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Vintage Channel Master Transistor Radio Model 6477 AMFM

Vintage Channel Master Transistor Radio Model 6477 AMFM


... Vintage Channel Master Transistor Radio, Model 6477, AM-FM Bands, 9 Transistors

Channel Master 6501

Vintage Silvertone Medalist 8 Transistor Radio, Model 4211, Circa 1963.

Vintage National Model AT-290 Two-Band (SW-MW) Transistor Radio, Made In Japan, 7 Transistors, Circa 1959 | Radios, Vintage and Mid-century modern

Vintage Admiral Transistor Radio, Model Chassis AM-FM Bands, 11 Transistors, Made In Japan

Vintage Lloyd's 2-Band (AM-FM), 10 Transistor Radio, No

Vintage Channel Master Model 6510 Table-Portable AM Transistor Radio, Battery Power Only,

https://flic.kr/p/21Cb23y | Vintage Kowa Portable Transistor

Vintage Channel Master Model Transistor Radio, Broadcast Band Only (MW), Made In Japan, Circa 1964

Vintage Sony Table Top Transistor High Fidelity AM/FM Radio -- Bought at garage

https://flic.kr/p/wL2p1d | Vintage Zenith Royal 880. Transistor RadioAntique ...

https://flic.kr/p/PitdN7 | Vintage Airline Transistor Radio

Vintage RCA Transistor Radio, Model 1-RG-46, AM Band, 6 Transistors, Made In USA, Circa 1961

Russian Portable Radio Receiver Sokol-308 Vintage Soviet Portable Transistor Ussr 80s

https://flic.kr/p/wJ6Mk6 | Vintage Sony 11 Transistor Radio, Model TFM-110W, AM-FM Bands, Made In Japan, Circa 1965 | From The Sony.com Website: This ...

Vintage Sanyo Channel Master 6528 AM Transistor Radio


Vintage Philco Model Transistor Radio, Broadcast Band Only (MW), 8 Transistors, Made In USA, Circa 1962


Vintage Tasti Nordmende Portable Transistor Radio, Model FM Band Only With 3 FM Push Buttons, 10 Transistors, Made In West Germany, Circa 1967 - 1969

This radio was also sold under the Holiday brand name.

Vintage Transistor Radio Channel Master 6477 With Box Radio Rechargeable

1 of 4 Vintage Channel Master Model 6503 Transistor Radio w/Leather Case

Vintage pocket AIWA 6- Transistor Radio AR-666

Working and Rare Vintage LLOYD'S Radio Solid State AM FM AFC Model No 9H36W-100A

Vintage 1963 REALTONE TR-2051 AM/FM 10 Transistor Radio Works!

Vintage Realtone 4-Band Transistor Radio (AM-FM-MB-SW)

Jade Transistor Radio

https://flic.kr/p/A6P7YT | Vintage Koyo 10- ยท Transistor RadioRadio ...

Vintage Channel Master AM FM Radio Model 6228 Works Great Solid State Taiwan

1957 Bulova 290P AM transistor radio | Vintage radio receivers | Pinterest

Vintage Silvertone Medalist 8 Transistor Radio, Model 4211, Circa 1963 | Radios

New listing Vintage CHANNEL MASTER Transistor Radio

Vintage Channel Master "Signal Seeker" Transistor Radio Model # 6459 Works Great

Vintage Magnavox Transistor Radio, Model AM-2, Magnavox's First Transistor Radio, AM Band, Circa 1956 | Radios, Vintage and Mid century

Vintage National Model AT-290 Two-Band (SW-MW) Transistor Radio

Vintage Matsushita (Panasonic) Portable Transistor Radio, Model FM-AM Bands, 10 Transistors, Made In Japan, Circa 1961

Vintage Stewart - Radio AM FM Transister Radio Faux Leather Case

Channel Master AM/FM Transistor Radio 6466

Vintage Channel Master Solid State 6 Transistors Radio Model 6562B Parts/Repair

Vintage Channel Master 14-Transistor Two-Band (AM/FM) Radio,

Vintage Transistor Radio Advertising - Panasonic Mr. Thin AM-FM Clock Radio, Model

Near Mint 70's 80's Vintage PANASONIC RF-596 Black Silver AM FM Transistor Radio #

Vintage CHANNEL MASTER Transistor Radio RED Model 6506 AS IS

cool Vintage Singer 9-Transistor Radio, AM-FM Bands, Model HE-

Channel Master Model 6527 Vintage 6 Transistor Radio Vintage

Vintage General Electric 7-Transistor Radio, Model P-787A (Blue & White

Vintage Penney's 6 Transistor Radio Circa 1960 | Vintage Electronics | Pinterest | Radios and Vintage

