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Pubthoradia base Radium girls and Vintage ads t

Pubthoradia base Radium girls and Vintage ads t


La Creme Tho-Radia (vintage french ad). Radium GirlsVintage ...

Radium Beauty Ad · Radium GirlsVintage ...

Vintage ads · radium girl More

Stories from around the world about the 1938 Radium Dial litigation in Ottawa Illinois

Radium girls

Top 15 des pubs des produits radioactifs, quand le radium était miraculeux. Radium GirlsVintage ...

Don't wear bras and lean backwards to look slender. Old AdvertisementsRetro ...

“Radium regenerates the epidermis”.

Accidentes Radiológicos. Radium GirlsSmall ...

Sweet glorious pleasures of life! Nature intended that you should enjoy them. With Radium. Retro AdsVintage AdvertisementsVintage AdsRadium GirlsVintage ...

Ad for toothpaste containing both Radium and Thorium, for that radioactive glow-in-the-dark smile!

Vintage Soap Ad - Palmolive

drink radio-active water - ad for 'the revigator', [uranium-infused crock to make water radioactive before drinking]

The radium craze even spread to the New York stage, where radium plays and dances

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Strange history


women who worked at Radium Dial Company in Ottawa, Illinois in the 1930s

The forgotten factory girls killed by radioactive poisoning

1911 Ad Ivory Soap Bar Floats Bathroom Tile Designs - ORIGINAL ADVERTISING MX5

Stella Stevens - print ad for Coppertone