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What if Gohan had entered the tournament as himself rather than as

What if Gohan had entered the tournament as himself rather than as


What if Gohan had entered the tournament as himself rather than as the Great Saiyaman?

This Character Might Eliminate Gohan!

Now, we have to go through the process of calculating Goku and Vegeta's power levels. This would take up a lot of space, and this answer is already pretty ...

While Gohan does have the greatest potential, he does not strive to become the strongest fighter like Vegeta and his father. For an individual who lives a ...

'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers Teases Elimination Of [Spoiler]

It is still not revealed if Gohan will fall because of Frieza's doing. But I'm sure as heck Goku will not let this slide. This could be a ground for Goku to ...

The Disappointing Truth About Gohan's Elimination

usually meaning, we haven't truly seen what this Mystic/Ultimate form is capable of when Gohan has completely mastered it, and has full control.

Why Gohan Is The Next To Be Eliminated

Is This The Last Time We Will See Gohan?

We got to see Gohan using his full power against the Fusion of three robots from Universe three, but they didn't drop out of the Tournament, ...

WHAT IF GOHAN WAS EARTH'S HERO? | A Dragon Ball Discussion

The Captian of Universe 7- Gohan's role! Dragon Ball Super – DISCUSSION!

If Goku continues to remain in this tournament and win it for Universe 7, he will know there aren't many more fighters that are stronger than him.

BAD NEWS for Vegeta In Tournament of Power

Dragon Ball Super Tournament Power Gohan Vegeta Goku

Dragon Ball Super – Unexpected End of Tournament of Power

You guess it right, Gohan doesn't have any new transformation or even a powerup. In fact, he is the only Saiyan who doesn't get any powerup or new ...

The Most Valuable U7 Fighter In Tournament of Power

What Jiren's Real Goal At The End of Tournament of Power Is – Explained

Gohan's "New Transformation" | Fan Or Not You've Gotta Hear This | Dragon Ball Super Discussion

Is Gohan Holding back his power?! Dragon Ball Super Discussion!

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

Dragon Ball Super - Will Gohan fight in Universe 6 Tournament & New Form Discussion! - YouTube

Vegeta would have something to get frustrated about again, too. Since the gap between his power, and Goku's (SSJ3) and Gohan's power would be massive.

104 best Dbz What if's images on Pinterest | Dragons, Dragon ball z and Dragon dall z

... back to form Gohan that everybody wanted and thank God it didn't happen(I want Gohan to take his time to recover). So Gohan entered the tournament as ...

Gohan. Ssjgohanwithotherforms. Ssjgohanwithotherforms

Dragon Ball Super: Gohan's Training, Uub Reveal, Tournament Future, Dragon Ball GT Leadup - YouTube

Gohan's New Transformation in Tournament of Power!

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If you've waited to see Gohan go mystic on someone who isn't Piccolo, then your wish is about to get granted. The half-Saiyan regained the ability to take ...

Hayden is granted another opportunity to prove himself and enters the tournament once more.

What if Gohan and Vegeta were turned to stone and Goku and Krillin and Piccolo had

If Zamasu and Black fight in the Tournament of Power.. OMMMMGGGGGGG DAT WILL BE

What if Gohan had entered the tournament as himself rather than as the Great Saiyaman? #SonGokuKakarot | Dragon ball z | Pinterest | Dbz and Dragon ball

This will be an interesting fight as it will show us if Gohan still has the brilliance that he was once capable of. Also, as we know that Toppo is really ...

[THEORY] Piccolo sacrifices himself , gohan's new form

Goku and Gohan refrain from telling anyone about the risk of losing the tournament for the fact that it can cause a huge uproar.

The theory is that piccolo will sacrifice himself for gohan as he sees a powerfull attack coming towards him and it will knock him off the stage, ...

What if Vegeta was sent to Earth instead of Goku and Goku was raised on another

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Son Gohan

What if Gohan had entered the tournament as himself rather than as the Great Saiyaman? #SonGokuKakarot | Dragon ball z | Pinterest | Dbz and Dragon ball

What if goku trained with Grand Kai!


What if Raditz took and raised Gohan? DBZ DRAGON BALL Z RADITZ GOHAN SAIYAN WARRIORS

Very few players at Final Round 2018 had a busier weekend than GO1. After first winning a highly-anticipated FT10 exhibition match against America's Sonic ...

Gohan is revamped. To be honest i HATE GOHAN! I think he is completely undeserving of the power he has & the credit he gets & as a character he is ...


dragon ball z memes | dragon ball z anime – weakling krillin | Funny Pictures, Anime meme ... | funny | Pinterest | Anime meme, Dragon ball and Funny ...

