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STS1 Payload Space Shuttle Columbia made its Maiden Flight on

STS1 Payload Space Shuttle Columbia made its Maiden Flight on


This week in 1981, space shuttle Columbia and STS-1 lifted off from NASA's

Remembering Columbia: How The Space Shuttle Shaped The Future Of Space Travel | Tech Times

Columbia: First Shuttle in Space

On the craft's maiden voyage, the crew of space shuttle Columbia took this image that showcases the blackness of space and a blue and white Earth, ...

STS120LaunchHiRes-edit1.jpg. Discovery lifts off at the ...

The Space Shuttle rises from Launch Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center Florida, a few seconds after 7 a.m., April 12, 1981. This first flight was flown by ...


Space Shuttle Columbia made its Maiden Flight on April 12, 1981 as STS-1

Shuttle Columbia landing on dry lake bed. Space Shuttle Columbia's first ...

Space Shuttle Atlantis

First Shuttle Launch. First Shuttle Launch. A new era in space flight ...

Launch view of the Columbia for the STS-1 mission, April 12, 1981. Credit: NASA

The space shuttle Columbia on Rogers Dry lakebed at Edwards Air Force Base in California after landing to complete the first orbital mission, STS-1, ...

First Space Shuttle Launch - STS-1 (1981)

Detailed drawing of STS-1 Columbia

Columbia descends for its first landing, on Rogers Dry Lake.

Space Shuttle Columbia

The first Space Shuttle launch: Columbia lifts off at the start of STS-1 on 12 April 1981.

After its Thermal Protection System (TPS) successfully bore the brunt of the fiery return

Space Shuttle First Flight STS-1 Columbia pt2-2 Post Flight Press Conference Film 1981 NASA

The Dawn Of A New Age- Space Shuttle Columbia STS-1 (1981) "A Remarkable Flying Machine"

Columbia landing at the Kennedy Space Center following STS-62.

Columbia approaches touchdown at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., 34 years ago today

Columbia touches down at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., on 4 July 1982

Columbia landing at Edwards Air Force Base following STS-28.

NASA Photograph

STS-1: The First Space Shuttle Mission, April 12-14, 1981

STS-1: Columbia! The Inaugural Launch of the Space Shuttle Program

space shuttle Endeavour

Let's Play Space Shuttle Mission Simulator 2007 - Part 3: STS-1 Orbit - YouTube

The Space Shuttle Columbia begins a new era of space transportation when it lifts off from

Shuttle Atlantis flying through Earth's atmosphere on way to landing

STS-51J Atlantis Maiden Flight. Launched on Oct 3, 1985. Payload: DSCS-3 (2)/IUS

Space Shuttle Challenger. Connected to:

Reflected acoustic energy from the Solid Rocket Boosters damaged the orbiter's thermal protection system. This image from the mission reveals some of the ...

Let's Play Space Shuttle Mission Simulator 2007 - Part 5: STS-1 Landing - YouTube

Space Shuttle First Flights: STS-1, STS-2, STS-3, STS-4: "Opening New Frontiers" 1982 NASA

An artist's concept view of Space Shuttle Columbia's Payload Bay with the Development Flight Instrumentation pallet.

Space Shuttle Columbia

STS-1 on the launch pad, December 1980

Lot 752: Space Shuttle Crew Patches and Flags, STS-1 and STS-93

The STS-1 making a safe landing at Edwards Air Force Base.

124 best Space Shuttle images on Pinterest | Space shuttle, Space exploration and Spaces

Launch of Endeavour - Image Courtesy of NASA. The space ...

hi res version (756 KB)

Columbia on Pad 39A before launch

hi res version (766 KB)

When the Space Shuttle Columbia lifted off for the fifth time on November 11, 1982, it joined the stable of NASA workhorses as a fully operational ...

STS-002 shuttle.jpg. Columbia on the launchpad

Overhead view of dry lakebed with shuttle Columbia after landing and service vehicles

Twenty-nine years ago this month, the Space Shuttle Columbia completed the second mission of the Space Shuttle Program.

Space Shuttle 1st Flight STS-1 Columbia Post Flight Press Conference 1981 NASA; Young, Crippen

... "The space shuttle orbiter Columbia is showered with lights in this nocturnal scene at Launch Pad 39A, as preparations are underway for the first flight ...

... the first manned space flight by Yuri Gagarin. STS-1/Columbia ...

STS-4 was the first mission to use the standard countdown sequence planned for operational missions, and its goal of proving operational readiness went off ...

... first Space Shuttle mission following the loss of Columbia. On ...

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The shuttle fuel tank is the single largest part of the space shuttle. It is also the only part of the space shuttle that cannot be refurbished and reused ...

Launch view of the Columbia for the STS-1 mission, April 12, 1981. Credit: NASA

Columbia in the Orbiter Processing Facility after delivery to Kennedy Space Center in 1979. About 8 thousand of 30,000 tiles still had to be installed.

Space Shuttle First Flight (STS-1): "A Remarkable Flying Machine" 1981 NASA

Space Shuttle Atlantis NASA Die-Cast Hobby Master HL1401 1:200

Enterprise · Enterprise free flight.jpg

A close-up view of the Space Shuttle Columbia as it orbits Earth in National

Challenger in Orbit 1983. Space shuttle ...

Let's Play Space Shuttle Mission Simulator 2007 - Part 2: STS-1 Launch - YouTube

Space Shuttle Discovery

Hobby Master 1/200 scale airliners HL1401 - Space Shuttle Orbiter "Atlantis"

STS-9 Columbia-Spacelab 1 Highlights1983 NASA; Post Flight Press Conference Film; John Young

Endeavour undergoes processing at OPF-2. <

Shuttle launch profiles. From left to right: Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis

Space Shuttle Atlantis [NASA]

(STS-2 Columbia lands in Edwards AFB, 1981)


Space Shuttle First Flight STS-1 Columbia pt1-2 Post Flight Press Conference Film 1981 NASA


Remembering John Young - STS-1 : First Shuttle Flight: A Remarkable Flying Machine 1981

Four drawings show the shuttle design changing from 1972-1974. Steering engines enlarge,

The tile decals seen on the sides of this OV-102 model are readilly available in 1/144 scale and 1/72 scale, and now available for the 1/100 scale Tamiya ...

747-SCA takes off with Columbia on March 20, 1979


Drawing of early shuttle concepts including: capsule, lifting body, winged first-stage

Space shuttle Columbia on STS-1.

The 1991 Plan to Turn Space Shuttle Columbia Into a Low-Cost Space Station


Space Shuttle Endeavour docked at the ISS - Image courtesy of NASA


The Indian Space Research Organisation's first Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III rocket, the country's most powerful booster yet, launches on ...