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ZR-3 USS Los Angeles (left) and ZRS-4 USS Akron

USS AKRON (ZRS 4) and USS LOS ANGELES (ZR 3) over Philadelphia

USS Los Angeles (ZR-3) Photo Gallery - National Lighter-Than-

U.S.S. Macon in flight with Sparrowhawks

USS Akron next to USS Los Angeles-10-22-1931 by FCARVALLO on

USS Los Angeles (ZR-3)

Size comparison of several American rigid airships, including the ZR-3 USS Los Angeles and the ZRS-4 USS Akron. The U.S. Navy had some of the most ill-fated ...

ZRS-4 Akron

File:USS Akron (ZRS-4) in flight over Manhattan, circa 1931

1929 - the U. S. Navys 655 foot USS LOS ANGELES ZR-3 flying over Miami


USS Macon (ZRS-5) recovering two Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawk scout biplanes. (

USS Akron (ZRS-4)

ZR-3 Los Angeles NS02990305a, 39k. Airship USS ...

ZRS-4 Akron

USS Akron

The airship USS Akron (ZRS-4) flying over the Lincoln Memorial in Washington

... USS Los Angeles (ZR-3), Airship 1924-1939 | by cam

USS Los Angeles (ZR-3) on the after flight deck of USS Saratoga

L'USS Akron

Blueprint of the USS Akron

USS Patoka (AO–9/AV–6/AG–125) was a fleet oiler made famous as a tender for the airships USS Shenandoah (ZR-1), USS Los Angeles (ZR-3) and USS Akron ...

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USS Los Angeles moored to the USS Patoka, off Panama, February 1931.

NH43901-enhanced.jpg. USS Macon over ...

A dirigible US Navy air cruiser the USS Akron. It was in its year of flight when a storm sent it crashing tail-first into the Atlantic Ocean on April 4 The ...

ZR-3 Los Angeles NS02990305, 84k. USS ...

1929 U S Navy Blimp USS Los Angeles (ZR 3)

USS Los Angeles ZR-3. los-ang-high-hangar028web

USS Los Angeles (ZR-3) in the hangar.

... USS Los Angeles (ZR-3), Airship 1924-1939 | by cam

While I know a fair amount about U.S. Navy “Golden Age” aircraft, my knowledge about the use of airships is pretty slim. The Navy's history website has some ...

Airship USS Los Angeles moored to the mast of USS Patoka in Newport, Rhode Island...HD Stock Footage

The USS Akron under construction, with the frame completed.

Akron under construction in the Goodyear Airdock at Akron, Ohio in November 1930. Note the three-dimensional, deep rings.

N2Y-1 training plane beneath trapeze and T-shaped opening of Akron's hangar deck

USS Akron (ZRS-4) leaves the mooring mast and takes off from Lakehurst, New Jerse...HD Stock Footage

LZ126 USS Los Angeles

USS Los Angeles at Lakehurst High-Mast by FCARVALLO ...

Macon at Pensacola Bay.

Zeppelin airship LZ 126 USS Los Angeles ZR-3 1924

USS Los Angeles (ZR-3) landing on USS Saratoga (CV-3

USS Macon ZRS-5: Perfect is the enemy of good.

USS Los Angeles

236 best Zeppelins, Dirigibles, Blimps, and Balloons images on Pinterest | Balloon, Zeppelin and Bow ties

planeshots: ZR-3 USS Los Angeles. “U.S. [Navy] Airship Los

Damage on February 22, 1932

USS Akron [ZRS-4] Interior Hull of a Dirigible before Gas Cells were

The Origins of the USS Los Angeles

Loss of USS Shenandoah (ZR-1) - National Lighter-Than-Air

Hindenburg on the field at Lakehurst, decommissioned USS LOS .

USS Los Angeles (ZR-3), USS Patoka (AO-9), USS Lexington (CV-2) off Panama City, Panama, about 1931. From left to right is Pacific Ocean Entrance to the ...

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ZRS-4 Akron


We Used To Have Flying Aircraft Carriers That Actually Worked-Here's The Real Footage. Find this Pin and more on Airships - USS Akron ZRS-4 ...

Wreckage of the USS Akron, a Navy dirigible, is brought to the surface off the coast of New Jersey on April The airship went down in a storm killing 73 of ...

Today in 1927 — U.S.S. Los Angeles does a “Handstand”

USS Los Angeles is towed out from an airship hangar and is moored to a mast at La...HD Stock Footage

The ground crew of the U.S. Navy ZR-3 'Los Angeles' holding the

... Akron with replenishment on the west coast. There was no question this operation required a sheltered body of water and a full watch crew to “fly” the ...

Along the way the Navy found the need to have an experimental sea base for the dirigibles. This idea turned an oiler, USS ...

“Lighter than Air” illustration of the USS Akron by William Heaslip, 1931


Curtiss F9C-2 Sparrowhawk hangs on USS Macon's trapeze, ...

ZRS-4 USS Akron. Akron recovery N2Y-1.jpg

Akron-class airship. ZRS-5.JPG. USS ...

U.S.S. Akron at Goodyear Zeppelin Dock in Akron, Ohio. 1931. Although the Hindenburg

USS Macon (ZRS-5) is seen from directly below as it passes over

US Navy Zeppelin USS Macon (ZRS-5) over Moffett Field in 1933

USS Los Angeles moored to mooring mast at base in United States. HD Stock Footage - YouTube

The Story Of The Airship In Classic Photos: Death, Disaster And Deliveries

The British, in the mid-1920s undertaking two 5 Mil cu ft rigids, had shown how 9 M cu ft capacity would be need for similar performance with helium.

The USS Akron

When Maybachs Roamed The Skies

USS Shenandoah and USS Los Angeles airships HD Stock Footage

rudygodinez: “ Unknown Photographer, The USS Akron Under Construction, The above Photographs show the USS Akron under construction at the Goodyear-Zeppelin ...

Got a bit tied up with some movie splicing, so here's one from the archives. One of my early colorizing jobs on the USS Akron (Seen here at Sunnyvale, ...

With the delivery of the USS Los Angeles in 1924, the Zeppelin factory at Friedrickshaven might have to close unless something was done.

(USS Shenandoah (ZR-1), the first naval airship. Naval Heritage and History Command Photo No. 51492.)

The oiler-turned “airship tender” USS Patoka had its mast extended for the larger ship and this had been tested with the Los Angeles.

Read on to The USS Akron Matures

Another photograph of the cabin area of the lower rear fin of the USS Akron.

USS Akron Bathroom


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