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Title The Final Girls Director Todd StraussSchulson Writer MA

Title The Final Girls Director Todd StraussSchulson Writer MA


The Final Girls Poster

'The Final Girls': LAFF Review

The Final Girls [DVD] [1970]



THE FINAL GIRLS (2015) review

Final Girls.jpg. Studio: Vertical Entertainment Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson Writer: M.A. ...

Another po-mo-boo flick (a postmodern horror) in which a handful of friends enter a fictional world via the cinema screen. Instead of a Purple Rose party, ...


A 'Final Girls' Sequel Might Be Coming, But It's Up To You To Make It Happen

The Final Girls (2015) movie review

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... The-Final-Girls-2015-movie-Todd-Strauss-Schulson-

The Final Girls




The Final Girls: Movie

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Chats With THE FINAL GIRLS Director Todd Strauss-Schulson

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The Final Girls

Can Contemporary Teenagers Put An End To 'Final Girls'?

The Final Girls Poster. Trailer

The Final Girls is a slasher movie, a slasher-movie parody, a horror comedy, and a drama about coming to terms with regrets. Though it's not especially ...


The Final Girls: Kumbaya

The Final Girls: Slow

The Final Girls lacks the filmic, grainy texture of its 80s brethren, opting instead for a smooth digital shoot, but the results still satisfy.

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... The Final Girls Blu-Ray ...

The Final Girls writers M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller

The Final Girls is to slasher films as Last Action Hero is to action, and while I recognize that the "characters interact with the movie" concept pre-dates ...

'The Final Girls': Cult to Have Its Midnight Screenings This Weekend

Final girls


Final girls

The Final Girls

The Final Girls movie scenes


Final girls

The Video: Sizing Up the Picture. The final girls ...

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... Buy The Final Girls ...

... The Final Girls 2015 ...

The Final Girls - Alexander Ludwig, Taissa Farmiga, Nina Dobrev, Thomas Middleditch,

The Final Girls: Everyone

Final Girls, The

The Final Girls Poster; The Final Girls DVD ...

1:31:20. The Final Girls ...

Final Girls, The

The Final Girls (Blu-ray Review)

The Final Girls - Angela Trimbur, Malin Åkerman, Tory N. Thompson, Adam

Final Girls 4

The Final Girls (2015)

The-Final-Girls-2015-movie-Todd-Strauss-Schulson- ...

The final girls official trailer 1 2015 nina dobrev adam devine movie hd

Final Girls 3

Final girls

Taissa Farmiga - "The Final Girls" Press Conference at SXSW Festival in Austin,

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Taissa Farmiga and Todd Strauss-Schulson attend the premiere of “The Final Girls”

OMGWTFBBQ! I make a real effort to not be one of those people who talks up a movie so much that it builds up to a letdown… but man, ...

Angela Trimbur and Alia Shawkat at The Final Girls world premiere at SXSW 2015 Film Festival

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Final girls

Malin Akerman at The Final Girls world premiere at SXSW 2015 Film Festival on Friday 13th


Final Girls, The

Max and her friends make their way out by cutting a hole in the screen and jumping through it, but what they find on the other side is not what they ...

From the same director who gave us the funny third installment in the 'Harold & Kumar' franchise, 'The Final Girls' is a smart and clever slasher horror ...

Final Girls 5

Nina Dobrev at The Final Girls world premiere at SXSW 2015 Film Festival on Friday 13th

Final Girls quote

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The characters in the film were pretty excellent. Taissa Farmiga and Malin Akerman's whole back and forth (both as mother daughter, and as counselor ...

Malin Åkerman talking to Robert Mitchell at the premiere of The Final Girls

Todd Strauss-Schulson at Bright Lights

Josh Miller in Near Dark


The Audio: Rating the Sound

Nina Dobrev, Taissa Farmiga and Angela Trimbur attends the premiere of Vertical Entertainment's 'The Final Girls' at The London Hotel on October 2015 in ...

The Final Girls – Blood Splattered Vlog

Saturday, October 10, 2015. THE FINAL GIRLS

Taissa Farmiga stuns on the red carpet.


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The Final Girls blends nostalgia trip with self-awareness in a Last Action Hero-like time capsule of a movie that takes classic 80's Horror stylings and ...

The Final Girl 2015 Official Movie Trailer Abigail Breslin Alexander Ludwig HD 2016 - YouTube

Taking the bulk of it's cues from Sean S. Cunningham's iconic 'slasher flick that defined the 80s' ...

Adam DeVine at the world premiere for The Final Girls at SXSW 2015 Film Festival on

Final girls

Marilyn Burns is the classic final girl in 1974's Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The Final Girls (Todd Strauss-Schulson, 2015) - Max (Taissa Farmiga) is still coming to terms with the loss of her mother (Malin Akerman) - a former scream ...

The cast are all smiles!