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No rain no traffic no worries Biker Quotes t Rain Bikers

No rain no traffic no worries Biker Quotes t Rain Bikers


No rain, no traffic, no worries! No WorriesBike ...


No rain, no traffic, no worries! | Biker Quotes | Pinterest | Rain, Bikers and Harley davidson

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No rain, no traffic, no worries!

motorcycle quotes we love: life is too short for traffic! open road, blue

8 Signs You're a Biker N00B

No Problem! A Short Guide to Biking in the Rain

"A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving". Motorcycle QuotesBike ...

Regular Service of your Bike

10 Common Motorcycle Accidents and How To Avoid Them

Shocking that the Range Rover driver couldn't predict the motorcyclists next move, right?

Do not be held up by the rain in Barcelona, continue pedaling thanks to our tips

Why don't people obey the rules when they ride a bike? – Greater Greater Washington

Protestors make show of force against ODOT's 'unnecessary' removal of 26th Avenue bike lanes - BikePortland.org

When it comes to lazy Sunday bike rides, the footpath can be awfully tempting: there's less vehicular danger to worry about, fewer traffic fumes to choke on ...

My kids have yet to bike on Williams. (Photo: Madi Carlson)

'Either the bike goes or I go she said. Well, there was no contest. She went' – Steve McQueen | MCN

But when you're in the bike lane you can see the green light no problem.

Cyclist stopping at a red light

motorcycles are roundabout

Not Quite Copenhagen. Is New York too New York for bike lanes?


traffic jam on a bike

The ...

Harley's 110th. Photo by Michael Horne.

Bikers skid after losing balance on the oil spilt Telugu Talli flyover on Friday. —

Mountain bike touring in Ladakh, India

So, you want to be a bike instructor?

Photo of Meet the First Indian Female Biker to Ride Solo From Kanyakumari to Kashmir 2

Bike trailers love snow too

Neither snow, nor rain, nor lane of bikes.... (what's

Work begins on new Oregon Coast Bike Route plan, map update


You don't have to rent a bike! You can drive your own bike to Laos ...

Major roads and highways

For new bike boulevard, it's not smooth sailing. New Ross Road fixtures are confusing bicyclists and drivers, creating danger, residents say

Q. What does it feel like to ride a motorcycle?

That's me, over-dressed, riding my electric-assist bicycle in a photo captured by Google Street View. Rain might have been in the forecast.


I'm guessing that those in Europe reading this will probably not really have considered the marque as a purchase, and are even less likely to have taken one ...

Agreeing to have it with him before 11.00 the following morning, I ended the day by taking multiple photos of a bike I had come to like immensely.

Rainy day bike haiku

Not from Calgary, Cycle Works has 4 other locations all over Alberta

Here's why more Portlanders don't bike with their kids

Photo of a young girl (aged about three?) riding her bike without any

The other daredevil takes his turn at stunt, pictured, riding the bike on top

Three photos of people using bike paths: one of a disabled man using a hand

Ending the season with a wheel in the air. Photo credit: Relly Photo via Peter Olivier

baby on bike Groningen Netherlands

2 Wheel Tarmac Terrorists's photo.

Bike commuting remains common at PSU, but it's dropping, and no one is sure why. (Photos: M.Andersen/BikePortland)

Bicycle traffic jam Wageningen

Despite the farce of the non filming, the ride was going well. The bike allowing us to “bimble” along enjoying a type of riding we haven't experienced ...

They suggested prohibiting right turns on red, adjusting signal timing so that drivers don't ...

Obviously there are lots of unique things about Moody that make it relatively easy to have such high-quality bike facilities there. There are no driveways, ...

Toronto traffic jam

The perfect dream – Pune To Goa on RE 350-p8090006.jpg

person riding bike on city street

Driving a car doesn't require much pre-trip planning. But every trip on a motorcycle requires that you spend time thinking about your gear beforehand.

cycling rain photo

The City Hall of Barcelona can already boast that in the last two years they have extended the cyclist infrastructure of the city, also improving the ...

The Monday Roundup: Our helmet fixation, safer trucks, busy biking bridges, and more

Traffic jammed near the Walker Art Museum as construction crew worked on the interstate leading into

'I'm a cyclist too,' explained one fed-up man cowering in a tavern. 'Five days this week I've been soaked to the skin,. Today I've walked.

For new bike boulevard, it's not smooth sailing

Ride a bike instead of driving, for example.

The video contains a shocking moment where the boy, pictured, loses his balance and

By Wes Siler - March 04, 2011


The general attitude is "Yeah, it's not great, but it's better than nothing". But no, it isn't. Facilities like this dangerously narrow two-way bike lane:

... book your train tickets, and more importantly your bike space well in advance. There were a couple of cyclists that were not allowed on the train as ...

It is, absolutely, without question, unequivocally, about the bike. Anyone who says otherwise is obviously a ...

These are precisely the same kinds of people you would encounter on similar leisure rides in the Netherlands; Dutch riders might not be on mountain bikes, ...

It undeniably happens a lot; you're stuck in the car not moving, and a bike weaves its way around you. A trial kicking off in Sydney's CBD tomorrow will ...

It's been a few years since startup Hammerhead announced their H1 navigational bike accessory. It was sorta like a fish finder for navigation while on a ...

Arrest: Christopher Cruz is pictured (in white) before he was rear-ended

PSU slips backward as other biking indicators rise

The seat height is a low 660mm which makes putting both feet down a doddle. Handling was the biggest surprise of the trip. Despite the bike weighing a not ...

How to diagnose a problem by the noises your bike makes

'I'm a cyclist too,' explained one fed-up man cowering in a tavern. 'Five days this week I've been soaked to the skin,. Today I've walked.

Seattle becomes first US city to try dockless bike sharing, the system that's transforming China

Cyclists have expressed concerns about a new Facebook page called Brisbane and Cyclists.

And of course, unable to control the avatar state means you may risk your limb, or even worse your life.

Hawthorne Bridge traffic observations-5.jpg

Harley-Davidson's reputation as an 'old, white-guy brand' may be its downfall | Business | The Guardian

The world's worst traffic: can Jakarta find an alternative to the car? | Cities | The Guardian