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Two Charts That Make The Case For More Infrastructure Spending

Two Charts That Make The Case For More Infrastructure Spending


Building a case for increased infrastructure spending

... concentrate on a more limited time horizon. To get a more complete understanding of physical infrastructure spending ...

Chart 1.2: International comparison of employment

Government spending in the United Kingdom

Chart 1. Building less

To get Australia's economic infrastructure stock back to the 65 per cent of GDP that it was 30 years ago would require spending of $150bn.

Chart 1.5: Public sector net debt (PSND)

Chart 1.6: Public sector net borrowing (PSND)

Chart 1: government borrowing as % of GDP falling in every year of the forecast

Meanwhile, public sector net investment - spending on building roads, schools and hospitals - has been cut by about half over the last three years, ...

Chart 1.2: International comparison of employment rates

The Chicago Fed National Activity Index Slipped Back Into Contraction in March. | Numerology (April 2013) | Pinterest | Finance blog and Activities

Chart 1: Public sector spending 2017-18

The pasty tax could pay for a £30 billion infrastructure programme: four charts show why history will judge us harshly

Chart 2: If past trends continue over the next five years, Indonesia will expand education but fall short in health and infrastructure investment.

Chart 1.3: Cyclically-adjusted public sector net borrowing

Chart 1.2: Unemployment rate

Case study of infrastructure in need: The US water & waste water (sewerage) sector

... out to 2035 to meet expected demand (as per charts 8 and 9). That leaves a funding shortfall of ~US$1.2 trillion p.a. just for economic infrastructure.

Chart 2 shows the different sources of government revenue. Public sector current receipts are expected

Graph showing the projected population growth in Australian capital cities in 2016, 2031, 2046. Infrastructure Australia ...

Even continuing to borrow as under current law would shrink the economy by three percent after three decades relative to a base case where debt does not ...

Chart 1.5: Public sector net borrowing (PSND) with and without fiscal consolidation

Engineering-and-Technology-Scatter-Plots types of graphs and charts

But by far the biggest problem for the budget is revealed in this remarkable graph deep in the budget papers, in a box entitled "Box 2.1: Trends in social ...

Chart 3. Delayed impact

Chart 1 shows public spending by main function. Total Managed Expenditure (TME) is

Chart 2: Intergovernmental Transfer Payments, % of GDP, 1961- 2011

Persistent cross-country disparities in infrastructure quality coupled with the potentially positive effect of infrastructure spending on economic growth ...

Chart 1.6: Average amount of spending on public services used, by household type and

Chart 1.9: Fuel duty rates in 2015 prices

2016-17 Infrastructure expenditures table outlines all planned investments over 12 years, starting in

Chart 2: Breakdown of total public spending: 2016-17 to 2020-21


Despite this, the combination of both public and private sector spending on infrastructure was flat between 2015-2017, according to numbers from the ...

Chart 3.2: Contribution to Infrastructure Investment in Canada by Order of Government, 2013

Private funding, including the listed market, is an essential part of the funding solution

Graph showing the annual average population growth rate between 2009 and 2014 for Australia's 20 largest

Eagle Materials produces and sells construction products and building materials in the US. It has a market cap of $3.9 billion and has shown very good ...

... Budget 2017 Expectations

Spending on VR systems, including viewers, software, consulting services, and systems integration services, are forecast to be greater than AR-related ...

Chart 3.4.3 Chart 3.4.3. For details, see the two previous paragraphs.

Aged care spending is expected to more than double as a percentage of GDP in coming decades according to Treasury projections, placing significant strains ...

Chart 2.7: Select Recent Premier International Trade Missions

Surface Transportation Funding Flows among Levels of Government: Spending on Highways and Transit, 2012

Hospital Projects Completed and Underway

First, we have a look at how the burden of Medicaid spending, measured as a share of national output, has increased over time. What makes this chart ...

Chart 1.4: Rebalancing within the services sector. Investment ...

datawrapper spend per person

"This chart is important because rising public debt means a higher tax burden on future taxpayers, especially given an aging population with a shrinking ...

“The new Liberal government has promised to quickly implement its promise to raise the statutory tax rate on incomes over $200,000 from the current 29 per ...

Chart 1.13: G7 percentage of individuals using the internet across the G7

Figure: The Lifetime ISA

This chart illustrates the province's infrastructure plan by sector over 12 years, starting in 2014

Chart 2. Investment trumps

For shares sold between 1-2 years, the rate would be 12.5% — increased from 10%. While, for shares sold within a year, the rate would be 15%.

Chart 2. Electioneering

Infrastructure Sector in India

Chart 1. Cars and motorcycles|Sales in Brasil (1990–2013*)


Breakdown of planned spending 2015-2016: (Vote 10 Only)

Output is still more than 4 percent below its peak in 2008, and probably won't regain that level until sometime in 2014. This is a far longer period of ...

Achieving these productivity gains will not require ground breaking innovation, but merely the application of established and proven practices from across ...

Most estimates of global infrastructure spend do not account for either the additional cost of making infrastructure more resilient to the effects of ...

Chart 2.22: Historical and Planned Infrastructure Expenditures

Chart: The Global Leaders in R&D Spending, by Country and Company

Chart 3. Spending peaks

... but external financing conditions in commodity exporting countries have tightened, making it harder and more expensive to finance spending (Chart 3).

trumpinfrastructureprojects-mobile Rail infrastructure ...

Chart 2. Long-term Trends in Mobility in Rio de Janeiro.

Russia's per capita GDP projection for 2016 is around $8,500, which puts the country at around 70 in the International Monetary Fund's world rankings, ...



Chart 1.8: Personal allowance increases since 2010

Chart 1.5: Cyclically-adjusted public sector net borrowing (CAPSNB)

The charts illustrate that industries, governments, individuals, and organizations are the most affected by cyberattacks, and Video Games, ...

"This chart highlights the shocking degree to which Canadian house prices have outpaced weekly earnings growth and CPI inflation over the last 18 years.

Chart 1.12: Moving Ontario Forward

In this regard, strengthening revenues is a key priority to not only lower deficits but also create room for more infrastructure and education spending .

As indicated, the Brookings Institute believes, inter alia, the global middle class will grow by 160 million people per year for the next five years, ...

Chart 1.9: Moving Ontario Forward — Outside the GTHA

Chart 1.3: Average annual productivity growth

While the rate of increase subsequently slowed, workers are still much more efficient today than two ...


Poverty and inequality remains, with poverty affecting more than 40 percent of Mexico's population. Inequality, measured by the Gini coefficient (a Gini of ...

Fluor Corp. provides engineering and construction contracting services to the private and government sectors. It has a market cap of $7.3 billion and has ...

Chart 1.8: Significant Infrastructure Investments

... of the infrastructure spending has been taken off the federal government budget, which reduces transparency and accountability, not just to Parliament, ...

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Chart 1.6: Public sector debt

... founding managing partner of Westwood Capital, said Monday in a presentation titled "The Case for Aggressive Fiscal Spending on Infrastructure in 2017."

Argentina's construction investment continues to slide. | Numerology (December 2012) | Pinterest

As the chart shows, India's disease burden is higher than most peers while its spending to combat such diseases is lower than most peers.

Chart 2: Public sector receipts 2016-17

chart 2