'Dragon Ball Super': 10 Biggest Tournament of Power Eliminations

... chill until Goku and Gohan show up to talk to him. After 18 says that all there workout equipment would be a waste if he didn't enter, Krillin agrees

The (totally real) ending to the Tournament of Power [OC] [Preview Spoilers] : dbz

Spoiler Alert: Gohan Super Mystic form (Revealed) DBZ Super Episode 120

Son Zabieru

Now again we all know that Gohan has one of the most latent ability out of everybody in Dragon Ball in fact Vegeta says this himself in both Anime&Manga and ...

What if Gohan had entered the tournament as himself rather than as the Great Saiyaman? #SonGokuKakarot | Dragon ball z | Pinterest | Dbz and Dragon ball

5 Predictions For Vegeta In The Tournament Of Power Dragon Ball Super

... still some way below because he hasn't entered the realms of the Saiyan God power. And to see his ability to handle God Ki shows just how strong he is:

Gohan has always been my favorite DBZ character, whether it was Future Gohan or Present

104 best Dbz What if's images on Pinterest | Dragons, Dragon ball z and Dragon dall z

All Eliminations by Universe 7 In The Tournament of Power- Pre Dragon Ball Super Episode 112

This isn't your typical Gohan Surpassing Goku Discussion! Let's talk about everything that has to do with Gohan & his ultimate potential.

104 best Dbz What if's images on Pinterest | Dragons, Dragon ball z and Dragon dall z

Would The Power Of Goku Increase Dramatically From Training With The Elder Kai Dragon Ball Super

Why do I think Gohan will not achieve Super Saiyan Blue in the Tournament and where's my proof? The biggest, and best proof comes straight from the man, ...

DBZ / Kakarot and Prince Vegeta (what if?

Among fans, I think it would really hit us all if Universe 6 gets erased, and by the way things are going right now, I can't see them winning the Tournament ...

He fought with his dad and was good against him with his awakened power! Goku went full power on Gohan, but Gohan couldn't match up.

This controversy has HUGE ramifications for Dragon Ball Super's Dub. The MOMENT Gohan WON THE TOURNAMENT ...

THE TOURNAMENT OF POWER! UNIVERSAL SURVIVAL ARC! Dragon Ball Super Episode 77 Analysis Review! - YouTube

So the question here is are 2 SSJ gods enough to win the tournament of power? besides the fact that we will be having not so powerful players such as krilin ...

Training with Piccolo in anticipation for the Tournament of Power Gohan forces himself to fully reawaken his Ultimate state. Upon doing so Gohan has able to ...

Gohan tells Piccolo that he won't hold back and the two spar again. They engage in combat, with Piccolo summoning clones of himself.


Dragon Ball: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Gohan & Videl's Relationship

Knowing Buu's power could come in useful later in the tournament, Beerus reluctantly calls out to Buu to not release the two fighters until the end of the ...

This is How Gohan Should Be Eliminated

Gohan has the most latent potential and hasn't trained for years. So he is rusty. Fine. I'll buy that for a moment. Then how the hell did this guy catch up ...

'Dragon Ball Super': Why Android 17 Is The Tournament Of Power's True MVP

What if Beerus fought Golden frieza and what if Freiza's dad came back to life and

Gohan was eliminated in Dragon Ball Super Episode 124. Was Gohan WASTED in the Tournament of Power? Was Gohan's Elimination Underwhelming? Was the …

The teaser follows Gohan as the hero's voiceover is heard asking his mentor if he's ready to take on Universe 10.

Android 17 Wins MVP In The Final Episode Of Dragon Ball Super (Wins Tournament Of Power)

The Story of Team Universe 6

To sum it up, Champa, the God of Destruction for Universe 6, has come to challenge Beerus to a tournament. The strongest warriors of each universe will meet ...

Next week we'll get to see both Gohan and Piccolo spar and hopefully, we'll get to see stronger versions of both characters. Especially Piccolo.

17 and 8 teamed up to defeat two of those Kamikaze Fireballs, Rozie and Ribrianne. Throughout the fight Ribrianne often made comments about Android 18's ...

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Majinn Uub, did not know Goku and the others, and even then if he was willing to help, he would be of little help considering the fact that he himself would ...

Who is Vegito?

Who are the Saiyans?

What if Raditz defeated Goku and Piccolo and took Gohan? - DRAGON BALL WHAT IF

End of Flashback But before of going through this read the first Chapter of this fic.... that would be better. Here's the portal to the first chapter (Click ...