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Thoughts from Polly39s Granddaughter Watt Christie In His Own

Thoughts from Polly39s Granddaughter Watt Christie In His Own


"What Watt?" - Standing Witnesses Special

In her Eastern Cherokee application, Watt Christie's niece, Polly Ross, daughter of Arley Christie Grease, listed Polly Wa-gi-gu as a 1/2 aunt.

It's unclear if Cumiford decided to claim through Rachel Fisher before or after talking to Watt Christie, but it's clear Cumiford never would have been ...

Perry/Isham West appeal - Northern District, Ancestry.com

But he gained citizenship into the Cherokee Nation with the help of standing witness, Watt Christie.

Thoughts from Polly's Granddaughter: The Devil is in the Details - Standing Witnesses-Part 5

James Richard Christie – a rare and special man. Nov 8, 1952 – Jan 27, 2018

Abe Lincoln in Illinois (play)

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Some of Christie's staff have left, but others have stayed on the team. The

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San Francisco Giants stud Hunter Pence is officially a married man ... and the way he tied the knot would make Jon Snow proud.

Serafina Watts with her daughter Charlotte