coolest pipe I've ever found. It's made of lava!

Heffy Doodle GEOLOGY ROCKS Clear…

I'm in Eastern Washington, so I'm in the secondary ash zone. Theoretically we would get up to 10 feet of ash fall, but we're way outside the kill zone.

It does look like the shape of Klyuchevskoy is changing. Wonder what's going on.

Fire and fury: B-25s are pictured flying past Mount Vesuvius in Italy as lava and ash spews from the top of the volcano. The eruption killed 57 as it ...

(It's hard to see at this scale, but there's a car out there in the distance.)

Session VH43B: V.4 Just add water: hazards variation in lava flows, steam-driving and hydromagmatic explosive eruptions, Posters, 4:00 PM -6:00 PM