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STUDY SCHOOL Tumblr pen and paper t School

STUDY SCHOOL Tumblr pen and paper t School


word-limits 2 am study sessions that become 1 am study sessions >>>>

2021ready: The criminalistics notes I had to take on alcohol were pretty much common sense · School ...

Favorite school supplies! Featuring; • Typo 5 subject notebooks X 3 • Typo pencil

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coffee shop study | Tumblr

Tried using graph paper for the first time… I think I like it. Taking notes for organic chemistry because I know I'm going to die once we get to that ...

mestudyblr: Annoyingly, this didn't upload earlier but here I was finishing my economics essay at the library where a handsome man picked up my pen that had ...

study-and-notes: “ 24/09/16 – Haven't

Back To School: Supplies, Outfits and More

I don't know if you have noticed this, but the internet, lately (or, at the very least, Pinterest and Tumblr) have been a little obsessed with studying.

Start the school year off right. Get organized and motivated for everything you're about to achieve.

this week's spread!! sorry for lack of posting, I have just been getting into the swing of things at school + (trying) to get my motivation back!!



Student and study habits blogger 'The Organized Student' produced this helpful and concise guide

Welcome to this blog! This is a general school blog, and we often post advice, tips, life hacks, and other things for back to school time!

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Norzie's Study Place

I always get messages of people asking for handwriting reference and advice for cute notes, so I decided to make a nice post with some tips!

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5.3.17 - 31/100

smooth seas don't make good sailors

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Studyblr + Staedtler Pens

My favorite school supples for college

Next Granger

What's in Your Bag

Hey, it's Kris!

5.3.17 - 31/100



khloestudies: “-10052017- Revision for my maths exam! 🐳 ”

The Opposite of Dissatisfaction isn't Satisfaction · College GuideSchool NotesStudy ...

DIY motivational quote art for back to school! To decorate your binder & more! Tumblr inspired - YouTube

I'm not much of a “study every day” person because managing work and 8h of class every day doesn't give me time to sit behind a book for hours a day and ...


#BlackGirls #EducatedBlack

The Lazy Person's Guide to Trying To Study

Today's prompt had me questioning if I am as kind a person as I want to be, I don't think I'm there just yet. Day 2 of the August Challenge by ...

this photo was for the december study challenge on instagram day 3: my study essentials! my muji to-do list, binder, loose leafs that contain my notes, ...

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Aesthetic Notes

📝Back To School Diy✏️

In-Class Notes Format So I've told you how to color code your

after a lot of hard work(and my brother trying to steal my calculator), I'm excited to announce that I finished all of my geometry summer work!

Some ...

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Found on a study blog on tumblr.


You can browse the studyblr and studyspo tags on tumblr, my pretty notes tag, or some pictures ...

mediocrestudyblr: “ { 050416 51/100 DAYS OF PRODUCTIVITY } 199 days to O. Revision NotesStudy NotesRevision TipsClass NotesSchool ...

Four months ago, when I decided to 'come out' as Dalit, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know that I would immediately find 'my people' – a formidable ...

holy cow!!!!!! we reached over 5k followers! i can't believe that it's only been 11ish weeks since i started this blog. thank you everyone for the support ...

athenus: “snow days = cancelled classes = less school stuff on planner less school

18 year old Canadian wandering through the dangers of medical school abroad in the UK, as she attempts to chronicle what will most definitely be the best ...



studyrelief: “ “1st april 2016 : [42/100 days of productivity]

idkstudyblr: “ 06|28|16 this week's (obviously mostly empty) spread




My favorite school supples for college


Language Notebook: Contents Page

hi guys i think i owe you an explanation/update on my hiatus. If

Second semester was such a blur I didn't have time to post anymore. Second year here I come!! School is ...

cherinotes: “ 03.05.2018 I'm glad my notes have inspired people to


Those flowers are a result of the herbarium press that we did for school

Hello, this is where I will be posting anything to do with organisation and studying. This will also be a blog to track my progress on becoming a better ...

More posts to come about my summertime fitness/nutrition, and how I'll be preparing for school ...

studyrelief: “ “3rd april 2016 : [44/100 days of productivity]

How to Make a Study Schedule

studypetals: “ 3.16.16+2:26pm // 16/100 days


michaelsravioli: “It's 1am and I'm studying biology because my insomnia doesn' ...

2 months ago 5,784 notes

Maybe in your free time you've been practicing an instrument, studying a language, or improving your art or writing. Maybe you're training for a sports team ...

studyquill: “ 41/100 days of productivity ⋅ friday october 27 2017 black pen

Note-Taking, Notes ...

emmastudies: “I thought it might be helpful to link every printable I've

i like this method as opposed to taking notes directly in my textbook or having a separate notebook for only reading notes because 1) i've consistently ...

athenus: “ ANON: Hi dear, could you swatch your tombows? The colours