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Saint Frances Dam Disaster St Francis Dam t St francis

Saint Frances Dam Disaster St Francis Dam t St francis


The Other California: "Surely they didn't build it there?" The 2nd biggest disaster in California history

St. Francis Dam Disaster Remembered By Santa Clarita Residents

The St. Francis Dam Disaster

Photo of St. Francis Dam before its collapse. Construction of the dam began in

Southern California's Great Disaster - The St. Francis Dam

This aerial view shows the broken water barrier of San Francisquito Canyon after the St. Francis Dam burst just before midnight on March 12, 1928.

SCVNews.com | May 21: Historical Society to Host Talk on New St. Francis Dam Disaster Book | 03-24-2016

Accounts at the time suggested that failure occurred as water channeled through the conglomerate along the fault contact. A reassessment of the failure by ...

CSUN Grad Student Memorializes Victims Of 1928 St. Francis Dam Disaster — Hometown Station | KHTS FM 98.1 & AM 1220

Footage of St. Francis Dam Disaster Found

Capturing the world through photography, video and multimedia

st francis dam

The dam before the disaster http://www.documentingreality.com/forum/f2... The remains of ...

(1928)* - A woman can be seen standing on the ground below some of the huge pieces of the failed dam which were washed down by the 100 foot high wall of ...

Aerial view of the leaking St. Francis Dam before the break.

The front page of the Los Angeles Times on March 14, 1928 (Los Angeles Times)

(1928)**^ - View of the St. Francis Dam just hours after its catastrophic failure (11:57 p.m., March 12, 1928). It took only 70 minutes for entire 12.4 ...

The remains of St Francis Dam from CH Lee Collection


5, 1913: Los Angeles Bureau of Water Works and Supply (later LADWP) workers turn the valves to send the first Owens Valley water down the cascades in ...

A bird's-eye view of the Saint Francis dam disaster, [s.d.] :

St. Francis Dam wreckage

The collapse of St. Francis Dam was one of California's most searing tragedies

St. Francis Dam break flood path

St. Francis Dam Failure: "Destruction of a Dam" 1928 Newsreel, Engineering Failure Disaster

William Mulholland, left, and H.A. Van Norman inspect the remains of the St. ...

Remains of St Francis Dam

File:St. Francis Dam site dike and landslide.jpg

The path of the St. Francis Dam Flood, from the dam site to Ventura

Southern California's Great Disaster - The St. Francis Dam

Concrete ruins of the St. Francis Dam remain strewn about San Francisquito Canyon.

The St. Francis Dam was built by William Mulholland (at that point, a widely-known, successful engineer for LA's water wars) in 1928 to wall off a reservoir ...

Framed: The St. Francis Dam Was a Glorious Disaster About to Happen - Los Angeles Magazine

History of the St. Francis Dam

St. Francis Dam Memorial Marker

St Francis Dam marker

Remains of St. Francis Dam after its failure. Recent investigations into the disaster have

... commemorate the 90th anniversary of the second worst disaster in California history with its annual St. Francis Dam Disaster Lecture and bus tour to the ...

I'd already been to the St. Francis Dam disaster site at least four times. But I still had the sense that there was more to see.

Saint Francis Dam Disaster Memorial On March 12, 1928, the St. Francis Dam

Saint Frances Dam Disaster. Antique PicturesSt Francis ...

View all photos. The St. Francis Dam ...

Photo of St. Francis Dam-Ruins of Collapsed Dam - Santa Clarita, CA

The remains of The Tombstone http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:St._Fran.

St. Francis Dam Pano - Annotated(1)

St. Francis Dam-Ruins of Collapsed Dam (Santa Clarita) - All You Need to Know Before You Go (with Photos) - TripAdvisor

Literary Happenings: Dinosaur book reveals prehistoric secrets; St. Francis Dam Disaster Talk

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Annual St. Francis Dam Disaster Lecture, Bus Tour - Top Things to do in

My cousin and I took the I-5 North from Los Angeles one hot and dusty Los Angeles morning, blasting country music as we chatted away.

St. Francis Dam ...

Wreckage sits alongside a street in Santa Paula. (Photo: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/JOHN NICHOLS GALLERY). CONNECTTWEETLINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMORE. The St. Francis Dam ...

Santa Paula, CA - St. Francis Dam Flooding - As can be seen in this San Francisco newspaper from March the St. Francis Dam disaster was big news and made ...

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The remains of St Francis Dam from CH Lee Collection. 2png

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st francis dam

Memorial plaque of the St. Francis dam on concrete remains of dam.

SaintFrancisDam.com | St. Francis Dam Disaster National Memorial | San Francisquito Canyon.

Failed St. Francis Dam - What Remains

Family buried together following the St Francis Dam Disaster from scvhistory

The Saint Francis Dam Disaster Memorial statues in Santa Paula California

St. Francis Dam Disaster Site Tour 2015-8

Failure ...

... Francis Dam disaster of 1928.) The official death toll from the disaster was 450, but many believe it claimed dozens of additional lives, mostly those ...

(1928)^*^ – Close-up view of the last remaining standing section of the St. Francis Dam, also referred to as “Tombstone”. Three men are seen climbing the ...

St francis dam

Rusty rebar and broken concrete pieces of the "Tombstone" Avoiding Regret (Sandi Hemmerlein)

SCVHistory.com | St. Francis Dam | Video: St. Francis Dam Disaster (History Channel Segment)

Dan Grainger, 86-year-old Fillmore rancher and St. Francis Dam catastrophe ...

St. Francis Dam Disaster (Images of America): John Nichols: 9780738520797: Amazon.com: Books

Photo of St. Francis Dam-Ruins of Collapsed Dam - Santa Clarita, CA

St. Francis Dam Disaster Site Tour 2015-6

04_15_StFrancisDam_01 The St. Francis Dam ...

The Saint Francis Dam Disaster Memorial statues in Santa Paula California

St. Francis Dam-Ruins of Collapsed Dam

12 hours later, the dam keeper was dead, the first victim of the collapse of the St. Francis Dam. In the hours that followed at least 600 more lives were ...

St Francis Dam Remains (9747)

Two men are digging through the rubble around the generators that were left… Find this Pin and more on St Francis Dam ...

The water level of Lake Hollywood was also lowered in response to the St. Francis Dam bursting.

Water was carried from the L.A. River through zanjas (ditches), and from there it was conveyed directly into homes and businesses through wooden pipes like ...

St Francis Dam: City of LA

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Hours later, this proved to not be the case. At 11:57 pm

15. 1.

St. Francis Dam Flood March 12-13, 1928, Los Angeles County,