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QuotApocryphaquot Historical Case for Canonicity Deuterocanonical

QuotApocryphaquot Historical Case for Canonicity Deuterocanonical



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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baker Academic Biblical Studies Bundle (175 vols.)


The Book of Enoch: All 108 Remaining Chapters

Modern ...

The Apocrypha or Deuterocanonical Books

THE CANON OF THE NEW TESTAMENT Its Origin, Development, and Significance by BRUCE M. METZGER | Biblical Canon | New Testament

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There ...

Two-page spread from Johannes Gutenberg's 42-line Bible, c. 1450–


Enoch and His Calendar Secrets Complete | Enoch (Ancestor Of Noah) | Biblical Canon

Inspiration and Canonicity

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The Catholic Bible Has Too Many Books - The Apocrypha is Not Scripture

Canon Revisited: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books

... infallibility is based on the Bible (the Church was infallible before it wrote the Bible). It also does not argue that history evidences infallibility ...


2 Catholics ...

Here is a comparison of Christian Old Testament Canons:

Modern arguments against the Apocrypha; 65.

History of the Bible[edit]

Giovanni Antonio Guardi, “The Healing of Tobias's Father”, c. 1750

59 Other ...

The Catholic Voyager: Did the 1611 King James Bible delete the Deuterocanon?

Marinus van Reymerswaele, St. Jerome (1541)

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Theodoret of Cyrus (Questions on the Octateuch. Volume 1, On Genesis and Exodus) | Septuagint | Religious Texts

English-speaking Protestants lost the Deuterocanon ...

Canonicity Which books belong in the Bible? Who decided? Are there some missing books

The discussion is a roughly seven-thousand word interchange between Michael Horton and myself. But the published discussion ends rather abruptly, ...


For readers of this blog, let me briefly mention just one important aspect that might not be immediately evident from the title and that I will not be ...

Map of Greece, showing Berea in the upper-left corner.

Saint Jerome in His Study 1451 by Antonio da Fabriano II. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Athanasius Contra Michuta #2

The difference between a scroll, a codex, and an e-reader (h/t New York Times)

Protecting God's Word From “Bible Christians”


5 Reasons Why "Praying for the Dead" is Biblical

We too, brethren, must follow such examples as these. For it is written,“Cling to the saints, for those who cling to them will be sanctified”

Book of Genesis in Hebrew, with Various Readings, Notes, Etc.

Shadowlands and Songs of Light

Lucas van Leyden, Saint Jerome (1521)

Roman but Not Catholic: What Remains at Stake 500 Years after the Reformation: Kenneth J. Collins, Jerry L. Walls: 9780801098932: Amazon.com: Books

In the world of biblical studies, at least among some critical scholars, Gnosticism has been the darling for sometime now. Especially since the discovery of ...

November 8, 2006 Salvation, Justification, & "Faith Alone" (Index Page)

Your specific question is why a group of scholars wants to add particular books to the New Testament when these books are “Gnostic,” that is, ...


Debunking Christianity: The Ten Commandments of Rational Debate

Defending the Deuterocanon, Book by Book (Part II)


... deuterocanon by the Catholic William Griffin. message

... sola Scriptura version of history (from a “Tradition 1” perspective). Both of these graphs tell a story, and both have a hidden — and false — premise.

These ...

Bible 201 Deuterocanonical or Apocryphal Books. Hebrew Eastern Roman Protestant Bibles:


Deuterocanonical Historical ...

Do the Sadducees Allude to the Book of Tobit?


Beggars All: Reformation And Apologetics: Luther's "Epistle of Straw" Comment

Dead Sea Scrolls


St. Andrew on Holy Scripture

Cajetan Responds: A Reader in Reformation Controversy: Tommaso de Vio Cajetan: 9781610975698: Amazon.com: Books

Why Orthodox Christianity?