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Signatures Inside the Original Macintosh Case t

Signatures Inside the Original Macintosh Case t


Signed by Steve Jobs & Co – Signatures Inside the Original Macintosh Case

Mac 128k case signatures. Mac 128k signatures

the back side of the Macintosh case

Steve Jobs Signature on Inside of Mac Plus Case

Steve Jobs Signature on Inside of Mac Plus Case

Signatures inside the Macintosh 128K case

Mac Plus Case Open and Closed

iYogi brings you Wow Tech Facts Inside the original Macintosh case you can find 47 signatures


... Side lit photograph, doesn't show all the signatures

Etched signatures in the Macintosh 128K prototype case

Because Steve Jobs viewed the folks who worked on the original Mac as being nothing less than artists, he famously had the Mac team sign their names to the ...

Signatures inside original Macintosh case. Original Mac

A 60W power supply takes the form of a single board alongside the CRT — this was a revolution in 1984. The main circuit board comes out without too much ...

Back case of an unaltered original Macintosh (sold January–November 1984). Those made after November 1984 have the label "Macintosh 128K" on the back of the ...

Early Apple Macintosh with signatures moulded inside case, with original devices

Straight from the Bedroom of Steve Jobs: The most Complete Original Hand-Built »Apple 1 Computer« Worldwide! .... and other Icons in Auction Team Breker's ...

... Side lit photograph, doesn't show all the signatures

The Apple Macintosh SE case with signatures of the engineers who made it. Apple Vintage

It was the first compact Macintosh that didn't feature the signatures of its creators inside the case. Its most important features ...

Image is loading Apple-Macintosh-512K-Case-Engraved-Signatures-Steve-Jobs-

In the tradition of artists throughout history, those proud iconoclasts at Apple who created the

I have heared from signatures (never saw) in the Apple II GS (inside the bottom of the case), sadly in my Apple II GS are no signatures Cry

Cracking Open the Apple Macintosh Classic

How To Disassemble A Macintosh Plus In Minutes!

Original Mac keyboard didn't have function keys

My old Macintosh SE case hides a Skylake Core i7 PC inside!

Apple Macintosh Plus 1MB Back Cover/Case 810-0380 Original Signatures - DEFORMED

Apple iMac 20" inch Early 2008, El Capitan, with full keyboard & magic

Would you like to write a saga about a spaceship with a womanizing captain, an awkward scientist/philosopher, a maniacal doctor, a drunk engineer, ...

I was told by an Apple insider that this case was produced for the first 10.000 Macintosh 1984 ever sold (in USA) and was given mostly to US computer ...

You find signatures in the first 10.000 Mac 1984 (the first edition)

Picture 002-1.jpg

The original Apple Macintosh 128K gets the teardown treatement

Pasted Graphic 1291

Inside a Mac SE ...

Apple iMac - Early 2008, A1224, MB324LL/A With El Capitan

This “original Macintosh” prototype is also absolutely unique as it shows the signatures of the “Macintosh Division” molded on the inside of the cover, ...

(3) Apple Macintosh IIcx/ci empty cases with Mac Product Design Team signatures

Inside body of Macintosh SE - You can see signatures of people ...

Daniel with a "signature" case produced before any shipping Macs (white inside, not sprayed with the grey coating)

The One That Started it All – The Original 1984 Macintosh

Introduction: PC in a Macintosh Classic Case

In my Macintosh 1984 you can find the signatures of the developer team, the same signatures (but more complete) used in the MacPlus later.

It quickly became obvious that this was insufficient, so eight months later Apple released an updated version, un-officially ...

The signatures of the Macintosh team are still visible inside.

Macintosh iPhone case

Macintosh motherboard


Apple Macintosh SE 4MB RAM Radius Full Page Display, Steve Jobs Signature

The iFixit repairability score for the Macintosh is 7 out of 10, which is amusing. Even if you wanted to repair a 128K, the parts aren't going to be easy to ...

This is still a wonderful original Macintosh that is fully functional and looks fantastic!

Signatures on the back of the original Macintosh design team

At least I can kind of read Spanish? Generate an income got apple ...

Our May 1984 vintage, original Macintosh "128" emerging from its tote bag. (It has the signatures of the original Mac team, including Steve Jobs, ...

Best iPhone Cases and Skins for Apple Enthusiasts

Apple Macintosh SE 4MB Lapis/Focus DisplayServer SE card Steve Jobs signature


Macintosh inside cover signatu ...

Apple Macintosh Plus Mac- M0001A Keyboard, mouse and drive.

Cracking Open the Apple Macintosh Classic

1984 Original Macintosh 128K Mac Model M0001 EMPTY CASE Housing Steve Jobs Nice!

Apple Macintosh Plus 1MB M0001A (F63708WM0001A) + Keyboard(M0110A + MOUSE(M0100

I was told by an Apple insider that this case was produced for the first 10.000 Macintosh 1984 ever sold (in USA) and was given mostly to US computer ...

Apple's iPhone battery case isn't the first time it's 'bumped' a thin design

Apple IIc PLUS Case - Cleaned & Tested - Includes speaker ...

Apple Mac Macintosh SE M5010 1MB Ram Dual Drive 80M CMS SCSI Hard Drive Software

The larger fan pushes air through the Corsair radiator, while the smaller one pulls air out of my custom cooling box

128k Mac and 21-inch iMac

Picture 008-1.jpg

An Original Macintosh Development Team Photo

Vintage Apple Macintosh SE/30 M5119

I copied this paper from my early "beige" Macintosh Plus, they are on opaque gray ground like in the Macintosh 1984 above. Please note: the signatures of ...

... These early labels are sad tidings— even in Apple's younger, wilder days they didn

The namesake for the 128K was this non-upgradable array of RAM. Anticipating that customers would want more power, Apple engineers ...

Really had to get in close to show it off. Hopefully you can appreciate how far I had to go to show flaws in this Macintosh!

Picture of PC in a Macintosh Classic Case

The original Apple Macintosh logo

Raspberry Pi 2 + Macintosh Plus = Raspintosh+

Macintosh 128k

MacinTone 1

Inside Origional Macintosh case, you will find 47 signatures for each member of Apple's Macintosh division as of 1982.

Everything fits snugly into the original Macintosh SE case

Did You Know: The first Apple logo featured Isaac Newton.

Even if Steve Wozniak did not work on the Mac his signature, (WOZ) is in the right bottom corner. This is the inside back cover of the Macintosh 128K, ...

If you're someone who likes to think different, loves the vintage look of the rainbow Apple logo, and fancies a minimalist, clean-looking cell phone case ...

Apple Macintosh Plus MAC Computer in ORIGINAL BOX & accs & HDD & carrying case

Etched signatures in the Macintosh 128K prototype case

Macintosh Classic II

Apple Macintosh Plus Hyperdrive 20 Internal HD MacBook In Box Apple Promo VHS

The form factor is about the same as with the first Macintosh model Steve Jobs introduced in the 1984. Inside the enclosure this model still has most of the ...

Apple's first employee: The remarkable odyssey of Bill Fernandez - TechRepublic