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Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous: A GUIDE TO MAC TRANSITION EYESHADOWS | Malt, Kid, Soft

From left to right: Soft Brown, Era, Omega, Kid, Malt, Wedge, Cork

Left to Right: Wedge, Cork, Soba, Texture, Saddle, Soft Brown

Dazzlelight, Nylon, Ricepaper, Naked Lunch, Jest, Vex Malt, Kid, Wedge, Omega, Era, Soft Brown Cork, Espresso, Brun, Brown Down, Handwritten, Embark

MAC TRANSITION EYESHADOWS - Top: Malt, Kid, Wedge, Soft Brown. Bottom: Era, Omega, Cork | Products - Makeup | Pinterest | Eyeshadows, Macs and Make up

Mac Eyeshadow Swatches: Light Neutrals I've worn all that glitters for years! One of my favorite colors that I pair with the purpleish gold color called ...

Quarry / Trax / Haux Malt / Cranberry / Satin Taupe Sketch / Twinks. Mac Eyeshadow SwatchesEyeshadowsTaupe EyeshadowMakeup ...

5 Must Have MAC Brown Eyeshadows

Eyeshadow MAC «Omega», MAC «Copperplate», MAC «Wedge»,

Wedge 3. Kid | beauty | Pinterest | Macs, Swatch and Makeup

MAC Eyeshadow Soft Brown Review Shade Close up+mac eyeshadow

mac neutral eyeshadows

KID (Veluxe)

Mac ombres à paupière : Phloof Malt Sable et Satin taupe #palettedeweekend

MAC Eyeshadow Swatches - Oranges | Eyeshadows, Mac eyeshadow swatches and Macs

MAC eyeshadows in Charcoal Brown, Coquette, and Concrete | MUA I | Pinterest | Eyeshadows, Macs and Makeup

use my mac cranberry eyeshadow i have lying around for this look

I have all of these except omega and quarry ! Shopping happening in San Diego. ..3 days! | makeup and nails | Pinterest | Happenings, Omega and San diego

DAZZLELIGHT: AVAILABILITY: permanent; FINISH: veluxe pearl; COLOR: a neutral w

Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous: TOP 10 MAC EYESHADOWS FOR BLUE EYES

MAC Quarry eyeshadow swatch

Ground Brown (Deep Rich Brown - Matte) · Mac Cosmetics ...

best eyeshadow trio for brown eyes - Google Search. Mac Soft BrownBrown ...

MAC eyeshadow swatches on dark skin (brule, soft brown, cork, woodwinked,

5 Sombras Marrons Opacas da MAC | Passando Blush

MAC Neutral Eyeshadows


Kid color by MAC is great base eyeshadow for a neutral look, build on top

Costal scents 28 neutral pallet with Mac dupe names

Left to Right: Brun, Espresso, Brown Down, Embark, Handwritten, Swiss Chocolate

Mac Eyeshadow Brule

Mac Kid vs Mac Malt

MAC Wedge

Mac eyeshadow palette with names

MAC · TopSuzyEyeshadowsMacsSkin ...

MAC Eyeshadow Swatches – Browns Antiqued, Wedge, Kid, Honesty

Swatches Mac Light Neutrals By Mupnorth Primed Intensely Pigmented Ie Soft Brown Lighter Blended On

L-R: Vanilla, Charcoal Brown, Patina, Mulch, Cranberry, Satin Taupe, All That Glitters, Sable, Woodwinked, Naked Lunch, Sketch, Mystery, Wedge, Smu…

My MAC Palettes

TIP TUESDAY: Now that it's fall usually warmer shades are the prettiest for the season

MAC Soft Brown eyeshadow.. my everyday secret shade.

Swatches: Mac Neutral Matte Palette | Mac eyeshadow swatches, Swiss chocolate and Swatch

MAC eyeshadow swatches: Haux, Swiss Chocolate, Folie, Corduroy, Brown Down,

Name: Plumage Finish: > snip < deep blue shade with a hint of glitter

Eyeshadow Basics To Make Your Eyes Stand Out

MAC Neutral Eyeshadow Swatches


mac quad: blanc type, naked lunch, smut, haux (clockwise)


MAC eyeshadow quad swatches "Vanilla" - shimmery white "Era" - satin golden


MAC Archie's Girls Collection Photos & Swatches (Preview)

One of my favorite things about MAC , is that you can actually select your favorite eye shadows and group them into one of this "quads" (T.

