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Uss long island cve 1 war t Long island and Navy ships

Uss long island cve 1 war t Long island and Navy ships


The USS Long Island as built, the first escort carrier

Moored at Naval Air Station, North Island, California, on 2 June 1942. The USS Long Island ...

Long Island in sea camouflage, November 1941. Seven SOC Seagull floatplanes and one F2A3 Buffalo fighter are on deck.

Long Island departed San Diego on 8 July and arrived Pearl Harbor on the 17th. After a training run south to Palmyra Island, she loaded two squadrons of ...

SN 2-04 Long Island AVG-1

Charger and Long Island

USS Block Island

X-Wing Fighter in catwalk on USS Long Island (CVE-1) after landing accident.

USS St. Lo underway

USS Point Cruz was a Commencement Bay-class escort carrier - Displacement: long tons Length: 557 ft m) Beam: 75 ft m) Draft: 32 ft m) Propulsion: geared ...

... [As Seven Seas postwar].

... SN 2-04 Long Island AVG-1 ...

USS Long Island was the first American escort carrier. Click the image to open in full size.

... SN 2-04 Long Island AVG-1 ...

... SN 2-04 Long Island AVG-1 ...

Japanese aircraft attack CVE-79

Long Island returned to the West Coast on 20 September, as the new "baby flattops" took up the slack in the Pacific war zones. For the next year, ...

The escort carrier USS Long Island (CVE-1) photographed anchored in Eniwetok Atoll on May 10, 1944 from the starboard wearing camouflage 32/9A.

USS Long Island (CVE-1) on June 10, 1944, in San Francisco Bay. Photos taken by NAS Alameda.

Charger and Long Island

Post-war[edit]. Seven Seas docked in Åndalsnes, Norway ca 1960. Long Island decommissioned ...

Above, on the bow of USS Bogue (CVE-9) in late 1945 sits a rare trophy, one of only two Tachikawa Ki-77 long-range aircraft ever built.

BAVG-2 Avenger NS0300151, 213k. The future USS Long Island (CVE-1) ...

Even the SOCs snubbed up in unladylike fashion after hitting the arrestor gear that day. As for the F2As, we took a few extra wave-offs, snugged up shoulder ...

CVE-30 Charger

USS Long Island CVE-1 was decommissioned by U.S.Navy on March 26th 1946 and struck from Naval Vessel Register and laid-up at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.

escort carrier CVE-18

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"We survived the trip intact (almost). Near to Lingayen took up our posts, Our fannies exposed to the China Coast In Doug MacArthur's Navy.

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Long Island/HMS Archer class escort aircraft carriers

Long Island ex merchant Mormacmail AVG 1 - ACV 1 - CVE 1

USS Long Island (CVE-1) and USS San Jacinto (CVL-30)

Battle off Samar Island: 1944 |

Figure 1: USS Makin Island (CVE-93) underway in the southwestern Pacific, near Leyte, Philippine Islands, 18 November 1944. The ship is wearing Camouflage ...

Charger-class escort carrier

USS Breton (CVE 23)

USS St Lo · St LoLong IslandMilitary ...

Escort carrier USS Savo Island underway, 25 May I proudly served (Korea) on CVE USS Point Cruz - quite an exerience.

Escort Carrier USS Barnes transporting Lightning and Thunderbolt fighter planes across the Pacific, July 1 1943

PT Boats N23612A - PT-601 underway high speed, 7/21/45. Photo courtesy of NARA.

USS Bogue

First USS Makin Island

[Photo] SOC-3A Seagull aircraft of VGS-1 parked on the flight deck of escort carrier Long Island, 10 May 1942

... Escort Carriers primary advantage was their cost and ease of construction. This allowed the U.S. Navy to send in these ships when otherwise ...

AVG-1 Long Island

Battleship Texas (BB-35) Facts

[Photo] SOC-3A Seagull aircraft of VGS-1 parked on the flight deck of escort carrier Long Island, 10 May 1942 | Flight deck and National archives

The U.S. Navy escort carrier USS Manila Bay (CVE-61), 1944.

Steamship Sunday – The “Jeep” Carriers of WWII | '56 Packard Man. '

USS Annapolis (AGMR-1) - USS Annapolis (AGMR-1)

USS Block Island under way, summer 1953

USS Bogue underway

Name: USS Long Island Laid down: 7 July 1939. Launched: 11 January 1940. Commissioned: 2 June 1941. Decommissioned: 26 March 1946. Struck: 12 April 1946

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Bookcover of Long Island Class Escort Carrier

picture, caption follows

HMS Tracker, an escort carrier with 816 Squadron Swordfish embarked.

CVE-30 Charger

Another pic of the USS Kwajaline. Military ...

U.S.S. Midway

The fourth USS Roanoke was one of two Worcester-class light cruisers completed for the U. Navy shortly after the end of World War II.

CVE-1 USS Long Island.jpg

USS Ommaney Bay (CVE 79). Aircraft CarrierUnited States NavyShipStrongWar DoorsShipsBoat

USS Long Island (ACV-1) Underway with a mixed cargo of airplanes and

Flight deck and island of the USS Enterprise

“USS Enterprise View of the carrier's island and flight deck, taken from one of her planes as it passes low over the ship, March

USS Long Island (CVE-1), lead ship of class. Hanger deck view looking aft. Three Vought SB2U scout bombers in view. Ship's propulsion: one diesel engine, ...

USS Sangamon (CVE-26) was an escort carrier converted from an oiler.

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Escort carrier USS Rendova (CVE 114) with F4U Corsairs of Marine Fighter Squadron (

Group shot of USS Alaska crew

CVE-93 Makin Island


USS Nassau (CVE-16) ended WWII running a regular “circuit” of shuttling replacement aircraft between the mainland USA, Hawaii, the Marianas in the central ...

Casablanca-class escort carrier

Figure 2: USS Block Island (CVE-21) shortly after leaving Norfolk, October 15, 1943, on her first anti-submarine cruise, with aircraft from Composite ...

World War II Ports .

CVE-106 Block Island


File:Pattern sheet, MS-32 9A for Long Island.jpg

USS Connole alongside at Navy Base Newport, Rhode Island back in the Note the 688 Flight One fast attack moored alongside her to the right.

CVE-106 Block Island