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Steven Feiner 1999 developer of KARMA Knowledgebased

Steven Feiner 1999 developer of KARMA Knowledgebased


Microsoft has announced it will launch a new Holographic shell desktop UI for Windows 10,

Steven Feiner (1999), developer of #KARMA (Knowledge-based Augmented Reality for Maintenance Assistance) | Augmented Reality | Pinterest | Karma and ...

Steven Feiner at his lab at Columbia University in New York City on March 28,

Virtual reality guide

13 KARMA Karma(Knowledge-based ...

... 22. AUGMENTED REALITY HISTORY 22 1992 1999 2000 20081957 1966 Steven Feiner ...

AnyMotion GmbH zeigt in einer Beispielapp wie ein Schaltkasten auf einem Handy per Augmented Reality mit

Augment SDK offers brands and retailers the capability to personalize their customers' shopping experience by


Bild von einer BT-2000 mit einem Filzstift und der Frage Augemented Reality or not


Bronze Level

Image of the Situated Documentaries AR campus tour guide running on a 1999 version of the Touring Machine (right).

21 best Retro Tech images on Pinterest | Floppy disk, Apple ii and Computer science

Mobile AR Restaurant Guide - Columbia - 2001

AR-Brille BT-200 mit abnehmbaren Sonnenschutz

Architectural anatomy

IEEE VGTC 2014 Virtual Reality Career Award: Steven K. Feiner

Bring both classic and modern together with this iPhone calculator case! Not only will this handy cover protect your device from bumps and scratches, ...

First Mobile Augmented Reality System - Columbia - 1997

AR Indoor Guidance on PDA - Vienna - 2003

IEEE VGTC 2014 Virtual Reality Technical Achievement Award: Doug A. Bowman

Platinum Level

Augmented reality

Introduction to Computer Graphics: Amazon.co.uk: James D. Foley, Andries van Dam, Steven K. Feiner, John F. Hughes, Richard L. Phillips: 0785342609219: ...

... lead in the field of AR - submitted a paper on a prototype system they called KARMA (Knowledge-based Aug- mented Reality for Maintenance Assistance).

LandForm video map overlay marking runways, road, and buildings during 1999 helicopter flight test

IVAN SUTHERLAND; 47. • Steven Feiner ...

More ideas

Steve Mann.

1957 - "Sensorama"

Plato : The Allegory of the Cave Narrator: Orson Welles The Allegory is related to

Mobilizy Wikitude - World Browser

First Virtual Reality / AR System - Ivan Sutherland - 1968

Amiga Applied Engineering (mainly an Apple II peripheral maker) 3 1/2"

1975 - "Videoplace"


1992: Louis Rosenberg develops Virtual Fixtures, an AR system with an upper-body exoskeleton that can be used to control virtually guided machinery.

Computer Graphics: Principles ...

Augmented Reality Chart

1968 - “The Sword of Damocles”

Light, Colour, Bioresonance, the Golden Spiral, the Spirillæ, Babbitt´s Atom and Music

Plato's Cave

Steven K. Feiner


1999: Augmented reality is used to enhance visual navigation for the NASA X-38 spacecraft.


2000: Hirokazu Kato developed the ARToolKit, a software library still widely used to build and complement AR experiences.

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2008: The AR travel guide Wikitude is developed.

Sacha Chua in he early 2000s with a Twiddler one-handed keyboard and an M1

Etheric Chord of C 1st Octave

The Cosmic History Chronicles: The Ten Doors Opening To The Mysteries of Nature

Page 1


Steve Mann

1977 is a turning point in the history of humanity; it is the year when a post-human perspective takes shape. 1977 is a year charged with ominous signals: ...

And just to prove it's not all work, work, work, AR hit the arts world in 1994 as Julie Martin (presumably ...


Unidentifizierte Flugobjekte und Raumbrüder – Interplanetare Hilfe beim Zivilisationswandel

Previously, he was Director of Business Development, Dynamic Alternative Finance (December, 2015 - March, 2018); Director of Business Development, ...

Damit kommen wir ihrer wahren Bezeichnung so nahe, wie uns das möglich ist. Man spricht von ihnen auch als den «kreisenden Rädern, die sich um sich selbst ...

Notations of Time No. 5, 2010, multi-block woodcut printed with water-soluble ink, Amelie Art Gallery, Beijing

... las aplicaciones han hecho más que empezar a ser escritas, pero el amanecer ha llegado en el mundo AR y se está empezando a calentar lo suficiente para ...

Nikolai Roerich: Hin zu einer neuen Weltkultur der Verständigung und des Friedens

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NOTE: View these charts as hollow spheres with the chart projected on the inside of the sphere and you are at the center of the sphere looking outward.

Die epochemachende Lehre von den sieben Strahlen als Energie-Manifestationen macht es jetzt möglich diese sieben großen Lebensträger als Essenzen zu ...

Nikolai Roerich, Mount “M”. 1931. Tempera on canvas. 74.5 x 107.5 cm. Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York

Harriet Lee-Merrion


„When a man is not concerned with seeing, things look very much the same to him every time he looks at the world. When he learns to see, on the other hand, ...

The Cube has 6 sides plus one inner mirror side. In this way the relation between the 6 and the 7 is encoded into the cube.

Unsane (20th-Century Fox): Barely slowing down since curtailing his self-imposed retirement, Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh (“Traffic”) tries his ...

Dave Herring was hired as National Sales Director at Hitachi Capital America Corp. He is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.


"In the three whorls flow currents of different electricities [note: then who knows what electricity really is?]; the seven whorls vibrate in response to ...

Kidambi Srikanth Lifts Denmark Open Superseries Trophy 2017

Adorno: 'Proust knows that there are no human beings in themselves beyond this world of images; that the individual is an abstraction, ...

... 23.