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Team Save Dean supernatural Hell Hound Pit t Dean

Team Save Dean supernatural Hell Hound Pit t Dean


Can we please just get Adam and John out? With Dean being a Demon and

Not just ANY old hellhound. Ramsey is the hellhound, the pregnant bitch that Lucifer saved when God was going to put them all down for being evil.

The Winchesters are returning to the bunker after a lengthy hunting trip(s). Dean swaggers in brandishing a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat and declares, ...

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sam winchester, and dean winchester image

Supernatural The Vessel // Sam: Seriously? Dude, it's like noon. Dean: Um, well, you drank all the coffee, so what am I supposed to drink?

[gifset] Brother's Keeper SPN Dean and Sam. This hurt so much you have no idea.

3 times Dean Winchester was wrong . LOL ^_^ Winchester ---> more like 3 times Dean contradicted himself :)

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Save the Impala, ride a Winchester!! Don't have to ask me

Dean talking about Team Free Will for the first time 5x13 The Song Remains the Same

Dean Winchester

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The Song Remains The Same [gifset] - "So, [Anna]'s gone all Glenn Close?" - Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, Supernatural

Dean and Bobby season 1

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Destiel parallels - - this HURTS MY FEELINGS! < < < Fun Fact: An alternate script of this and cutter scene; Dean says I love you instead of I need you

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My sexy imagination is having a field day. Find this Pin and more on Family Winchester 1 by xeina86. The Hellhounds are coming for Dean.

Dean recognizes it is the ship Gavin McCloud (Crowley's boy) had been yanked from messing up the past.

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Dean becomes a vampire.

Dean has a nightmare about what he will become in Hell.

3x16_1147. The most we see of Dean's Hell ...

Ya got me

That one time a demon blessed an angel. And Dean/Jensen's face XD

Dean dies in Sam's arms.

12.15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

The aftermath of the hellhound attack.

You know Supernatural changed your life when. you hear a dog barking but don't see one so you think Hell Hounds are after you.

Dean and Bobby

Sam Winchester

Dean: What the hell? Kevin: Dean, you're alive. Dean: Yeah, because you're a crappy shot.

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Quote from Supernatural │ Sam Winchester: Oh, don't do the hot coffee thing. Dean Winchester (flirting with a waitress): Boy, this coffee is hot.



SUPERNATURAL: The Best Episode from Each Season

Supernatural Misha Collins Rachel Miner I learned that from the Pizza Man Goodbye Stranger Castiel Meg Team Megstiel Save my Unicorn

My personal headcanon: it was the Mark of Cain that was driving Dean's loved ones

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Dean Winchester || Demon Dean

"Family don't end with blood, boy." - No Rest for the Wicked // A great and touching scene. // Bobby, Sam and Dean

Dean - hoodie - done - 10x18 Book of the Damned [gifset]

[gifset] Supernatural Season Finales + Cliffhangers < < < ARE YOU KIDDING? Lucifer Sam and Michael are trapped in the cage? but wasn't there this one dude, ...

Soft Dean Warm dean by hellhounds you're damned sad dean mad dean save your brother sam

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[SET OF GIFS] Dean Winchester timeline- this would make like no sense to someone who hasn't watched Supernatural lol

Personally I am still reeling from episode 12 where so much freaking happened. Only on Supernatural can an episode like this seem “light” in comparison to ...

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Plan D for Dead Crowley, sounds like one of Dean's classic comebacks

gorlassar: “Crowley and the hounds in the style of Hellsing This was the very first thing to pop in my head when I saw the concept of Spnime.

So sorry about the language :/ Sam Dean Gabriel Cas video games

I hugged Sam Winchester, and lucifer broke free. I broke up with John Winchester and Lucifer broke free!

Dean Winchester

[gifset] those who escape hell, however, never talk about it, and nothing much bothers them after that.

Dean is a dinosaur, Cas it's the unicorn, a Sam is the weard creature thing in the back.

Reasons to love Jensen/Dean

Dean does not like it. Sam is going to have a hard time

Team Save Dean Men's Baseball ¾ T-Shirt

Dean and Michael vs. Sam and Lucifer

I love all Dean Winchester moments

[gif-set] I think this shows just how well Jared and Jensen (as well as the directors) understand these two characters. Also, if Jared stood in front, ...

Dean stops Sam from completing the third trial.


Ooooh my feels.

Cosplay of Dean in Hell.

Supernatural - Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost.

Dean Winchester Collage by violue

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Supernatural #Dean Winchester

"Lucifer/Sam punches Dean a further ten times. Dean, his face now very swollen and bleeding, puts a hand out to Lucifer/Sam's jacket. Dean: Sam, it…

2x03 Bloodlust

Supernatural Season 10 Finale Recap

Dean's daughter, Emma - 7x13 The Slice Girls

Dean Winchester is a Hunter, a Son, a Brother, a Vessel, a Mechanic and a Hero. Dean Winchester is the righteous man.

[gifset] 10x18 Book Of The Damned #SPN #Dean #happyDean

By teaming up with the Brits, Mary has chosen the BMOL over her family, in Dean's mind. To add insult to injury, he calls her Mary, not mom, and declares, ...

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*laughs at horrible fallen angel joke* < < /was that fucking necessary/ < < < I can't stop laughing

10 Best Supernatural Quotes from 'American Nightmare' (12x04

Everybody ignores him and pays attention to Dean. And yet, Dean thinks so little of himself.Sam's bitch face in the last frame.

''I didn't like Hell.'' ~ Chuck & Dean / : The Monster at the End of This Book

Remember when Castiel had to kill hundreds of Deans just so that he wouldn't feel anything for him? But when it came down to it, he couldn't hurt the real ...

[SET OF GIFS] "." Wishful Thinking>> It parallel Sam's dialogue in Metamorphosis a bit (my thoughts)

I rode in the impala with Castiel because the devil made me do it

Sam and Dean Brotherly poem

Haha nice Dean making Sam feel even worse about his predicament

Supernatural; next generation; team free will 2.0; Jesse Turner; Ben Braeden;

AU in which Dean and Cas play for rival baseball teams. Supernatural ...

"Lucifer/Sam punches Dean a further ten times. Dean, his face now

No, it's called Dean stopping being johns shadow and 'good' child and choosing his own words and actions < < < which is character development.

Bobby playing catch with Dean.

JEROME (Dean as style ref?)

Do you wanna slay a demon? Come on let's go and hunt! < father on a hunting trip and hasn't been home in a few daaaaaaayyyysss, Do wanna slay a demon?

Hellhound as a pet