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In Texas family violence carries hefty consequences A first offense

In Texas family violence carries hefty consequences A first offense


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Can I Get My Texas Criminal Record Expunged?

Legal Assistance for Texas Domestic Violence Charges. The penalties for domestic ...

Drug Crimes Attorney Fort Worth. These offenses and penalties are only for ...

Legal definition of "felony" crimes in Texas. Felony arrest. Penalties ...

Your Best Defense Strategy Is Hiring a Knowledgeable Tarrant County Shoplifting Lawyer Texas ...

Domestic Violence Lawyer and Gun Possession

Arguably the most vilified of all offenses, sexual assault and related crimes carry heavy penalties in Texas. Each year, nearly 20,000 Texans are accused of ...

A lesser crime like indecent exposure still carries a significant sentence, with an alleged offender typically facing no more than 180 days in jail and ...

A past or future sign symbolizing your ability to change your future with an expunction or

Defenses You Can Use to Fight Texas Shoplifting Charges

Fort Worth Criminal Recrod Expungement Attorney

Domestic Violence in Plymouth

Drug Crimes. Texas Controlled Substance Offenses:

Area Doctor to Lose License after Domestic Violence Conviction

How to Drink Green Beer in Fort Worth Without Getting a DWI

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Houston Sex Trafficking Charges

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Family Violence Attorney in Fort Worth

Drug & Intoxication Laws in Texas

Being branded a 'sex offender' can ruin your life. Following a conviction, you are likely to serve 'hard time' in prison and you are required to register as ...

Detailing the steady growth in registered sex offenders in Texas

Texas Alcohol Laws: Boating While Intoxicated

The Many Ways You Can Be Charged with Child Endangerment in Texas

Arrest Report

Experienced Assault Crimes Defense Attorney in Fort Worth, Arlington, and Tarrant County

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The Differences Between Driving While Intoxicated and Public Intoxication

A Shot in the Night

North Carolina Domestic Violence Attorney

Can a DWI Affect Your CHL?

My goal for first-time offenders is to get the best outcome possible, especially one that could lead to having the arrest EXPUNGED from their record.

resources domestic violence texas

Domestic Violence Defense

North Carolina Probation Violations

What Constitutes the Crime of Elder Abuse in Texas?

Class C Misdemeanors in Texas - Traffic Ticket

... county residents who have been arrested for a prior theft charge in hot water. Some items carry a felony consequence ...

Don't Let Your DWI Criminal Record be a Roadblock to Your New Year

Christmas Package Theft in Texas

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... the punishment for a class C misdemeanor in Texas is a fine of no more than $500, and does not involve any jail time, but may involve countless hours of ...

Texas Drug Trafficking Investigations Can Take a Long Time


Collin County Criminal Defense Attorneys Group Photo

Experienced Criminal Defense Law Firm in Texas

Whether you are facing a simple DUI or a hefty criminal penalty, you need to hire the best criminal defense attorney possible.

That is the reason for the drooping data lines you see in the charts. The EIA data is what they believe the final estimate will be.

Domestic Violence Lawyer – Canton

The Cost of Corruption: Industries Face Hefty Fines but Public Pays

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What is Search and Seizure?


A Path Not Always Taken

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The Cross Timbers Gazette October 2015 by The Cross Timbers Gazette - issuu


Why Your College Student Needs to Hire a Lawyer for their Drug Possession Case


Georgetown, TX Assault and Battery Defense Attorney | Aggravated Assault |

Psychological abuse does not necessarily amount to physical violence

A Probation Violation Charge Doesn't Have to Lead to Jail Time

Texas voter ID law is 'discriminatory' and must change, court rules | US news | The Guardian

Nigerian rapper, William Iroha otherwise known on stage as 2shotz has been off the music scene for quite sometime and back in 2016 after his much publicised ...

From across Texas, advocates came together to #DecideToACT.

... for a class A misdemeanor in Texas is a sentence of confinement in jail for a term of no more than one year and/or a fine of not more than $4,000.

... Texas is a sentence of confinement in jail for a term of not more than 180 days and/or a fine of not more than $2,000. This also includes the theft of ...

Can I Choose Jail Instead of Probation?

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Federal Appeals Lawyer Handling All Firearms Convictions

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Family Violence is often referred as “High Conflict”, “Entrenched Conflict” to mask the severity of the situation.

Serving the University of Texas at Austin community since 1900

Drug Charges. In Texas, offenses involving controlled substances are taken extremely seriously and carry a wide range of penalties ...

The Adkins Recovery Plan Against False Allegations of Domestic Violence

Drug Crimes Attorney Serving Lombard and Elmhurst Areas

In recent news Simeon D. Mokhiber was convicted for weapons charges but it wasn't the weapon that was the problem. It was three magazines that are not NY ...

TST used the above props to demonstrate that the number of Kool-Aid packets (which are the approximate size of a powdered alcohol packet) a teen could fit ...

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