MAC Femme Fi LE (on lid, below crease) MAC Malt (crease)

MAC Copper Eyeshadows Photos & Swatches

... but I love to use it mixed with Kid or Wedge — to make the perfect neutral transition! Omega also looks amazing when used on eyebrows!

MAC eyeshadows

MAC TRANSITION EYESHADOWS - Top: Malt, Kid, Wedge, Soft Brown. Bottom: Era, Omega, Cork | Products - Makeup | Pinterest | Eyeshadows, Macs and Make up

MAC TRANSITION EYESHADOWS - Top: Malt, Kid, Wedge, Soft Brown. Bottom: Era, Omega, Cork | Products - Makeup | Pinterest | Eyeshadows, Macs and Makeup

MAC Malt Eyeshadow

Nude MAC Eyeshadows: Orb - light peachy beige, Naked Lunch - soft pink w

What's the Best Transition Eyeshadow that you've tried? Share your pick! And

M.A.C. Eyeshadow Quad | MAC Eyeshadow Quad- Nylon, Ricepaper, Wedge, Mulch

Eyeshadow Blending Tip Transition Color

I've been wanting to write about my favorite neutral MAC eye shadows for the past week but either it was super cloudy out and would just be .

MAC swatches neutral eyeshadows in Jest Malt Sable Folie and Quarry

MAC Eyeshadow Quad. Clockwise from top-left: Nylon, Naked Lunch, Quarry

Mac Eyeshadow Brule | Makeup Magic | Pinterest | Eyeshadow, Macs and Makeup

MAC Naked Lunch eyeshadow refill pan


mac neutral eyeshadows | Maddy's Board | Pinterest | Eyeshadows, Neutral and Macs

MAC eyeshadow in (L-R): Ricepaper, Soba, Woodwinked, and Sketch.

MAC Neutral eye shadow swatches - Mythology, Antiqued, Swiss Chocolate

Worn with MAC Sable on top

MAC Eye Shadow x15: Warm Neutral Palette // Review & Swatches

Beauty | Pinterest | Macs, Makeup and Mac eyes

mac neutral eyeshadows

Mac Eyeshadow Brule | Makeup Magic | Pinterest | Eyeshadow, Macs and Makeup

MAC Yogurt Eyeshadow - I'm thinking this might be a match to my essence

My MAC Eyeshadow Palettes & Top 10 Favourites

MAC Eyeshadows- Trax, Girlie, & Vanilla

BEAUTY: My MAC Palette

Wedge: Soft muted beige taupe, Matte | Wedge is pretty much an exact dupe for Kid. It's ever so slightly darker and cooler if you look close enough, ...

My custom Mac eyeshadow palette (Brule / Wedge / Cork / Espresso / Mystery /

With so many MAC eyeshadows available on the market, it can be hard to decide

MAC Eyeshadow Combo and Quad idea (soft brown, saddle, bronze, embark)

Soft Brown, Kid, Malt, Wedge, Omega, Era Vex, Jest, Naked Lunch, Ricepaper, Nylon, Dazzlelight Shroom, Brule, Mylar, Vanilla, Blanc Type, Gesso

Matte - Malt MAC - Malt Matte - Malt

MAC eyeshadows - Blanc Type, Malt, Swiss Chocolate, Folie, Handwritten, Rule

Mac Kid vs Mac Malt are great neutral colors for the lid when trying to acheive

This is one oft favorite looks! Using all MAC colors: Naked Lunch on the lid, Soft Brown and Brown Script in the crease, Swiss Chocolate and Embark in the ...

MAC Contrast Eyeshadow

MAC Omega eyeshadow for light brown eyebrows - my favorite color for a soft brown eyebrow

-Primer: Painterly Paint Pot -Highlight: Blanc Type (MAC) -Crease: Soft Brown and Embark (MAC) -Lid: Teddy Eye a Kohl Pencil smudged all ove.

Eyeshadow MAC «Omega», MAC «Copperplate», MAC «Wedge», MAC «Brun» - BEST EYEBROW SHADOW. | War Paint | Pinterest | Eyebrow, Eyeshadow and Macs

Base: MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot Lid: MAC Sable Crease: MAC Malt Outer