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Remember when everyone thought that Kaneki was holding himself

Remember when everyone thought that Kaneki was holding himself


Remember when everyone thought that Kaneki was holding himself in the official…

Kaneki and Hide : I swear the feels why why why why did u have to

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Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki, sad and waiting for the season :( !

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I found this and i Kind of love this and i want more but i'

Tokyo-ghoul-anime-white-hair-kaneki by coffeelurvr

Tokyo ghoul Anime quotes Animequotes Tokyo ghoul kaneki touka sad quotes

Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki Ken | Tokyo Ghoul | Pinterest | Tokyo ghoul, Tokyo and Anime

Wait if Kaneki fucks himself is it gay or is it masturbation #askingtheimportantquestions #tg

This "RIGHT" will last forever - Kaneki , Haise - Tokyo Ghoul manga

Then it goes to Hide who says he has a plan, I just think the way that he highlighted it that Hide, Tsukiyama, and Touka are the only people who can bring ...

Kaneki will also discover his reason for living. Now, he lives solely for the sake of other people, but is that really enough? It's an unstable motivation ...

Tokyo Ghoul (my life)

Is that while Kaneki is beating himself up over not being able to save anyone, and hurting over hurting others thus ruining the chances of humans and ghouls ...

Remember when Kaneki tried to commit suicide?


Can someone just love kaneki And be by his side throughout it all so he knows


Canon evidence and yet people still think Kaneki won't be happy with Touka by his side. This is the most healthy relationship Kaneki/Haise can possibly have ...

"I just need to rest, that's all, to rest and sleep some,

Remember when everyone thought that Kaneki was holding himself in the official… | Tokyo Ghoul | Pinterest | Tokyo ghoul, Otaku anime and Tokyo

Kaneki Ken & Hideyoshi Nagakchi || Tokyo Ghoul

CCG Black Reaper Ken Kaneki (Haise Sasaki) - Kodyak Combs (KCAMVZ)

Kaneki Changed so much he has ghost. Where old kaneki went or y he left.

... was ...

Tokyo Ghoul - Tsukiyama Shuu. I feel this is how he views himself, more

Tokyo Ghoul - Hideyoshi Nagachika x Ken Kaneki - HideKane

TGKaneki by Kikiroo

Animequotes Anime quotes Tokyo ghoul kaneki Sad quotes Kaneki ken

Hide responded to Kaneki by questioning if he is a rabbit ( it is a reference to a earlier line where that rabbit dies from loneliness ) Hide tells Kaneki ...

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I just realised now that the words that Kaneki said to Urie when Shirazu died was the same words that Rize said to him while he was being tortured.i donno ...

We then have Shirazu running around while Noro tentacles just rampage around, noting how everyone has basically fallen, thinking of how her sister will be ...

[DISC] Tokyo Ghoul Re: ch 67 : manga

Humans and ghouls are working together to save him

It breaks my heart, how much insecurity he has on the positive impact he has had instead of focusing that even though he has made a lot of mistakes he is ...

So yeah, just thought it was nice to see that. And oh, the editor also added a little statement about the "shells being broken" and all in the same page.

I think about dying my hair completely black

“You think that after all I've been through something like that would hurt

Kaneki.Ken.full.1745631 by Lone-Wolf-36

Kaneki blames himself for everything as it's his decisions that have caused all of his pain without any outside factors interfering.

Furuta's a smart, influential, psychotic pinhead, yet he only has his own selfish interests in mind ultimately, unless he was lying to Kaneki about ...

Though Kaneki believed himself to have been part of the Human World, his past was characterised by the Ghoul World in his mother's abuse long before the ...

kaneki x male!ghoul!reader by rizes on DeviantArt

[It's also worth noting that I read from people who can read the scans in Japanese that Kaneki speaks “ ...

If :re is a parallel of the first Tokyo Ghoul series, then it will end on a similar note, with the death of the tragic hero (this also coinciding with the ...

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Which is juxtaposed in such a way that highlights how they really care for Kaneki, as people who are friends with Kaneki or close like Nishiki, ...

Despite everything and all I just said p, I'm pretty confident Kaneki will live. Touka as well. There's still to many players in the game for the final ...

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As Kaneki falls down and takes the damage, he then second thinks himself that he ...

Which is juxtaposed in such a way that highlights how they really care for Kaneki, as people who are friends with Kaneki or close like Nishiki, ...

Because Kaneki obviously have such different opinions on the matter

Kaneki and Sasaki

Ken Kaneki et Hideyoshi Nagachika - Tokyo Ghoul

[DISC] Tokyo Ghoul Re: ch 67 : manga

It Is Okay If You Lose.

hide and kaneki - Pesquisa Google

Kaneki. I finished the first season and it's just SOOOOOOO sad .

Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki, Otaku, Smile

His hair turns white once more to represent the new peace he has found with his Ghoul self, and to call back to the self-confidence and determination to ...

Sasaki and Kaneki, Sasaki was afraid of Kaneki. But when he turn around, he saw that Kaneki wasn't a monster

Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul - Pixiv Id 2442031 Those eyes.

She ignores him and then leaves him for good by working herself to death. And she does all of this with the excuse of love.

my kaneki <3 ...

Haise Sasaki by TashaHemlock

... first during Arima vs Kaneki at V14, another time was in Hairu's flashback right before her death. The very same flowers have also been illustrated with ...

Kaneki Ken x Reader by demoticdreams on DeviantArt

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... of Kaneki holding ...

Kaneki, you should've listened to Nishiki and stop ignoring your condition. You said you want to live…. There is no other way but to cannibalize, Kaneki .

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Kaneki had always believed that the Ghoulish side within him was something that came about with the implantation of Ghoul organs into his body; ...

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Kaneki and Hide

Black Reaper Kaneki Ken ||| Tokyo Ghoul: Re Fan Art by sociopathinblack on

Yet, even though Kaneki shut him out of his life he still cared enough to keep tabes and work behind the scenes to keep him save.

Image by Shadeclaw123

I believe I can fly Ahhh :P - Kaneki-kun

That is what he believed at least, because years later Kaneki returns in form of Haise Sasaki, but without his memories.

Kaneki Ken || Tokyo Ghoul || Anime Quote

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Here starts the part in which the writer of the poem refers to himself. In this case Kaneki.

theunrequitedlover: “Proof deep enough not to fade, even if we die. ”