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Multiple small round nodules on CXR Differential includes

Multiple small round nodules on CXR Differential includes


Multiple small round nodules on CXR. Differential includes metastases, granulomata, hamartomata, and

Normal posteroanterior (PA) chest radiograph (X-ray).jpg

Chest radiograph, posterior to anterior view, showing multiple bilateral nodules (arrows) and

A: PA chest radiograph shows a small, well-circumscribed, round opacity at the right lung base (arrows). B: Lateral view shows that the opacity is within ...

This patient clearly has a solitary lung nodule present on chest x-ray. Can you tell which lobe it's in? Did you spot the other nodule?


Solitary pulmonary nodule

Chest radiograph of a 58-year-old man with maligna

Chest radiograph in a patient with breast cancer s

Solitary pulmonary nodule. Cavitating nodule secon

Wegener's granulomatosis

Chest radiograph in a 67-year-old man with a histo

Figure 1: X-ray chest s/o multiple nodular opacities in bilateral middle and lower zones

A: PA chest radiograph shows a round, calcified opacity in the left middle lung (arrows). B: PA chest radiograph obtained 5.5 years later shows enlargement ...

reticulonodular pattern

First study the chest x-ray.

Chest radiograph shows a right upper lobe mass. There is adjacent hyperlucency as compared to the left upper lobe. References: - Houston/US

Chest radiograph in a patient with prostate cancer

Calcified pulmonary densities (differential) | Radiology Reference Article | Radiopaedia.org

A: PA chest radiograph of a 37-year-old man with renal failure and hyperparathyroidism shows multiple dense pulmonary nodules of varying size.

Here are the most common examples of these four patterns on a chest x-ray (click image to enlarge).

Image not available.

A: PA chest radiograph of a 45-year-old cigarette smoker with a cough for 3 months shows an approximately 3-cm nodule in the left upper lobe (arrows), ...

Right lower lobe nodule demonstrating central calc

Distribution Focal/ Widespread; 10.

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Chest Radiology > Pathology > Solitary Pulmonary Nodule

... 82. lung ...

Multiple small peribronchial nodules ...

Slide 18.

CT scan of the chest (lung window) showing multiple, small, round,

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7.6 • Small-cell carcinoma. A: CT scan shows an irregular, calcified, round nodule in the right lower lobe. The pattern of calcification is not definitely ...

Diseases That Cause Nodules to Form on Lungs

3.6 • Hematogenous metastases and nodular ILD. This 45-year-old woman presented with metastatic gastric carcinoma. The PA chest radiograph shows a diffuse ...

... Nodular Interstitial Pattern NODULAR PATTERN

In lesions that do not respond to antibiotics, probably the most important non-invasive diagnostic tool is nowadays the PET-CT.

... 57.

CT scan shows numerous ground-glass nodules in a centrilobular distribution (arrows).

Kerley Lines

Case 2: alveolar microlithiasisCase 2: alveolar microlithiasis

A: Chest radiograph shows a subtle nodule (arrow) in the left lower lobe. B: CT scan (5-mm slice thickness) shows that the nodule has smooth margins (arrow) ...

chest radiograph multiple small nodules

HRCT in acute exposure [Figure - 23] may show centrilobular or patchy areas of ground-glass opacity, presumably due to pulmonary edema.


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The HRCT demonstrates densities in both upper lobes. These are called conglomerate masses, which are the result of conglomerates of nodules.

Other manifestations of pulmonary drug toxicity include eosinophilic pneumonia, constrictive bronchiolitis, pulmonary hemorrhage, edema, hypertension, ...

A ______ mm pulmonary nodule in right upper lung with a calcification pattern indicating that this

diffuse calcification in pulmonary nodules


Multiple pulmonary nodules throughout the lungs

Labeled Image ...

A: Chest radiograph shows a subtle nodular opacity adjacent to the left heart border (arrow). B: CT scan shows a slightly lobulated nodule with smooth ...

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Plain radiograph of child with multiple nodules from synovial carcinoma

Normal lateral chest radiograph.

Cannon ball opacities in chest from primary lung cancer: A rare presentation Sachdeva R, Sachdeva S, Gupta PP - Clin Cancer Investig J

Solitary pulmonary nodules | Radiology Reference Article | Radiopaedia.org

Interstitial disease; 20.

Nodular pattern A nodular pattern consists of multiple round opacities, generally ranging in

Posteroanterior chest radiograph in a patient with


Solitary Pulmonary Nodule

4-Pattern approach .

Management Algorithm for Solid Pulmonary Nodules

Figure 30-32 Differential diagnosis of multiple pulmonary nodules: (A) axial and (B) coronal MIP (maximum intensity projection) images demonstrate very ...

Case 3: presumed to be granulomataCase 3: presumed to be granulomata

Figure 7-1 Nodular pattern of miliary tuberculosis. Multiple, small (1 to 3 mm) nodules are distributed diffusely throughout the lungs.

Multiple small round nodules on CXR. Differential includes metastases, granulomata, hamartomata, and pulmonary arteriovenous malformations. pAVMs m…

Snowstorm Appearance-innumerable small pulmonary nodules frequently associated with metastatic carcinoma from thyroid

Cystic bronchiectasis may also be a differential diagnosis. However, wall thickness as well as clinical findings are important criteria to differentiate ...

... Neoplasms; 50.

Spiculated Pulmonary Nodule

Chest CT of child with multiple cocci nodules.

Management algorithm for subcentimeter nodules

Axial CT scan of the chest with contrast reveals a mass with spiculated borders in the

nodular interstitial pattern

Figure 18. Rheumatic nodule.

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Figure 10

Nodular pattern A nodular pattern consists of multiple round opacities, generally ranging in

Contrast-enhanced computed tomography of the chest revealed multiple round pulmonary nodules, measuring ~10×12 mm with clear boundaries, ...

pulmonary nodules

Figure 110-1 Benign pulmonary nodules and their radiographic patterns: A. Hamartoma with fat density within the nodule. B. Pseudotumor due to fluid in a ...


Example of the silhouette sign on chest X-ray. (Quick note to avoid confusion: X-rays are viewed so that the left side of the image is the right side of the ...


... What is the differential for multiple cavities?

Sarcoidosis | Radiology Case | Radiopaedia.org | pulmonary nodule | Pinterest | Radiology and Lungs

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