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If you have the MAC pro or G5 their beautiful case can be t

If you have the MAC pro or G5 their beautiful case can be t


If you have the MAC pro or G5, their beautiful case can be everything.

My PowerMac G5 Hackintosh Build.

Apple Power Mac G5 Furniture by Klaus Geiger

power mac g5 gaming - Google Search

G5 Case Mod Hackintosh Build - Album on Imgur

How to Fit Your PC in a Power Mac G5 Case. Whether you ...

My epic X99 MacPro case mod build log (HackPro G5 x99)

G5 Case Mod Hackintosh Build - Album on Imgur. Mac ProCustom ...

How to mod your Mac Pro to feature a transparent side panel - Mac Pro case mod [4K] - YouTube


Apple Power Mac G5 Furniture by Klaus Geiger

Apple Mac Pro. Click to Enlarge

... G5 case charm with the quick-release buttons for everything, because whats the point of being able to quickly access the internals if you still need ...


Mac Pro Table

How to Fit Your PC in a Power Mac G5 Case. Whether you ...

Old Mac Functional Art G5 PowerMac Table/Bookshelf

This bespoke fishtank is built into an Apple Mac G5 case It includes an Arduino mega

From talking about my hackintosh's so lovingly, there's one question I frequently receive from PowerMac G5 or Mac Pro owners: can I modify my existing case ...

A friend of mine is building his rig inside of a customized Power Mac G5 case

Klaus Geiger :: Furniture from PowerMac G5 towers

Apple G5 case mod / hackintosh by S7 Design #casemod #apple #pcmod #

Instead of throwing your old Mac in your garage and leaving it to collect dust,

2018 New Topcase For Macbook Pro Retina 13 A1502 Top Case With Fr French Keyboard Year 2013 2014 From Ljwsz, $89.9 | Dhgate.Com

CCFL Case Modding a Mac Pro

Mein Powermac G5 ATX Umbau · Computer BuildPc CasesMac ProSmartphone

The company still hasn't offered customers a respectable notebook for under a grand (the aging MacBook Air doesn't count), and a continuing lack of touch ...


Image result for power mac g5 gaming. Mac ProMacs

... Open View of the MacCase Premium Leather MacBook Pro Case ...

Plus, you can put your phone face down, to avoid getting distracted, and not worry about scratching the beautiful Full HD screen.

How to Fit Your PC in a Power Mac G5 Case. Whether you ...

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Ever since 2008, Apple has offered the Mac Pro as their top-of-the-line performance computer. It's been 4 years since the latest cylindrical Mac Pro was ...

Gone were the optical drive bays, the four internal HDD bays, and the four PCIe card slots. Instead, the new Mac Pro clusters its three key components – a ...

Mac Pro SATA drive bays - Click to Enlarge

An intrepid modder was given a sad, water-damaged MacBook and turned it into his own little Mac Pro Mini with a little know-how and a $40 Mac Pro case ...

Beauty in the details - Opening a Mac Pro

Despite ...

The many faces of the Macintosh: Which is your favorite?


Apple Continues to Work on All-New Mac Pro With Upgradeable Design : apple

Mac Pro G5 BBQ Grill

Power Mac Intel Reloaded Edition (New Pics)

The new Mac Pro has been released, and we've managed to get our hands on the entry-level model, "inexpensively" priced at $2,999.

With multiple checks of my measurements and very minimal clearances (nothing is touching), I think I can get a pair of EK-CoolStream WE 360*180mm radiators ...

... Open view of the MacBook Pro Touch Bar case - Flight Jacket - by MacCase ...

The real mac pro can easily fit inside the trash can portion of the replica. I don't have measurements to compare the two though.


Can you game on a Mac?

Older MacBook webcams can spy on you, but don't tape yours over until

MAC G5 Mod - arg-ist-

[ IMG]

That will change in time, and for the moment there's plenty in the Mac Pro to satisfy out of the box. Some of the touches are just plain visually and ...

... project to our amazing contractors Wayne and Jill who had just finished completely remodeling our kitchen. I provided the gutted Mac Pro cases and they ...

Never before has it been so apparent that a power tower—pretty much the laziest design in the computer industry—is being sold by a design-centric company ...

Rob's Sweet Mac Setup

Dell XPS 13 2018 Model

In the race to be the slimmest, Apple released three of its four laptops with nothing but a headphone jack and USB Type-C ports.

Pros don't all ...

Apple A1047 Power Mac Pro G5 2.0 GHz Desktop Computer Tower - NO HDD !

As you can see, this is the best Hackintosh ever been built, and it's mine. I spent all my love in it. You are all jealous, now, of my beautiful computer.



refresh an old mac primary


How to use Android with your Mac. If you ...


As you can see, this is the best Hackintosh ever been built, and it's mine. I spent all my love in it. You are all jealous, now, of my beautiful computer.

After the Mac Pro languished for years, many high-end users assumed Apple was exiting the professional PC market for good. Then this year, Apple surprised ...

Enlarge ...

HDD and SSD are chilling on the bottom on rubber feet currently. I wouldn't mind moving them up next to the PSU where the cd drive goes.

apple macbook pro 13 vs dell xps 2018 prd

The ...

PowerMac G5 SATA drive bays - Click to Enlarge

New 2014 MacBook Air

I chose an Antex P182 case, which is a little larger than the MacPro/G5 case. The inside of the Apple case is easier to work with, and the backside is ...

Are There Still Any Legitimate Uses For a PowerPC Mac?

and here you can see how I did my fake usb and switch on the front, the wire is for the dvd.

G5 Plate to be relocated in front of CPU Fan, just a preview of its beauty 🙂


Alignment of the ports is pretty decent. The audio is the only one that is not quite aligned and is also set too far back. As for the ports that will not ...

Best Stuff

I cant remember exactly which case anymore but Im sure there. Here is an old picture where you can kinda see what it looks like.

[ IMG]

The 2013 Mac Pro is here – and it's beautiful