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Sterling 827 US spec Rover 800 Rover t Cars and

Sterling 827 US spec Rover 800 Rover t Cars and


Vehicle · Sterling 827 (US spec Rover 800)

Rover Sterling 827 SLi

Rover 827 Sterling Oxford Edition (US spec)

Rover 827 Sterling (pre-facelift)

Car 4 Rover 827 Sterling. rowdy robs rockin rover

1988 Sterling 825


The front of the car was the only area which the 800 bore any resemblance to its predecessor, the SD1, with a similar grille treatment and headlights ...

1986 Rover 820Si (pre-R17 facelift). Rover 827 Sterling ...

Vehicle · My 1994 Rover 820se and ...

Underneath the skin, it was essentially a Honda/Acura Legend, though the Sterling 825/827 (itself a rebadged Rover 800 Series) was assembled in the U.K. by ...

Rover 820

The Rover 800 story

Rover 820

HD wallpaper for backgrounds Rover Vitesse car tuning Rover Vitesse and concept car Rover Vitesse wallpapers.

Rover 800 (1986 - 1999) used car review

Rover 827 Coupe

Announced in March 1991, the 820 Turbo 16v was initially planned to be limited to around 500 examples offered in both bodystyles and a choice of six ...

Forgotten Cars: The Last Rover-Branded Car In The U.S.

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On the outside, designers gave the Rover/Sterling 800 Series a very stylish set of clothes, something aided by Rover's talented new design team.

ROVER 800 - i had this car in polar silver .it was the most comfortable car i have ever owend best car i had especially on long journeys to devon and ...

DEV 3 prototype produced following the convergence of the XX and HX programmes in the early

1989 Sterling 827

Cutting a dash stateside, Richard Truett's new Sterling 827 looks fantastic.

Rover 800, rover, 800, vitesse, stirling, rover vitesse, rover stirling

Rover 827 Sterling MK1 love that two tone

How a “British Honda” sold in the U.S. market came to be was a result of the existing partnership between British Leyland (Austin-Rover's predecessor) and ...

The cars : Rover 800 development history

Rover 800, rover, 800, vitesse, stirling, rover vitesse, rover stirling

My 1999 Sterling 2.5 Fastback in Nightfire Red. Please post pictures, specifications and worklogs of your cars ...

Gallery Sterling cars Photo 5 ...

1999 'T' reg Rover 820 Vitesse Koni shocks. Moto-build uprated springs. Mongoose cat-back exhaust system. Moto-build piston dump valve. K & N air filter in ...

Rover 800, rover, 800, vitesse, stirling, rover vitesse, rover stirling

Unfairly forgotten; the Rover 800 Vitesse

The ...

30 years of the Rover 800 - AROnline

Image Image Image Image

ROver 800 Coupe. Dave-Cooke-Nightfire-Mk2-Fastback

Rover 800 Saloon

ROver 800 Coupe

Sterling 827 Engine

Rover had anticipated that around 40% of 800 sales would be in the US market, but even in the best year Sterling had in the US (1987), that was wildly ...

“The Fastback expresses the energetic lifestyle of today: positive, pacey, in command…..Fastback is a car which wears its Rover badge with pride”

Good looking or not? You decide. That was the problem with the 800 Coupe

The car has not moved an inch closer to my driveway and already the outflow of cash from my bank account has started. Through the miracle (some might say ...

1995 Rover Sterling 827i

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1998 820 Sterling saloon (post-R17 facelift)

As can be seen in the last picture the rear light clusters have been swapped for the later smoked ones, but the foglight/reverse light cluster on the ...

Lord Sterling's KV6 McSterling

... Rover 800 (1986 - 1999) used car review ...

Rover 800 serie. Gaat over de 827 met 2.7

Rover 827 Sterling

Rover 800

Rover Sterling 2nd Series 5 Door Hatch.

Wonderful Rover 800 Sterling

Interior of the same 820 Sterling (with non-standard gear knob) showing passenger airbag cover where pre-1994 models had a shelf

Gallery Sterling cars Photo 2 ...

Rover 825 SLD. T866ARA. 1990 Sterling

Lord Sterling's KV6 McSterling

My Rover 800 Vitesse. Please post pictures, specifications and worklogs of your cars ...

Sterling 827 Interior

1994 Rover 827 Sterling Coupe

Rover 820 Caribbean blue

Sterling ad

Rover 825 Sterling Diesel Coupe

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The Sterling 827 is powered by a 2.7 liter Acura V6 that puts out 177 horsepower into the front wheels via a 4-speed automatic transmission. The US market ...

1997 ROVER 800 825 sterling coupe - £1,995

Dan's Dad's 1996 Rover Sterling Fastback *Now Dan's*. Please post pictures, specifications and worklogs of your cars ...

A Rover KV6 2.5 litre engine fitted to a 1998 Rover 800 Sterling

Rather unfortunately, Austin-Rover elected to have Britain's own rather notoriously unreliable Lucas Electronics handle most of the electronics in the 800 ...

I changed the grille for a new one for a Rover 800 Coupe (2.7, 1992 to 1996) with the black vanes. The standard coloured vanes are insipid and wishy woshy ...

Rover 820


MK1 Vitesse had a Honda 2.7 V6, similar to that of the NSX. Pond's Rover ...


1987 Rover 820E white diamond. Previous 800's… 1998 Rover 820 Sterling fastback 1997 Rover 825 Sterling KV6 saloon BRG 1995 Rover 827i Nightfire

1988 Sterling 825

By then no longer based on the current Honda/Acura Legend (as a larger, second generation arrived as a 1991 model), the Sterling 827 quietly disappeared, ...

And these are the pictures taken by the seller for his advert last Spring:

Rover 800 Saloon. Rover 825 SLD. T866ARA. 1990 Sterling

The SD1 was the last Rover-badged Rover sold in the U.S., and it's a little hard to find now. Photo by Jay Ramey

Rover 827 Sterling

Rover 820 Vitesse Sport Fastback (owned). Great car this, had Recaro seats

Rover 825 Diesel Coupe by T_W_D, on Flickr

Our Cars : Meet the Fleet No.1 - Rover 827 Sterling

To finalise - Do not do this to your own car unless you REALLY are going to be it's last keeper before the bean tins become more bean tins.

The Rover Sterling two-door Coupé version of the 827 was launched in early 1992, having debuted at the 1991 Motor Show. This specification had originally ...

Image Figure 7 Rover ...