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Support Beam in basement built into a picuture album case picture

Support Beam in basement built into a picuture album case picture


Support Beam in basement built into a picuture album case / picture display !

room-dividing shelves built into columns

Basement Renovation Low Ceiling | Gorgeous Basement Finishing

In basement build cabinet storage space around support poles #builtins basement ideas #storage #

Ideas for Support Beams basement | This is great for hiding those support beams. Finished

Over on Dover: A Post About A Post: Disguising A Basement Support Pole

Penthouse lakás Hűvösvölgyben | Argo-Hungary

Sagging Beam Needs More Support

how to make a recessed wainscoting wall from scratch, diy, foyer, how to

Some basements have support beams or poles in them that can't be moved.

Ideas for Support Beams basement | This is great for hiding those support beams. Finished Basement Design ... | New House ideas | Pinterest | Finished ...

Room divider in a basement, using the structural post?

16 Creative Renovation Ideas to Enhance Your Basement

#supportcolumns #hidingcolumns | Casa Giolitti, bookcase - Fabio Fantolino Architect

Great ideas to hide/use the basement support beams.

Basement Support Beams Basement Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel & Decor

See this Instagram post by @arc_architecture_studio • 21 likes

Several steel I-Beams were installed on the east and north foundation walls.

Rotting Beams and Limited Support

hide unsightly support beams with trim-- basement columns

creative ways to incorporate support columns in design

Completely Compromised Support

... Quality 1st Basement Systems installed steel I-beams to support the foundation and prevent it ...

This · As the weight of the house settled, the various support beams started shifting as well ...

PowerBrace Foundation Wall Support in Wyoming, MI

... Meanwhile, over in the crawl space, there are multiple signs of efflorescence on the ...

Cement · Here are some of the SmartJacks that were installed to replace the failing clay block walls

Quality 1st Basement Systems installed structural support jacks in the crawl space.

... Milan homeowners contacted Foundation Systems of Michigan after noticing a dip in their floors. Support ...

Mold is visible not only on the wooden support beams, but on the dirt itself ...

... This home acquired new support beams since the ones previously used were ineffective.

Foundation Repair - Support Beam Replacement in Danielson, CT

... The SmartJacks in size and construction and reliability are superior to the current floor jacks.

Sinking floors are due to the rotting or otherwise insufficient support beams in the crawl space ...

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Support beam detailing/woodwork

... Discoloration and slight warping on the beams in the ceiling point to damage from constant ambient ...

... The metal support beams are corroded from ambient moisture in the crawl space.

In my basement there are three 2×10 nailed together to make a beam to support ...

Beam In Need Of Replacing

This support wall could be failing.

This not · We attached extra reinforcement to the existing joists, then anchored the beams into the reinforcement ...

Crumbling Walls in Stone Basement

... As you can see a knife was easily pushed 3" into the beam to show ...

The floor joists and beams were · This home needed a completely new support system or it would not last much longer!

A closer look at the PowerBrace Clamp Bracket.

It · Ambient moisture in the crawl space leads to mold, which leads to decaying and failing ...

... We'll look more closely at these beams in the next few photos, but ...

... 6 x 6 support beam-img_1586.jpg

The · This is another view of the heavy-duty I-Beams that were installed to

The problem wall.

The previous (provisional) solution failed due to moisture intrusion, becoming part of the problem rather than a solution.

No support beams in basement?

... restored to; SmartJack supports can be installed year-round and go in quickly and efficiently.

... The basement of this house in Danielson, CT did not have a good support system ...

Shifted Crawl Space Support in Cliffwood

E+P HOME : Scaffali di enrico massaro architetto

Cracked Support Beam and Sagging Floors

... By installing new beams and supporting them with SmartJack support posts, we can promise a ...

With a beam · Temporary support walls were put in place on either side of the beam while the old ...

Staining on the walls and mold on the support beams are both signs of water in ...

... With the support jacks, the floor above will stop sagging and will be restored to ...

... We reinforced a few of the support beams with SmartJack crawl space support posts.

How to handle massive supports in the middle of the space

Sinking Supports

A basement renovation can be trying to your patience, the patience of your co-dwellers, and that of your credit card!

... Before completely demolishing the clay block walls, we installed several temporary supports to stabilize the ...

This foundation wall is failing.

... Having steel beams support the home is often a great choice, they won't ...

Existing beams like the one seen in · This is a closer view of the east foundation wall that is significantly bowing inward.

Failing Support Beam in Jackson Crawl Space

Old Support Beam

As · When the beam settled, it settled on this wall that's literally falling apart.

Completed SmartJack® and PowerBrace™ Stabilization

This; The sagging crawl space beams were worrying this homeowner. She called Quality 1st Basements for ...

support post at base of basement stairs-march-30-2011-dogs- ...

... Quality 1st Basement Systems installed SmartJack crawl space stabilizers to support the sagging beams.

Quality 1st Basement Systems supported the sagging crawl space beams with a SmartJack support system.

Sagging Crawl Space Beams in Ocean County

lookingtowardlittleroom.jpg No support beams in basement ?-fireplaceonoppwall.jpg

The sagging crawl space beams are pushed safely back into place.

The · To fix the sagging crawl space beams, Quality 1st Basement Systems installed SmartJack supports.

Power brace installed on both sides of the window to help with support ...

We wrap the support beams and piers with our patented CleanSpace vapor barrier.

... Sometimes it's better for the customer, and also more efficient for our crew, to ...

The SmartJack XT supports that are now holding up the center beam that was sagging.

27 Luxury Finished Basement Designs - Home Decor 2017

Rotting Beam

Iron Ochre in South Surrey BC

Completed SmartJack® and PowerBrace™ Stabilization

The basement wall is now stable after the PowerBrace System has been installed.

support beam as bookshelf, houzz | Home Ideas | Pinterest | Houzz, Beams and Entryway paint

Basement of home

... The steel I-beams are coated with zinc to protect them from rusting.

... This homeowner was worried about the sagging beams and used a board to prop it up ...

... After removing the support walls, the floor is excavated down to the footer.

... Our 2-lb closed-cell spray insulation is applied to the foundation walls to

This patented · This is another wall that will benefit from the PowerBrace System. It utilizes a joist ...

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... This home has various makeshift support beams--all of which ineffectively support the home ...