Toshiba 10TL 429F Am FM Transistor Radio Works Nice Shape Japan | eBay

Vintage Stewart ST-802 Solid State AM/FM Radio Green Leather Works Great

Vintage Highwave Two-Band (AM-FM) Transistor Radio, No Model Number

Vintage Channel Master Model # 6110 6 Transistor Radio AWESOME DECO WORKING,!

vintage Channel Master model 7009 Hi "Q" Hi Band Ham radio

Vintage Zenith Portable Radio, Rechargeable With Charger Stand, Model Royal Two-Band (AM-FM), Made In Korea

https://flic.kr/p/REc2gF | Vintage Motorola Transistor Radio

Channel Master 14 Transistor Am/fm Radio Model 6479 Japan Working

Vintage Realtone AC/DC AM/FM SS 14 Transistor Radio Model # 2424 Works

Vintage Panasonic RF-619 FM-AM Pocket Transistor Radio w Earpiece Made in Japan

Marksons Multi Band Transistor Radio

Channel Master 9 Transistor Radio, Model 6477, Single Antenna, It Works

Stylish german vintage transistor radio from blaupunkt 1968

Tested Vtg Channel Master Model 6463 Japanese AM/FM AC/DC Radio Receiver Jet

Vintage Channel Master 14-Transistor Two-Band (AM-FM) Radio, Model 6518A, Made In Japan | Radios

Vintage General Electric Superadio II, Model 7-2885F, Broadcast (BC) &. Transistor RadioGeneral ...

Vintage Motorola Power 9 Portable Transistor Radio, Model L13W (Antique White), AM Band, Rotating Handle/Antenna, 7 Transistors, Made In USA, ...

Transistor radio - vintage Bang & Olufsen Beolit 600

Vintage Channel Master 8 Transistor Am Super Het Radio Model 6520

Vintage 6 Transistor Channel Master Portable Radio 6506 works Parts or repair


Working GRUNDIG Portable Transistor Radio CITY BOY 208 vintage small old retro German mid-century

1960s vintage radios | VINTAGE EARLY PYE TRANSISTOR RADIO 1960s | eBay

Vintage Sony TR 812 8 Transistor Radio 3 Band Am SW1 SW2 Beautiful | eBay

Vintage 1961 Channel Master 6511 All Transistor Home Super Radio

Vintage Truetone Transistor Radio, Model DC3050, Broadcast & Short Wave (SW) Bands

Vintage Philco 500 Transistor Radio, Model T-500 124, Ivory Black and Gold

2 of 4 Vintage Channel Master Model 6503 Transistor Radio w/Leather Case

Vintage Valiant 8 Transistor Radio, Model Made In Japan.

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Transistor RadioJukeboxRadiosYouthYoung ManYoung AdultsTeenagers

Vintage Panasonic FM-AM 9-Transistor Radio, Model RF-680D, Made

GRUNDIG TRANSISTOR RADIO Found at garage of a friend it is made in Germany

Vintage RCA 9-Transistor Two-Band (FM-AM) Radio, Model

Vintage Japan Channel Master Model 6514 8 Transistor Radio Works

Channel Master Model 6510 Portable radio

https://flic.kr/p/JsT1TF | Vintage Elgin Two- ยท Transistor RadioVintage ...

Vintage Channel Master 6 Transistor Radio, Model 6506, Broadcast Band Only, Made In

Vintage Tokai AM-FM 10 Transistor Radio. Untested.

Grundig Satellit Transistor 6001. Transistor RadioTv ...

Vintage Sanyo 2-Band (AM-LW) Transistor Radio, Model 6L-

VEF 206 vintage Soviet Russian 8-band 10-transistor AM radio receiver WORKS

Vintage Channel Master Model 6510 6 Transistor Super Het - Works-Parts/repair

Zenith Royal 94 Portable Radio, 1960's.

vintage Channel Master Table AM/FM Radio Model 6259 Instruction Manual

Radio SANYO Personal All Wave

Vintage Channel Master Super Fringe Transistor Radio, Model 6515A, AM Band, 8 Transistors



Vintage Channel Master 6459 Signal Seeker 10 Transistor Automatic Portable Radio

Vintage GENERAL ELECTRIC AM/FM Transistor Portable Radio Hong Kong #GE

2 of 3 vintage Channel Master model 7009 Hi "Q" Hi Band Ham radio