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Poaching at alltime high but tiger numbers still rose 2016 In

Poaching at alltime high but tiger numbers still rose 2016 In


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Indian tiger (Photo courtesy: The Hindu)

Close up of a Sumatran tiger's face peering from behind a ...

A Royal Bengal Tiger at Kaziranga National Park in India in 2014. Credit Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

The danger to the tiger population is largely due to poaching. Some cultures prize various parts of tigers for their supposed medicinal value, and others ...

Number of tigers in the wild rises for first time in more than 100 years | Environment | The Guardian

Uttarakhand forest minister blames UP poachers for tiger deaths in Corbett

Causes for decline in tiger numbers

Tiger trauma for India: Despite stringent laws, number of poaching deaths hit all-time high The year 2012 will end on a cruel note for tigers.

Tell Indonesian leaders to stop poachers and clearance of tigers' habitat

Between 20 and 50 tigers were believed to exist in Cambodia's forests but the last tiger

Nepal Achieves Huge Milestone: Zero Poaching for a Whole Year

Indian tiger facts

Tiger in Assam and striped tiger and India and tiger reserve.


Siberian tiger at Leipzig zoo. Photo by Appaloosa, Wikimedia Commons, License: CC

A tiger skin that was recovered after discovering a poaching operation

Poaching totals in South Africa 2007-2015Johannesburg ...

76 Tigers Have Been Killed By Poachers In 2016, The Highest Toll In Past 6 Years

The South China tiger (Panthera tigris amoyensis) is functionally extinct as there are no specimens in the wild and only a few remain in captivity.

SPYING ON TIGERS: The author sets up a camera trap in a forest in India to automatically photograph the creatures that pass by (1).

Stuffed Sumatran tigers, ivory and other wildlife trophies seized during raids are set on fire

Several iconic creatures, pictured, are under threat from humankind with the world's wildlife population

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Endangered Animals


Problem | Save Tigers Now : A century ago there were 100,000 tigers roaming the forests

A vet attends to a tranquilized rhino, which will be microchipped during an operation on

Thanks to cooperation with the Wild For Life and WWF, players also learn about tigers and the conservation challenges facing them in short, fun fact cards ...


Malayan tiger facts

New data shows that 98 tigers died in India in 2016, a steep 25 per

Tiger skins seized by the forest officials from Haridwar and Valmiki


The wild tiger population has dropped 97% over the last hundred years and now estimates

Losing Our Stripes: World Tiger Status | Visual.ly

In cages around the world - John Varty about tigers in captivity

Alarming rhino poaching rates reported in Southern Africa

Globally, the tiger population has grown as well. In

Value: Each dead tiger can produce wine with a retail value of hundreds of thousands

Nearly extinct tigers found breeding in Thai jungle

Tiger | ©Damian Moore/ Flickr

The Trouble with Tiger Numbers

Ghost Tigers: Climate Change and the Escalation of Extinction

The main market for tiger products are consumers in China and Vietnam, followed by smaller

Sumatran tiger facts

Rhino poaching

An infographic showing the number of wild tigers living in 13 different countries across Asia.

In Sumatra, the main struggles the native tigers face are habitat loss and fragmentation due to palm oil production, and poaching by hunters who value them ...

A Bengal tiger Panthera tigris tigris in the wild in Ranthambhore National Park, Rajasthan,

... the killing can too" --> Stop poaching, killing Tigers. Stop trading Tiger products.Tigers make the Earth a complete beautiful Planet. Save Tigers is to ...

15 Ranthambore tigers vanish: Authorities believe poaching the reason

Tiger hunting, poaching and trading are prohibited. All violation acts are surely put in

Soumen Dey/ WWF-India

The world's count of wild tigers roaming forests from Russia to Vietnam has gone up for

Help us save these beautiful iconic creatures photo by Russell MacLaughlin

Increased tiger population resulting in more competition for prey? Kaziranga


Tigers are thriving in and around India's Nagarhole National Park, with a regional population of 250. “If we do everything right, we can have 500,” says ...

"Is the declining rhino poaching statistics for 2016 a real reversal in the fortunes of South Africa's rhino population?

Save Tigers Project Tiger Student Proves Opinion Correct by Posting Picture of Self on Facebook

Tigers are the world's largest cats, and the subspecies in India (here: in Kanha National Park) is one of the largest of them all; males can weigh more than ...


Poaching and Hunting


File photo used for representational purpose

No one even knows how many of the big cats are in the United States

At risk: The six men shot dead by Bangladeshi police had allegedly killed endangered Bengal

Syndicates operating from China, Nepal & Myanmar are responsible for 31 big cat death in

... julie larsen maher © WCS _0181 Tiger

Amur tiger facts


Map showing state wise tiger numbers


Stamp Victims

Rhino poaching figures in South Africa

Most populations of the indochinese tiger are small, isolated and not viable. Photo by

Tiger looking for wild boar

Population of critically endangered Sumatran tiger in decline

Web detectives fight illegal poachers

An estimated 400 Sumatran tigers are believed to survive in the wild. Photo by Monka

The tiger, photographed while alive.

An elephant "kisses" a visitor during a show at an elephant training school in

Estimates show that around 20 tigers have been poached from Uttarakhand's Corbett National Park in the

By Peter Trachtenberg, Illustrations by Danica Novgorodoff

In Sumatra, the main struggles the native tigers face are habitat loss and fragmentation due to palm oil production, and poaching by hunters who value them ...

Malayan tiger at the Cincinnati Zoo. Photo by Greg Hume, Wikimedia Commons, License

These men were apprehended in January 2011 while trying to sell a tiger skin near Chandrapur, India. Photo (c) Steve Winter/National Geographic

Tiger deaths have steadily gone up in India in recent years. In 2015 officials reported 80 tiger deaths, and 78 in the previous year.

Wayanad loses its tag of safest haven for tigers

A Sumatran tiger photographed in the wild by a remote camera near Aceh, Sumatra. The number of tigers on tiger farms in China has grown as wild populations ...

A young male tiger in India's Kaziranga National Park. Fewer than 4,000 tigers remain in the wild, while poaching is at the highest level in 15 years in ...

White tiger cubs maul keeper to death in India

T-17, a.k.a. Sundari, a female tiger from Ranthambore, Rajasthan. Credit