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The Mi Max 2 is the latest incarnation of Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi's large-format 'phablet.' It combines a very large 6.44" Full-HD screen that allows ...

But what I discovered last night was that the end of that wire coming from the motherboard to the iSight cam was hanging out in the open exposed ... and now ...

t5p_replacement_pad-1.jpg t5p_replacement_pad-2.jpg

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ISO 64 on a Nikon D810 gets me medium format-esque signal:noise ratio (image cleanliness), along with subject isolation I can't get on medium format just ...

GitHub - codeskyblue/gosuv: Process managerment writtern by golang, inspired by python-supervisor

ISO 125, 1/1328 sec

Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for the Early Years 0-4