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NonCompete Cases t

NonCompete Cases t


Indiana Case Shows Non-Compete Agreements Aren't Always Straightforward

Noncompete case stats 2-6-09

Every judge, lawyer, and litigant is probably familiar with the maxim that most civil cases settle. That's undoubtedly true. But some classes of suits are ...

A Florida franchisee executed a franchise agreement (FA) containing a non-compete provision and a Pennsylvania forum selection clause.

Employment contract

Enforcable non-compete clauses in employment contracts


Once a stalwart of adequate consideration in exchange for a restrictive covenant, new employment, remains in flux after the Fifield v. Premier case was not ...

Dealing with Non-Compete Clauses and Agreements | FGS Recruitment

Another example of joint agreement of non-disclosure/non-compete

Non-Compete Clauses in Florida & Worker Protection

Once again ...

Personal Services

Litigation Over Noncompete Clauses Is Rising

Connecticut Court Rejects Unclean Hands Defense In Non-Compete Case (Drummond American v. Share Corp.)

Noncompete and Trade Secret Cases Survey Graph 20130106

contract signature agreement fine print business

Noncompetes aren't really enforceable, are they? Yes, they are.

(Evan Starr, JJ Prescott, and Norman Bishara)

Damages for Non-Compete Clauses

Non-compete clauses and lengthy contracts could make life difficult for some laid off by ESPN

Non-compete v. Non-disclosure

Litigation Over Noncompete Clauses Is Rising

Non-Compete Agreement Lawyer New York City | Law Offices of Jonathan M. Cooper

Illinois Non-compete Agreements Explained | When is a Non-Compete Agreement Enforceable in Illinois?

Printable Non-Compete Agreement Template 04

I recently read an article in which some talented lawyers did a nice job summarizing a few recent conflicting cases in Massachusetts. In Interpros, Inc. v.


Mass Case Photo20131106_154847

Deng Youping Partner Jingtian & Gongcheng

Business Competition Over Customer, two people fighting over customer

Restrictive covenant & Non-compete clauses - Monaco Solicitors

by Vinay Jain Non-compete Agreements: An Overview

Prepared By: ...

Non-Compete Agreements Are The New Black, Part 1

Non Compete Severance Dean Constantine Papas

Non-Compete Clauses in Employment Contracts

Restrictive Covenants

signing not compete agreement in florida

Non-Compete Clauses An International Guide - Ius Laboris

The Minnesota Supreme Court Weighs in on Non-Compete Clauses | Attorney at Law Magazine Minnesota - Attorney at Law Magazine Minnesota


Do Non-Compete Clauses Unfairly Handcuff Employees?


The Contract Act frowns upon them and the Takeover Code disallows non-compete premiums to selling shareholders. Yet non-compete clauses are standard to most ...

Our case ...

Hands Tied

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Mark Athans, a surgical assistant, has found noncompete agreements aren't just restricted

Non-compete clauses in Employment Agreements: Are they enforceable in India?


For years you've admired your top competitor's ability to create new products that have, much to your frustration, consistently outsold yours.

Are Non-Compete Clauses Enforceable?

Are Non Compete Clauses Enforceable In The UK?

Certainly business is competitive, but that doesn't mean your competition should be allowed to cheat in order to win. Our noncompete attorneys routinely ...

Parker family

Nordstrom's Trunk Club ordered to drop ex-worker's noncompete agreement - Chicago Tribune

freelance contracts

... and all employees have a duty not to unfairly compete or use an employer's trade secrets. Not sure what you can and can't do? Contact Us.

Entrepreneurs with one-track minds like Steven Smith don't want to hop between industries--they want to stay where their passions lie.

Readers of this blog know that I am an advocate of using liquidated damages clauses in non-compete agreements. Though not for every situation, they can help ...

Study: This is how much non-compete clauses hurts employees | Ladders | Business News & Career Advice

John Gordon to lead division at law firm

Non-Compete Clause in Proposed Washington Legislation Sparks Techie Twitter War

Printable Non-Compete Agreement Template 22

Printable Non-Compete Agreement Template 17

Noncompete Litigation Strategy

In March 2015, a young chef from Philadelphia named Adam Leonti signed an employment agreement to become executive chef of the Williamsburg Hotel and run ...

Lining up the Massachusetts Senate and House Noncompete | UTSA Bills

How Necessary Is That Non-Compete Clause?

Head First Into the Abbiss: Temporary Injunction Rulings in Recent Texas Non-Compete Cases โ€“ Five Minute Law

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We Focus on Non-Compete & NDA Law in San Antonio, TX

Any ...

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non compete clauses in dissolution of business

Law360 enforced a noncompete agreement against a journalist. That's outrageous.

A noncompete clause he signed prevented the stylist Daniel McKinnon from working near his previous employer for a year. Credit Katherine Taylor for The New ...

A non-compete agreement is probably the most controversial part of any contract. It's very difficult to set a general rule and courts won't enforce the ...

Photo Dictionary and glasses

Over the last 10 years or so, the use of non-compete agreements has exploded in Texas. It used to be that such agreements ...


Texas Companies Should Update Non-Compete Agreements with California Employees in Light of a New Statute โ€“ North Texas Legal News